Its always you…swaragini (episode 4)

Hii guys…Its neena.
Iam so glad that you all liked my ff.
Thanks to everyone who reads my ff..
Recap:Ragini went to sanskar’s house for ap’s birthday party and she got drunk.Sanskar took her to his room and made her lie in his bed.
Episode 4
Ragini:Sit here…na..
Ragini:Sit here…
Sanskar:look are not well now..i’ll bring lemon juice for you..
Sanskar leaves..
He informs Uttara about Ragini’s state..She made lemon juice and give to him.
Sanskar’s room
Sanskar and uttara enters the room.
Ragini :sanskar…you came.Come come.. sit here.
Uttara teasingly:Go bhai…she is calling you na..
Sanskar angrily looks at uttara…
Sanskar:Uttara..Better you give this to her..
Ragini:No…no..sanky…you itself should give..
Uttara:bhai…How lovingly she is asking …go and give.
Sanskar gives the lemon juice to her.Accidentally her hand slips and it fall on her dress.
Sanskar keeps his hand on his head..
Sanskar:God…what’s happening..
Sanskar:uttara..what to do now..?

Uttara went to her room and takes one of her dress..
Uttara:i will change her dress..
Or if you are interested you can…
Sanskar:what…iam leaving
He closed the door and stand outside..
Ragini:Uttara..what are you doing..
After sometimes
Uttara:bhaiyya,come in..
Sanskar enters the room..
Ragini is sleeping..
Sanskar:you please inform shekhar papa about Ragini and also say him that I will drop her tomorrow..
Uttara:okay.. I’ll… iam going now
…mom will be searching for me..
Uttara teasingly:bhai…good night..
Sanskar:Uttara..iam gonna kill you..
Uttara runs from there.
sanskar looks at Ragini and smiles..
He sleeps in the couch..
Its morning.

Ragini wakes up and is shocked to find herself in sanskar’s bed.Then she notices her dress.
Ragini:whats this…how iam here ..who changed here..
sanskar comes..
sanskar:I took you here…and about your dress..lemon juice fell into it.But you dont worry its not changed by me ,Uttara changed it.
Ragini is fuming in anger.
Ragini:How dare you took me here..You were trying to take advantage of me right..You are such a cheapo..
Sanskar gets angry and is coming near to her..Ragini stops shouting and is moving backwardNow there is no more space to move backward.Ragini looks tensed..She starts sweating..Now Sanskar is very much close to her.Ragini closed her eyes.Sanskar leaves her and said:if i had to take advantage of you I could have done it before.
Sanskar leaves.
Episode ends..

Precap:Uttara is saying everything which happened last night to Ragini.Ragini felt bad for shouting at sanskar..

Hope you all enjoyed this episode.
Next episode will be posted asap.
Waiting for your feedbacks..


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  1. Superb but its too short

    1. Yaar…my exams r going on..thats why iam not getting enough pls adjust for one week.

  2. Ohh poir sanky babu

    1. Yaa..i also felt bad for sanky..

  3. it’s not fair of short episode so pls I want one more for tonight..

    1. Rasha,I hv exam on monday. So please adjust with short updates…plsss.Aftr exam ill post long updates.

  4. Superb bt why so short make it longer plzz

    1. Kaya,my exams are going on..after exams i’ll post long updates.

  5. Please make it longer I really want to know their past. Especially about their princess…

    1. Past will be revealed soon…and its not their princess its sanskar’s only..

  6. Superb epi

    1. Thanks lila..

  7. nic episode

    1. Thankyou Swati..

  8. Awesome

    1. Thanx yaar..

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