Its always you…swaragini (episode 3)

Hii friends.. hope you all enjoyed last episode.. Recap:sanskar fired the manager who shouted at ragini. Episode 3 Evening Ragini’s house sanskar’s house some party is there know.. Ragini:haan..Today is mom’s birthday.It’s party…Iam not going..But how do you know? Shekhar:Sanskar called me and informed..and you should go…otherwise annapurna ji will feel bad.. Ragini:but papa.. Shekhar:please lado..for me.. Ragini:ok fine..but you all also should come.. Shekhar:what…no way.Today is Gupta’s daughters engagement party..we all are going there.. Ragini:But..papa..i will be alone there.. Shekar:Sanskar will be there na..He cares you a lot.. Ragini:papa please..i hate him.. Shekhar:then fine ..for Annapurna ji.. Ragini :fine i will go. Ragini got ready, and is coming downstairs..she is wearing a blue gown..She looks gorgeous in that attire.. Ragini is shocked to see sanskar there. sanskar is mesmerised to see ragini.. shakhar:Haan,ragini came.. Ragini..sanskar will pick up you from here and also will drop you back.. Ragini gives an angry look to shekhar.. Shekhar ignores her and said:Its getting late…you both go.. sanskar:bye papa.. Ragini is also leaving with him. sanskar and ragini reach the car. Sanskar opens the door for ragini. They both leave..

In the car Sanskar switch on the radio.. (tujh mein rab dikhta hain yara Mein kya karoo plays) sanskar and ragini looks at each other. They reach maheshwari mansion. They entered his house. Ap:Ragini,iam so glad that you came.. Dp:Ragini,how are you.? Ragini:iam fine papa..Where is adharsh bhaiyya..and bhabhi.. Dp:They are busy in preparations .. Party starts.. All the people came.. Adharsh:Ragini…why are you standing here alone.. Ragini:I didnt get anyone to talk.. Adharsh:Now..iam can talk to me..Before that,have this juice.. She drunk the juice.. Adharsh:Rags…i will come now.. Adharsh leaves.. Adharsh :Ab hoga maza.. Pari:But..where is he..sanskar.. Adharsh:I know him ..he will come now itself..lets leave..otherwise everyone will doubt us.. Ragini is feeling dizzy… Sanskar see her.. Sanskar holds her.. sanskar:Ragini ..what happened..? Ragini:leave me..sanskar.. Sanskar takes her to his room.. He made her to lie on his bed.. Sanskar:Ragini…wake up.. Ragini is not responding… Sanskar was leaving from there.. Suddenly Ragini holds his hand.. Episode ends..

Precap:morning…Ragini finds her sleeping in sanskar’s bed and get shocked..Ragini shouts at sanskar …Sanskar gets angry.

So guys …how is the episode… waiting for your comments..

Credit to: Neena Jacob


    • Neena

      Thanks reethi…
      Actually this ff is of ragsan but if all of you are interested then i will add swalak also..
      u wil have to wait to know abt their past.

    • Neena

      Actually this ff is of ragsan..if you guys are interested then i will add swalak also..
      by the way thanks for reading my ff..

  1. anu4875

    plz reveal past of ragini n sanskar………why ragini hate sanskar??n why ragini s calling dp n ap as maa n papa……ragini – sanskar married ????

  2. Maya

    Why does ragini hate sanskar and in the previous episode they were talking about their princess what is happening?? Anyway it’s really interesting and exciting?????please post the next part soon. And please reveal the past soon..

  3. manvi

    ur ff is awesome dr its really really very interesting plsssss upload next part soon and make it lengthy plssss plsssss post next part soon dr

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.