you you and always you(epi 6)


hi guys i am back, sorry for delay because of my studies i cant focus on writing so please co operate with me
recap:yuvraaj comes to know about suhani’s truth in his life

episode starts with a new day with a pleasent smile of suhani

suhani: papa, where is yuvi? i want to see him
pankaj: vo..he got a new job in allahabad, so he leave lucknow
suhani: kya..? next sunday is our engagement and he leaves without saying to me??
unexpectedly a voice comes out: how can i leave before saying to u?
suhani looks there and finds yuvraaj there, she gets happy: i knew it, u cant leave me like this
pankaj gets teary eyes, he left them alone
suhani: y didnt u come yesterdy?
yuvi: i just got appoinment yesterday thats y i cant inform u, sorryyy
suhani: sorry? y? no need yuvi
they smile together together
suhani : u know yuvi, yesterday sharat and bhawna came here
yuvi: kya?? who??
suhani: arre, my childhood freinds , they came to meet me, i just got mad to see them
yuvi: but they didnt say to me??!

suhani(confused): uh? how could they say to u?
yuvi: vo.. ya, iam now stay in their home, u know i got a job in allahabad so i decided to stay in bh , they agreed to me, but they didnt tell me that they came to meet
suhani: kyaa! u r living with them?? nd they didnt tell about me??
yuvi: its ok , suhani , i just joined them yesterday
suhani: ohh! shayad
after a turn, suhani: arre, yuvi , did u see yuvraaj there?
yuvi: haan..uh? koin??
suhani: yaar yuvraaj birla, the one and only
yuvi(shocked): yuvraaj birla…. how could u know him?
suhani : tum pagal ho gayi he kya? when u went to allahabad ur braain got vanished , how could i forget him?? u dont remember him ?? sharat’s twin brother,
yuvi: u know sharat birla??
suhani: really?? u got mad, he is my best friend, and bhawna also, they r like my bro and sis , and yuvraaj , he is MY

FIRST LOVE, i tell u about him
yuvi got stunned hearing those words and realizes who is she
suhani: i used to tell u about YUVRAAJ but u dont remember him that is the truth
yuvi cant hear wat she is saying because of his stunned behaviour
suhani notices him and shakes him
suhani: where u lost, yuvi?
yuvi: ah?? ya…. i just reminiscing wat u said , that u and yuvaaj were lovers?!
suhani: actually , accident really happened to u, u loses ur memory, we are not lovers , as i see im first i lost i his thoughts , but when i know about his dumb behaviour and also he is the brother of sharat then i leavee him, but whenever i see him i just fall in love with him, if he tell me that he loves me before u say , then i am sure now we have baby like him

yuvi cant answer her properly , his eyes gets wetted and heart gets hurt
yuvi(in stammering tune): do u remember his face??
suhani:(thinking)pata nahi, kyun? I forget his face, shayad ye bhi ek ANOKHI KHEL HOGI NIYATHI KA
yuvraaj feels happy and ebrassment , but dont know how to react??
at that time doctor comes: suhani, ho do u feel now??
suhani: feels gud, yuvi is near with me , so wat is the tension means??
yuvi: haa, if iam with my queen nothing will happen to her(happy tune), jab tak hain jaan ,jab tak hain jaan ,jab tak hain jaan
suhani(in a shocked tune):tum kabse SRK fan ho gayi?? tum to bacchanan fan dhe na???
yuvi remembers how he and suhani fight over these two names and that time yuvraj’s entry for saving suhani from my baash
yuvi smiles and says: oh, you remeber this, thats only for saving you from yuvraaj , i like both of them
suhani: oh mahaan, you know yuvraaj se ladne meim maza tho bohot aati thi
yuvi smiles , at that time doctor comes there and says: suhani, you were perfectly alright, you can go home today , get well soon
suhani: thank u , doctor

when suhani gets ready an goes out , yuvi were packing her dress and cleans the room. while yuvi cleaning the room he finds a photo which carries suhani, yuvraaj, sharat, bhawna and he
he gets stunned and happy that he got his love back, he takes that photo and turns to left, he takes bag and gets out of room and sees suhani looking at him
saware music BGM plays

suhani walks towards him: y r u looking like this?
yuvi: kuch nahi, i am very happy today that u recovered
suhani: accha, but iam very happy that satureday we will get engaged
yuvi smiles
yuvi: chalo, ghar chalthe
they went to srivatsav house
pankaj and lata do their aarati and let them in
suhani hugs them happily
yuvi: ji, i am going , so much works are pending, i was thinking about can we plan engagement there in bh? wat u guys saying?
pankaj and lata : haa teek hai
suhani: kya? aap logon ko mansoor hai??
pankaj: if yuvi beta is saying hw could we ignore it?
suhani: haa tho teek hai, muje bhi meri friends ke saath rah sakthe
yuvi: tho suhani , i will come tommorow to pick u, byee
suhani; byee

precap: yuvi explanes all to his family, they all get suprised , the new love story starts

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  1. Wow thats amazing!!!….plz update regularly….

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  3. u know resiel i’m waiting for ur ff from soo many days with curiosity what will happen in next if yuvi knows about suhani.this epi really amazing i love so much.plz update nxt epi asap .

  4. This is really good, I you don’t mind can you write the English translations next to the Hindi in the next epi then it would be Perfect ❤️

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