Its always you…swaragini (episode 5)

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Episode 4
Episode 5

Uttara enters sanskar’s room. i was right..
Uttara:Dii.You shouted at bhaiyya..right.?I saw him going out of the room angrily.
Ragini:Uttara,then what should I do?Yesterday night I was attending the party and today morning I found myself in sanskar’s bed.Ofcourse I will react like this only na..
Uttara:But di..Bhaiyya didn’t do anything..
Ragini:Oh really..then how did I came here.He took me here na?
Ragini:Haan ya na..
Ragini:I knew it because he can only do such cheap things..
Uttara:Di..its not like that..Just listen to me.
Uttara tells everything which happened last night to Ragini.
Ragini in her Mind:oh god…what did I do..sanskar actually helped me but I misunderstood him.Now what will I do..i will have to say sorry to him na..

Uttara:Di..what are you thinking..?
Uttara:Hmmm…i know..How to say sorry to bhaiyya..right?Its really a difficult task..
Ragini:Its okay..i will manage. You said me that I said some weird things to sanskar when I was drunk..right?
What was it?
how can I say that?You ask to bhai itself.
(Uttara gave some weird expressions which made Ragini tensed)Uttara starts laughing seeing Ragini’s tensed face.
Uttara:Di..what happened to your hands?
Ragini looks her hands and remembers..Sanskar holding her hands very tightly for shouting at him.
Ragini:Vo..actually..i dont know what happened..And I think I should leave now..bye..
Ragini comes downstairs…
Sanskar and annapurna are standing there.
Ap:Ragini beta,sanskar told that you were not well yesterday..Are you alright now?
Ragini:Haan maa..i am fine.
Ap:Are you going..
Ap:Have breakfast..after that you can go.
Ragini:Sorry ma..i have to go to office..
Ragini looks at sanskar..Sanskar looks her angrily..

Ap:Wait..sanskar will drop you.Sanskar,drop her.
Both Ragini and sanskar are walking towards the car.
Ragini is thinking how to say sorry to him.
Both are sitting in the car.

Suddenly sanskar went near to Raagini.Actually h was going to put the seat belt but she thought that he is going to beat her.
Ragini:Sorry..dont beat me.
Sanskar looks confused.
sanskar:What ..?Beat..
He starts laughing..
Sanskar:I didnt come to beat you..i was putting the seatbelt.By the way..i heard sorry in between.
Ragini:That actually Uttara told me everything..i misunderstood you..sorry.
Sanskar:oh..Am I dreaming?Mis Ragini gadodia said sorry to me..
In between he noticed her hands .
Sanskar:sorry Ragini.
Ragini:Sorry,but for what?
Sanskar:Your hands..sorry.
Ragini:Its okay..And now lets leave..
They are travelling in the car.
sanskar switch on the radio.

Song plays..
Darmiyaan Darmiyaan Darmiyaan Darmiyaan
Kuch toh dha tere mere Darmiyaan..
They both looks at each other.

Precap:Sorry guys..didnt decide yet.

So guys how was it.
And please say that if i have to reveal the past in the upcoming episodes or after some more episodes only ..

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