Its always you…swaragini (episode 10)


Its Neena.
Thankyou guys for supporting me. These are my other two ffs which are going to be started on 23 march.

Episode 9

Episode 10
Next day morning
Sanskar went to swara’s room.
Sanskar(angrily):Today onwards you will go to college in car.I said to driver.
Sanskar leaves.Swara gets sad.
Laksh comes to Ragini.
Ragini:I know bhaiyya..i told na,everything will be fine.
Laksh smiles(fake) and go from there.

@ office
Ragini is working in her cabin.
Staff:Ragini mam,Sir is calling you.
Ragini:You go..i will come.
Staff leaves.
Ragini:Hmmm…?He is calling me?
Ragini:Sir,may I get in.
Sanskar:Ofcourse Mis Ragini Gadodia.
Ragini:Why did you call me sir?
Sanskar:Just to say that stay away from my sis..
Ragini:That I will decide ..okay?
Sanskar gets angry.
Sanskar:Its about my sisters life.And remember,my sister is everything for me and I will do anything for her.ANYTHING..
Ragini:Oh really..But I think you dont love your sister at all..Because my bro and your sis love eachother and you want them to get apart.
Sanskar gets very angry and pinned her to the wall.Ragini gets shocked.
Sanskar went near to her.
Both can hear eachother’s heartbeat now.Both are feeling something strange.
Ragini:What the hell are you doing??
Sanskar:I didnt do anything till now..But dont force me to do something..
Sanskar leaves her and went from there.
Ragini:Why did I felt something strange when he came near to me.?
Ahh..whatever..But anyway I wont leave him.Mr Maheswari, The worst days of Your life are on the way.
She leaves from there to her cabin.

Sanskar:Mis Ragini Gadodia..You tried to mess with a wrong person.Now you will have to face its consequences.
But why did I felt something strange when I was near to her..
Sanskar leaves to his cabin.
Ragini gets a call.
Episode ends.

Precap:Sanskar finds Swalak together.And he tried to beat laksh but someone holds his hand.

Sorry for short one..
After the exams I will post long ones.Sorry..
Thanks for reading.N keep reading.

Credit to: Neena

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