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Episode 11

Episode 12
“sanskar please…”Ragini said by closing her eyes. Sanskar leans towards her and said:Oh..please..dont ever think that iam gonna romance with you..I just wanna make you understand that you cannot mess with Sanskar Maheswari..thats it..
He messages his staff to start the lift.. Since sanskar is standing near Ragini…when the lift starts suddenly they lose their control and Ragini fell on sanskar…unfortunately Ragini’s lips touch Sanskar’s.Both gets super shocked.
They compose themselves.There comes an awkward silence between them. The lift gets opens and Ragini went to her cabin.

Ragini’s POV
Oh God…what to do now?? I kissed him…Even though I did it accidentally..kiss is kiss na..What he will be thinking about me.?

Sanskar’s Cabin
Oh God…what was that…hmm,she is not so bad..oh God what did I thought now..oh..iam getting this love??No na,God..? Many eyelocks occured
between them..Ragsan starts falling for each other..

After two days
Sanskar’s house
Sanskar went to swara’s room. Sanskar:Swaraaa..Tomorrow onwards you can go with your friends itself.. Swara:Bhai..are you fine..??(teasingly). don’t start teasing me..And one more thing,what is Laksh doing?I mean his job. are asking about laksh..i cant believe my ears..(she pinched herself..) ouchh..That means its true.. don’t start your drama..just say..
Swara:He is the owner of Gadodia Industries.,.But why are you asking it bhai..
Sanskar:Hey..nothing..just simply.. He left from there .
Swara:So Laksh was right…bhai’s character is also changing..there is something between Ragini and sanskar bhai..hmm..i will have to find it..

@ Ragini’s house
Ragini is simply smiling without any reason… Laksh notices it..He gets a message from swara.. “Bhai’s behaviour is also changing..There is something between them..we will have to find it..”
Laksh:What’s your opinion about that sanskar??
Ragini gets shocked hearing the question,.
Ragini:You know na..he is very khadoos,selfish…
Laksh teasingly:Really??
Laksh:Sanskar met with an accident..I planned the accident.
Ragini gets shell shocked and said:What?? na?? Ragini:Laksh,what the hell are you saying..??
Laksh:Haan..iam saying the truth..(Looking his watch)now he might be in city hospital..
Ragini:What.. A drop of tear fell from her eyes.. She took her bag and suddenly went to the hospital,.

@ hospital
She starts checking for him in every rooms…She collides with someone and he holds her.. Both are shocked to see each other… Its sanskar. Ragsan:You..
Sanskar:You met with an accident na??(Swara’s prank).
Ragini:What??But laksh said me that YOU met with…
Both understood that its swalak’s plan.
Swalak comes.. was our plan.. Laksh:Khadoos n selfish huh???Then why did you came to see him..
Swara:Bhai…you were very much angry on her na..then suddenly what happened ?? Both blushes… Swara:Bhai..say na..say..why You r not saying..huh”??say. Sanskar:Because I love her..
He hugs Ragini. Ragini pushed him. Ragini:You dont like my brother na..move away from me.. Sanskar:Who said like that…i like him..infact I approved for their marriage.. Swalak looks at him shockingly..
Ragini hugs him and said:I love you too.. Swalak also hugs..
Episode ends in their smiling faces..

Precap:Ragsan marriage…Tragedy… Hope you guys liked it…Past is gonna end,..

Credit to: MERIN

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