you you and always you(epi 5)


hi guyss thank u for support If i am lagging tell me i will do watever u people say to add spice to the story
if u like my style, so tell me

episode starts with shawna, they reach bh after seeing suhaani
pratima opens the door and let them in
pratima: bhawna, doctor ne kya kaha?
bhawna: i am ok, no problem left, mummy ji i need rest , can i sleep for sometime?
pratima: haa, jao beta, araam karo…

bhawna leaves for rest
pratima: sharat, bhawna teek he na?
sharat: haa, she is ok
pratima: beta, did u see that girl who yuvi mensioned?
sharat(wondered and thinks not to tell about suhani): ya, she is aso gud, she want to see yuvi
pratima: acchaa, pata naahi yuvi kaab manegi?
sharat: he will agree, dont worry
sharat goes to yuvi’s room and sees he is sitting alone inside window
sharat taps his shoulder : where did you lost ur self?
yuvi: kuch nahi yaar

sharat: i know , maa said old things to u thats it, cm’on yuvi, forget everything and start a new life with thiss
yuvi: no, how could i again believe love? and how could i believe this girl also, and unfortunately her name is also suhani, and i will anything related to suhaani
fb shows
yuvi wears a simple suit because suhani ony loves simple dresses
he is ready and starts to leave its time 4:40 he reaches there bt couldnt find her
he waits there some more time nd goes to search her
he searches everywhere but didnt see her nd finally he calls sharat
sharat :u fool , y u wait her in class ? tum bhi na yuvi, go to garden yaar, there will be one corner for confession , go noww

yuvi: sorry bro, nd thank u , wish me luckk
sharat: gud luckk
he cuts the call and runs to garden, he reaches there and searches for that corner , he find yuvraaj is hugging someone , he thinks to do not disturb them
he moves to one way and waits for suhani
at that time shawna reaches there for see them ,but they only find yuvi
sharat: arre , yuvi , where is suhani?

suhani: i’m here…
yuvi gets embrassment to see her, in that way shawna gets shocked to see suhani
yuvi turns and sees suhani and yuvraaj together ,he gets shocked and reminiscs that moment when they together, he drops his flower which is took for suhani
suhani: sharat, today my revenge got finished , u must give me treat, and yuvi u also
sharat thinks: oh god , suhani ne iss yuvraj ke baare mein bola dha? wat i do it?
yuvraaj: aaj mere teraf se treat he , uske baad yuvi aur tum dena, teek he?
suhani: okk, sharat.. y r u looking like this? i said u naa, so thats it , yuvi sorry yaar, i didnt mind to include u , but u came to know about this so u also treat me..
yuvi is heart brokened and didnt answered her
suhani and yuvraaj statrs to leave with shouting about party
sharat: yuvi, yuviii…

yuvi gets out from flash back
yuvi: sharat, now also i remember thaat words of suhani, she didnt love, and also she want to revenge me, but i dont know y she is taking revenge from me?
sharat cant contrll himsef: she dont take revenge from u, she have only revenge from me
fb again shown
before confession one ordinary day in school often suhani and bhawna gets late and sharat joints them
they were talking about yuvraaj
suhani: how hot he is !
sharat: haa, jaake use pakado haath jal jayengi
shawna have a hi fi
suhani: ha ha, very funny,
sharat: are u mad? he will not fall for u, ur simplicity and ur get up will not accept him
suhani: i’m betting u, for this dialouge i will take revenge from u and see yuvraaj will fall for me at this attire also
fb ends

yuvi: kyaa? y didnt u tell me ?
sharat: i dont want to hurt you, if i tell u about this first so u will gets more hurt
yuvi: but…
sharat: what happened is happened, now its a new beginig , u must see suhani and try to happy her and be happy with her, i think she will give u the reminder of suhani
yuvi: shaayad..!

sharat: yuvi, u dont remember the face of suhani?
yuvi: how could i? uss din ke baad aaj thak usse nafrat se alava kuch dhikhtha nahi dhi
sharat: achi baat he….
yuvi: kya achi baath he? if u tell me this first then how could i forget her face?
sharat: means now also…

yuvi: wat will get from it? she had already married that idiot “yuvraaj”
when he said that name he reminiscs the words of pankaj that her bff’s name is also yuvraaj
yuvi (in mind): ye ladki ka naam bhi suhai he aur uska bff ka naam bhi yuvraaj he, kahi ye meri suhani tho nahi..?

precap: yuvraaj goes to see suhani and sees th pic of suhani and yuvraaj, will he find his suhani?

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  4. very very intererting.keep going like this. i am little bit confused.whether both yuvi and yuvraj looks like same.

    1. Resiel

      no,no they are entirely different in physically and mentally

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    fantastic loved it. plz update soon.

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    thaank u everyone i will update it soon

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