Its always you…swaragini (episode 2)

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Episode 1 2
Ragini:ma…i have some urgent works…bye
Ap understood that still the problems between ragsan are not solved.
Ragini goes to her cabin.
Ragini is assistant manager in sanskar’s office.
Manager:Ragini maharani…you came..whats the time now?
Ragini:sir actually…
Manager:This is not your company to come at any time..
Sanskar comes..
Sanskar:How dare you talk to her like that..You are fired…Get out of my office..
Ragini looks at sanskar angrily..
sanskar leaves to his cabin.
Peon:Ragini,sanskar sir is calling you..

Ragini leaves to his cabin.
Ragini:sir,may I come in?
Ragini:sir…why did you call me..
Sanskar:vo…actually Ragini..i didnt do was just an accident.Why you are always hurting me for that..please forgive me na…
Ragini:How can you ask me to forgive you…you did killed him…you are a killer.I think you did it intentionally..
sanskar couldnt control his anger . he holds ragini’s hand rightly and pinned her to the wall.
Ragini is crying its so paining.
Sanskar :how dare you say that i did it intentionally..I also lost my princess in that accident…Never ever say that I did it intentionally.You got it?
Sanskar,now notices that ragini is crying by closing eyes…
He also felt hurt by seeing that.So he suddenly left her hand.
Ragini slowly opens her eyes ..
Ragini hugs him due to the pain..
And suddenly she faints..
Sanskar:ragini..ragini …what happened to you…
He made her sit in a couch..

He pours water on her face.
Ragini slowly opens her eyes..
Sanskar:are you okay?
Ragini:yes…and an angry tone.
sanskar:Ragini…wait.Today there is mom’s birthday party and mom want you to be there in our house.
Ragini:me in your house …its impossible.
sanskar:please rags…for ma..
Ragini:okay..i will think about it..
Ragini leaves..
Episode ends..

Precap:Ragini is in maheswari mansion…Ragini got drunk and she is in sanskar’s room.
Hope you guys liked todays episode..

Credit to: Neena Jacob


  1. Maya

    Wait so they are married and they lost their daughter??? I’m really confused but it was a good one and please make it longer

  2. Neena Jacob

    Just wait for some more episodes…
    i also love ragsan..
    Thanks…nxt episode will be posted today or tomorrow..
    Thanks…and i will try to post it regularly..
    nice guess…
    Thankyou so much..

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