Its always you…swaragini (episode 7)

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Episode 6

Episode 7
Sanskar:So Ragini now you dont have any problem to come..huh..?
Ragini looks at him angrily.shekar,sumi and sanskar laughs.
Shekhar:So sanskar,tomorrow at 7 am be here.
Sanskar:Okay dad..
Sanskar leaves looking at Ragini.
Ragini:Papa,what was the need to call him.
Shekhar:So what..if they are also there,then it will be more fun.
Ragini in her Mind:Oh god..i will have to suffer that idiot for one way.

Maheswari mansion. papa..sujatha ma..everyone please come here.
Everyone comes.
Sanskar is so excited.
Sujatha:What happened sanskar?
Sanskar:vo..shekhar papa invited us for a week trip to Kashmir along with them.
Uttara:To Kashmir…ma..lets go.
Dp:Ofcourse we will go..
Sanskar jumps in happiness .

At night
Gadodia mansion
All are busy in packing bags.
Ragini’s room
Ragini is also packing her stuffs.
Ragini:God…hope everything will be fine.And make that idiot stay away from me.

Maheswari mansion.
Sanskar is busy in packing.
Uttara comes.
Uttara:I will help you..give.
Sanskar:Uttara,what do you want now?
Uttara:No…nothing.I just.
Sanskar:Stop this acting and ask what do you want.
Uttara:Bhaiyya..vo..actually I want hari also to come with us.
Sanskar:Then call him too…he is your best friend na..
Uttara:She hugs him and said:Thankyou so much bhaiyya..
You are the best bro in this world.
Sanskar:Enough of soaping..go and do your packing now..good night.
Uttara:Good night.

All the members of Maheswari mansion are now in gadodia house.
They all are busy in placing their stuffs in the bus.
Shekhar(pointing hari):Who is this beta?
Sanskar:He is hari..uttara’s best friend.
shekhar:Hai beta.
Hari:Hello uncle..
Shekhar:So you are studing in uttara’s college.
Hari:yes uncle,infact we are in same class.
Shekhar:okay…you can enter to the bus now.
Hari:okay uncle.

Sanskar:papa..where is Ragini.
Shekhar:She said that she forgot to take something..she went for taking it..lets sit in the bus she will come now..
Dp and Ap,Shekhar and sumi,Rp and Sujatha,Uttara and Hari are sitting together in double seats.Now sanskar,he is sitting alone in a double seat.
Ragini enters the bus.She looks each and every seats.Every seats are filled except one.She couldnt see the person sitting in that seat.So she went near to the seat.She finds sanskar there.No other seats are vacant.
Shekhar:Ragini,sit there.
Ragini:No need papa..i will stand.

Actually sanskar is sitting in the last seat.And Ragini is standing near that seat.
The bus starts.
Ragini is loosing her balance as the bus moves.
Sanskar notices it.
Sanskar:Ragini,you just sit here.Otherwise you will fall down.
Ragini:No thanks..
Sanskar:Fine as you wish.
In the nick of that moment itself,Ragini fell on sanskar.
They share a small eyelock.Ragini understood their position and she stands there again.
Sanskar:Oh…now only I understood..
sanskar:You are intentionally standing there so that you can fall on me.
Ragini:what rubbish..
Shekhar:Ragini,you please sit there..
As there is no other option,Ragini finally sat beside him.
Sanskar smiles seeing it.
Episode ends.

Precap:Ragsan nokjok.

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