Its always you…swaragini (episode 14)


Hiii friends..its Merin.. Episode 14 ****** At farmhouse Ragini:Only two more rooms are remaining…we four are there na??(Uttara,hari,sanskar,Ragini) Shekhar:You guys adjust na?? He leaves.. Uttara:Ragini di..we both can stay in one room..bhai n hari in another room.. Ragini:Fine,… Sanskar looks at Uttara angrily.. Uttara winks at sanskar.. ************ After sometime Hari n Uttara leaves from there to see places.. Sanskar completed his bath and comes out wearing a towel,.. He opens his bag for dresses. Sanskar:Shit…its uttara’s bag..oh god..our bags got exchanged..i will go n get mine.. She starts going to Uttara n Ragini’s room.. ********* Ragini’s room Ragini is coming out of the washroom wearing a bathrobe… She was about to remove it but shouts”Ahhh.. Actually sanskar was in the room searching for his bag..but he didnt notice her coming out of the washroom.. Hearing the shout…he turns.. He is shocked to see her in a bathrobe..Ragini turns back..

Ragini:What the hell are you doing here..? Sanskar:I came here to take my bag.. Ragini:Here,…?your bag”??your bag will be in your room na?? Sanskar:No,..its not there.. Ragini:I know…its your plan are such a cheapo..i know why you came here.. He starts coming near to her.. Sanskar:ohhh so its easy for me, got it na why I came here.. Ragini:What the hell are you doing sanskar.. He pinned her to the wall.. She is trying to tie the bathrobe properly,as she untied it before.. Sanskar held her hand and stops her from tying it. She close her eyes.. Ragini:What are you doing sanskar. Sanskar:Shhhh.. He then tied it properly.. Ragini opens her eyes and finds him searching for his bag.. Sanskar:I think its not here..iam going.. Ragini starts searching for her bag.. Ragini:Even my bag is not here.. Sanskar:Ragini,this door is not opening… Ragini:What??? She also tried to open but fails.. Ragsan together:Uttara… Sanskar:Its her prank.. Ragini:I will not leave her.. She starts Sanskar:Oh..shit….they went out for seeing places.. Ragini:What??Then how will we go out.. Sanskar:Till they come we will have to be other way.. Ragini:What?!!Here in this room that too with you…No way.. Sanskar:Then break the door,if you want.. Ragini:I will.. Ragini starts hitting the door by her legs.. Sanskar:Are you mad??Your legs will get hurt..stop it,. She is still beating.. Sanskar holds her wrist and made her close to him. Sanskar:Ragini….stop it.. He hugs her tightly… ***************** Uttara and Hari laughs. Uttara:Iam sure that all the misunderstandings between them will be cleared now.. Hari:Thats didn’t complete the story..what happened after their marriage.. Uttara:After their marriage..

Sanskar:Laksh yaar..dont worry..there is only six more hours for your marriage.. Laksh:Bhai… All laughs.. Laksh:So,whats the plan.. Swara:outing.. Ragsanlak:Yesss.. Swaragsanlak are travelling in sanskar’s car..sanskar is driving and laksh is sitting beside him.. Swaragini are sitting behind. Sanskar is looking at Ragini through the mirror…Ragini too looks at him. Swara:Bhai…look forward and drive.. Ragsan blushes.. Ragini:Look… Swalaksan:what happened..? Ragini:Golgappa.. Sanskar:What??Now?? Ragini:Ok…you don’t have to come..i will go and get it.. She leaves from the car.. Sanskar:Lets leave guys.. Laksh:Ragu.. Sanskar:Ohhh,.we will come back to pick her..its just a prank.. Sanskar drives the car and leaves from there with swalak. Ragini:Sanskar… Ragini gets tensed.. Ragini:You idiot,monkey..comeback,I will show you…devil Swasanlak.. Sanskar:Poor…ragini..she will be shouting now..according to my calculation,within this time,she might have called me idiot , stupid , monkey, devil.. Swalak laughs. Sanskar’s phone rings…when he looks at the phone suddenly a truck comes and hits their car…The car fell into a river breaking the walls of the road,. Sanskar falls out of the car before it fell into the river..sanskar falls unconcious.. Swalak fell into the river,. At hospital.. Sanskar opens his eyes.. Ragini:sanskar,..where is swara and laksh.. Sanskar says her everything…he is crying like a kid… Ragini shouts..:You killed my brother..,sanskar you did it,.. This made him more weak.. Ragini leaves from there…

All of them tried to make her understand the situation but she didnt listen to anyone…She removed her mangalsutra and washed out her vermillion.. From that day onwards she never talked to bhai except some official matters.. Flashback ends.. Hari:Okay…now I understood everything.. Uttara:We will have to make them one again at any cost. Hari:Its easy..they are not legally divorsed yet na?? Uttara:yaa…but whats the use of it..they are living like divorced couples na? Hari:I will make everything fine,..You dont worry yaar.. Uttara:Hari,…i wanna meet them.. Hari:Not now…i promised them that I will make everything fine..only after fulfilling that promise.. Uttara:Ok fine..Atleast say how n where you got them..?? ********************** Ragini breaks the hug and said:I hate you Mr Sanskar Maheswari…you killed my brother..i will never forgive you for that,.never ever..

Sanskar:I didnt do it know na…me too lost my princess swara n saala laksh in it…why dont you care about my emotions… Ragini:why should i care”??Why should i care for a killer..? Sanskar gets angry and pinned her to the wall holding her wrist tightly… Ragini is wincing in pain.. Ragini:Sanskar,leave are hurting me.. Sanskar:What you are doing with me in this two years is not less than this.. Ragini:Sanskar…i said you to leave me,.. Sanskar:I will not..what will you do”??huh?? Ragini:I will call mom dad,. Sanskar laughs… Sanskar:Really??Then call.. Ragini:Mom…dad.. She starts shouting.. Sanskar closes her mouth and said:They are not here…i told you before na??Now what will you do?? Ragini:Just leave me…Dont try to take advantage of the situation… Sanskar leaves her and looks at her naughtily.. Seeing this Ragini gets tensed and she holds the bathrobe tightly.. Sanskar again starts coming towards her.. Ragini:sanskar…just stay away from me…huh? He is coming towards her.. She starts running throughout the room..and sanskar is ruuning behind her.,

Ragini suddely enters the washroom and is about to close the door but sanskar pushes the door and enters inside…. Ragini:sanskar,what are you doing?” Sanskar then closed the door.. Ragini gets tensed.. ******************

Hope you guys liked it

Credit to: MERIN

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