Its always you…swaragini (episode 8)


Hiii everyone.
Its Neena.
Sorry for being late.
Iam having exams,thats why.Today Iam gonna reveal the past.
Episode 7
Episode 7

Episode 8
In the bus
Sanskar is continuously looking at Ragini.
Ragini:What’s your problem huh?
Sanskar:What problem?
Ragini:Why are you looking at me?
Sanskar:Its my eyes!I can look wherever i want.
Ragini:Oh really!Then remember one more thing.These are my hands and i can beat whoever i want.
Sanskar:Really!Then show your hand.
Ragini:For what?
Sanskar:Just show,.Saying this holds her hand.He kisses her hand.Ragini is shocked.
Ragini:What are you doing sanskar?How dare you?
She was about to raise her hand for beating him but he holds both of her hands.
Sanskar:You were going to beat me..huh?
Ragini:Yes..why did you kiss me?huh?
Sanskar:Because these are my lips and I can kiss whoever I want.
By saying it he means towards her.She moves backward.She cannot do anything as he is holding both of her hands.
Ragini:Sanskar leave me…!!
Sanskar:Are you sure?
Ragini:leave me…
Actually if sanskar leave her hand then Ragini will fall down.Because her half body is out of the seat now.
Sanskar left her.She was about to fall but sanskar holds her.They both are lost in eachothers eyes.They breaks the eyelock.Sanskar made her to sit.
Uttara and Hari are smiling by seeing it.
Hari:Do they love each other.?
Uttara:They loved eachother before.
Uttara:Its a long story..
Hari:Say looks interesting.!!

2 years before..
A girl is getting ready for the first day in her new office.
Its our Ragini di .She is wearing a blue jeans and pink top.She looks very gorgeous.Suddenly someone enters the room and hugs her.
Ragini:Bhai…say how iam looking.
Brother:As usual..boring.
The boy runs and she is running behind him.
Sumi:Morning itself you both started..
Ragini:This bhai is simply annoying me.
Yes,laksh is Ragini’s hot and handsome brother.
Lucky hugs Ragini and said:I was just are looking gorgeous.
Ragini:Love you so much bhai.
Now iam leaving.Otherwise my first day will be the last day in the office.So bye ma..bye lucky..

A boy is getting ready in an executive look.Its our dashing and arrogant Sanskar.
A cute girl enters the room and said:Bhai my gift..
Sanskar:Here is your gift and many many happy returns of the day swara.
Yes our cute and bubbly swara is sanskar’s sister.
Swara opens the gift.Its a beautiful diamond necklace.
Swara:Thankyou so much bhai..Its beautiful.
Swara hugs him.

@ Office
Ragini enters the office.She collides with someone.He was talking to someone in his phone.He holds her and made her stand.Its our sanskar.
Ragini:Hey,dont you have eyes..Cant you look straight and walk.huh?
Sanskar:Hey,you girl,Mind your words.else.,
Ragini:Else what..huh?
Sanskar is coming closer to her angrily.But his phone rings at that time.
Sanskar:Will see you later..(angrily)
He attends the call and went from there.
Ragini is walking towards her boss’s cabin.
Ragini knocks the door.
Ragini:Sir,may I come in..
Ragini enters the cabin and found sanskar there.
Sanskar:You..what are you doing here.
Ragini:You are sanskar maheswari..?sanskar:Yes .Iam.But who are you?
Ragini gives her appointment letter to him.
Sanskar:So you are new assistant manager.,Ragini Gadodia.ohho thats great.Now you can clearly know that do I have eyes or not..
Ragini:Sir,that actually i didn’t knew that you …
Sanskar:Enough,go and study the works from someone.

Swara’s college
Swara is being dropped by a boy to her college.He removes his helmet.Its our lucky.Lucky kisses swara on her forehead and leaves from there..Swara and lucky loves each other from last year onwards.
Swara’s internship was in Lucky’s company.There they get to know each other and later they fell in love.
Episode ends.

Precap:Swara saying to sanskar about laksh.
What will be sanskar’s reaction.How will ragsan love each other.Keep reading for knowing all these.

Guys,i wanna ask you something.Do i wanna show how ragsan fall for each other.Or i just wanna say that after regular meetings they fell for each other.Do reply.


Credit to: Neena

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  1. the present track seems intersting sanskar convinces rag thr love story should berocking love ragsan update fast…………….

    1. Thankyou so much..
      Next episode will be posted on Wednesday

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    1. Thankyou so much..i will show how they fell in love.

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    1. Thankyou Lila…i will show how they fell in love

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    isse jyada bekkar ff koi nhi hy

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    plz show they fall fr each other

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      Thankyou so much..
      Oh..i read music sheet..that’s wonderful.I liked both harrah very much.Thanks for this great suggestion.Love you too.

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