Its always you…swaragini (episode 6)

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Episode 5

Its always you…swaragini (episode 5)

Episode 6
Ragsan are travelling in the car.. Ragini:Sanskar…
Sanskar:yes…what happened.. Ragini:Vo…actually.. Sanskar:hmmm.. Ragini:Yesterday..what happened actually..
he was about to say but his mobile rings…It was a message from Uttara.
Uttara:Bhai..Ragini di will surely ask you about yesterday night..I already said her that many things happened yesterday night and i said that iam feeling little embarrassed to say that…You got it na..bhaiyya..
Sanskar smiles seeing the message.
Sanskar:Ragini,you were saying something..right?
Ragini:Haan..vo yesterday night..
Sanskar:What…Ragini,chii…how can I say about it..
Ragini:what happened yesterday…
Ragini is very much tensed now..

Sanskar say na…please…
Sanskar:How can I say it…You were shouting at me in the morning saying that I was trying to take advantage of you.But what did you do yesterday..
Ragini is little more tensed now…
Ragini:What did I do yesterday?
Sanskar:You should actually ask what you didn’t do?
Ragini:what..?Whether I did anything wrong..
Sanskar:Not at all…everything you did was won..derful..It was the best moments of my life.
Ragini:What?Sanskar,iam so serious …Did anything happened between us..
Sanskar:Unfortunately…no yaar.
Sanskar:I mean..No
Ragini:Thank god…
Sanskar smiles seeing her..
They reached her house..
Sanskar:Bye Ragini..
Shekhar:Sanskar,you please come…i have to talk to you…
Sanskar:okay..iam coming.

Inside the house
Shekhar:Beta,we are planning to go for a one week trip to Kashmir…
Ragini in her Mind:why papa is saying about it to him..
Shekhar:so we want you and your family also to come along with us..
Sanskar:Ofcourse dad..we all will come.
Ragini:I mean iam not coming…because I have to go to office.
Sanskar:Iam giving you one week leave..Now its fine na..
Ragini:I didnt apply for the leave..then why are you giving me leave..And by the way..i dont like to take leave..Now ,do you have any other idea Mr Sanskar Maheswari.? last and final idea..
Ragini:Oh really… whats it?
Sanskar:You are fired…
Episode ends..

precap:Trip to Kashmir.

So was it..
And by the way..iam planning to end my ff within next ten episodes.So dont worry..past will be revealed soon..And they will unite.Once they unite i will end my ff.

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  1. I had no idea about ending this coz ongoing track is cool but by reliving the past only may b it will interested.. if we got over interest in ur ff surely we ask u to continue so pls now itself dnt plan & write the story…

    1. Okay…then i will try to add more RAGSAN scenes and will continue it.

  2. No plz don’t end….the episode was good.. I loved sanskar’s last idea..ha ha…

    1. Thanks joona…i will try to extend it …

  3. Sanskar is gave ragini super shock

    1. Yes yaar ragini never thought sanky will say like that…

  4. Awesome epi yaar. Keep up the good epi. Plz don’t end it

    1. Keep up the good work

      1. Thank you so much lila and i will extend it..

  5. It ws awesome..plz dnt end it plz plz

    1. Thanks div…i will try to extend it..

  6. Awesome plzz dont emd it

    1. Thank you so much aarti..

  7. keep writing dear ..plz plz

    1. Thank you so much cute girl..

  8. very very nice …

  9. Ha ha ha awesome

    1. Thanks hayathi.

  10. last dialogue of sanskar is really awesome….

    1. Thankyou Nandu..

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