Its always you…swaragini (episode 11)


Episode 11 Hiiii everyone,.. Its Merin. Sorry guys for late update.. Iam gonna end this ff soon…For next two three days iam gonna focus on this ff itself…

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Episode 11 Sanskar also gets a call and he left from the office angrily. Ragini too left from the office. Swara and Laksh are standing outside swara’s collage and are discussing about Sanskar’s warning to swara about meeting laksh. Suddenly sanskar came there.He gets very angry seeing swalak together.Sanskar went near to laksh and raised his hands to beat him.But suddenly someone held his hands.Thats our Ragini. “How dare you raise your hands on my bro”she said angrily with a pair of red eyes. Sanskar gets shocked to find Ragini there. “You…how come you came here without my permission”Sanskar yelled at her. “You arrogant heartless sanskar maheswari..yes!!I didnt get your permission…what will you do m.huh??”Ragini replied to him boldly. Sanskar starts coming near to her. “Ohh please..stay away from me,.okay”she said to him with a bold tone..eventhough she was having little fear in her heart. “Go to home”Sanskar said to swara. Swara left from there without saying even a word. “I will make everything just go now”Ragini said to Laksh which made sanskar more angry. Laksh left from there. “What your problem..huh?Why you are becoming a villain in your own sister’s life.She loves Laksh a lot..why cant you understand it..”Ragini shouted at sanskar. “ better shut up else..”sanskar said to her. “Else what will you do..huh??”Ragini said to him in a challenging tone which made sanskar lose his control. He held Ragini’s hands and dragged her to his car. “What the hell is this sanskar”Ragini shouted. “It not the hell…what you are gonna see is the real hell”Sanskar said to her which made her a little more tensed. Ragini tried her best to loosen his grip..but she failed. He made her sit in the car and start driving rashly. “Sanskar…drive slowly”Ragini yelled. But he didn’t even mind her. Sanskar messaged something to someone while driving. Finally sanskar stopped the car in front of their office. “Thank God”Ragini made a sign of relief. Sanskar again starts dragging her to the office.Ragini was confused ” what he is upto.” Sanskar took her to the lift and closed the door.Ragini is super shocked. She tried to open it by pressing same floor but suddenly the lift gets stuck and also the light goes off. Sanskar smiles evily and remembers about the message he sent to a staff “Turn off the lift’s switch when i get into it”.He then showed the message to Ragini. Ragini gets shocked as well as tensed to see it. She starts moving away from him while he starts going near to her with an evil smile on his lips. Ragini tried to push him away but he held her hands and pinned her to a side. “Leave me”Ragini yelled out of pain as he is holding her very tightly. “ can i leave wanna see na what i will do..”sanskar said to her. Ragini gets more tensed.
Episode ends.

Precap:Ragsan romance or fight…say??

Guys..if you feel that i wanna stop explaining the past in a can comment it..i will make it short..

Credit to: MERIN

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