Its always you…swaragini (episode 13)


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Episode 12
Episode 13
Laksh:So…what’s next,.
sanskar smiles.

Raglak house
Raglak:Mom…papa…We have to say something to you both ,..
Ragini:Papa…Laksh loves a girl..
Shekhar:Who is that unlucky girl.
Ragini:Swara Maheswari..
Laksh:Mama…one more surprise..Ragini loves a boy..
Sumi:Who is he??
Laksh:Sanskar Maheswari..Swara’s brother..
Shekhar and sumi:So what we should do/??
Raglak:Bless us in our Marriage..
Shekhar holds both of their ears…
All the four of them laughs…

Next day..
Ap and Dp comes to Raglak’s house..
Ap:Swasan said everything..we dont have any objections..
Sumi:We also.
Shekhar:So lets call a pandit..

Pandit comes..
Ragini:If he say that our kundli doesnt match then”??
sanskar:Then I will marry some other girl..
Ragini is running behind him.
Ragini enters her room.
Sanskar also enters the room and he closed the door,..
Ragini:Sanskar,what are you doing??

Pandit:Their kundli match very well.But they can marry only after two years.
Dp:What??Two years….
Shekhar:Haa..any other option??
Pandit:Yes…but…it is today between 11:45 and 12:15..
Sumi:Preparations?? Ragsan..

In room.
Sanskar is walking towards Ragini.
Sanskar is about to kiss her but they compose themselves hearing the knock sound..
She opens the door..
Sanskar:Ohhh wrong timing..
Ragini blushes.
laksh:Sorry bhai..But dont worry..i have a good news..
Laksh:Today is you boths marriage.
Ragini :What??
Laksh said everything to them .
They comes downstairs.
Ragsan:We are ready for the marriage..
All gets happy and they looks at eachother.

Laksh:Then panditji..please check whether me and swara can also marry today..
panditji:Their marriage can be done Tomorrow morning between 6:30 and 6:50..
Laksh:Wow…thats awesome..
He then looks at swara.Swara blushes.

At night
All the arrangements are done..The groom is waiting for bride to come.
Ragini is coming wearing a red lahenga with blue border.Sanskar is wearing Red sherwani with blue in it..
Sanskar takes Ragini in his arms are takes 7 vows…He then made her wear the mangalsutra and the vermillion….
Ragsan looks at each other lovingly…
Shekar:We reached Kashmir..
Uttara:Balance I will say in the farmhouse…
Hari:Complete it na??Atleast say they got separated..
A drop of tear fell from her eyes.
Thats the end of this episode.

Precap:Ragsan nokjhok..

Guys…Sorry for completing the fb fastly..Actually I had planned to make swalak die..But now I changed it…

Credit to: MERIN

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