you you and always you(epi 4)


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epi starts with sharat shouts :suhani….. and hugs her
they have a group hug
sharat and bhawna have a incredible face to see thier childhood friend again
they share some gud time together

after sometime shrat realizes that this girl is yuvraj’s headache, at that moment he gives a sign to bhawna
sharat: uhh suhani, y r u here? i mean wat happened to ur head?
suhani: thats a big story, i dont know how this accident happened..!
she tells wat happened to her and about yuvraaj also
shawna together: yuvraaaj
suhani: haa , vo , u peoples forgot him? arre, my chilhood crush and u peoples know na meim kaise uske peeche bhagi thi
sharat: tum uss yuvraaj se shaandi karne vali thi?
suhani: thi nahi , he
sharat: haa ,he (shawna look at each other)
bhawna: u take rest , we will come after sometime
suhani: golu ka ghayaal rakhna?
bhawna: haa , take rest
they left her room and look at each other

at bh
pratima comes to feed yuvraaj
pratima: beta, eat something, if u didnt eat, so i also
yuvi: maa, y r u behave like this? feedme
pratima: in life, every one have bad and gud phase, no one can change destiny , in this love can happen and not, it doesnt a matter that it will applicable for everyone, ur love is also like that , in that there is only u, but in case of guri, she and mohit were made for each other but they dont have any destiny to live themself, but beta, u have more chances, u dont using that, y u alwys were single, tum badhalthe kyun nahi..?
yuvi: maa , plz, i dont want to speak about her, she cheated me, if she doesnt loves me then y did she say that she loves yuvraaj? she is a cheater maa , she dont loves me, and she ruined my ful life and faith in love, i cant take risk on my life again , i cant trust lovr maa , plzz
he leaves from there
pratima(in mind): dont know, when my son will change, who will change him?
scene shifted to hospital
suhani is taking a sip of soup given by lata
suhani: maa, bhawna aaya tha, and sharat also, and u know maa, they were to become maa & papa
lata: kyaa? thanks a lot to god, like u and yuvi they were also made for each other
suhani: haa maa,but dont know y yuvraaj ka naam sunthe hi vo donom chali gayi, i think they cant beleive that i am going to marry him
lata: may be..

at car,
bhawna: i cant believe this, they again met each other
sharat: thank god, yuvi didnt recognize her
bhawna: haa, varna tho pata nahi, world war 3 can happened
sharat: haa, but u know bhawna, yuvi reeally loved her very much, but their love story was incomplete, but now i will make them together , one day we spoilt their love story,now i will complete it
bhawna:but how? yuvi will not agree for this, after knowing truth he will not..
sharat: but who know the truth, only me and u, we will not tell him
bhawna: but its cheating yaar
sharat: koi cheating nahi he, yuvi only loved her, suhani also only loved yuvi so they wnt to their love back thats it
scene shifted to their childhood

suhani and bhawna gets ready to go school, they left hostel
suhani: if today gets late ,u will be responsible
bhawna: haa , teek he, jaldi chalo
they reach school, class has already started
suhani and bhawna together: ma’m , may i come in?
teacher: ohh , today also, andhar ane ki koi zaroorath nahi he, if today i will not give u punishment, u will again do this, aaj bahar ruko, aur tomorrow i want to see ur note also
sharat laughs at them , suhani and bhawna gets angry
suhani: look ma’m, sharat is insulting u
teacher turns and see sharat laughing
teacher(shouts):sharat..! u also get out
sharat: but, ma’m ?
teacher: no more excuses
sharat leads to the door and sees suhani and bhawna were laughing together
he also joints them
sharat: suhani, vo yuvi ko bhi bahar nikalo na?
suhani: tum usse ithna jalthi kyun he, vo chup chap padthi rahthi he, rahne do na
bhawna: aur vaise bhi , vo yaham aya tho bhi vo humse baath nahi karengi, padaayi ki bachi
suhani: haa,
in class room
yuvraaj is restless in not seeing suhani
ma’m saw him
teacher: wat happened yuvraaj? r u ok?
yuvi: no,ma’m i wnat to go wash room
teacher: ok, go
he came out side and saw her , he is in full of excitement,
suahni: kya hua? tume bhi bahar beja?
yuvi:(stunned)no, i am going to wash room
sharat: tho jao..
yuvi gets irkked, he goes
at that time , a young dashing man comes with principle
suhani got mesmrised seeing him, he is none other than yuvraaj(suhani’s bff)
principle lets them in
all class gets alerts seeing him
principle introduce him to be new admission
yuvraaj comes introduce himself
sharat: lo, again yuvraaj
suhani hits him: chup kar, he is the real yuvraaj(prince), tumara bhai tho bekaar he
at that moment yuvi enters the class
principle: yuvi, this is a new admission to ur class, and yuvraaj this is yuvraaj birla, this class’s leader, and yuvi, this is yuvraaj only
yuvi: hello
yuvraaj: hii

days passes
one day at intervel
suhani: sharat, today i will propose yuvraaj, tum kuch nahi bolongi
sharat: r u mad? i mean u love yuvi?
suhani: haa , obviously
sharat thinks that suhani loves his brother yuvraaj
sharat: r u sure?
suahni: haa, u tell him to meet me at 4:30, ok?
sharat: as u wish
he goes to yuvi
sharat: r u studying?
yuvi: haa, tho?
sharat: do u love my suhani?
yuvi: vo…
sharat: tell me truth
yuvi: haa, tho?
sharat thinks : somehow suhani recognize this thats y she decide ti propose this duffer
sharat: suhani also..
yuvi: kya?
sharat: haa, so decide to propose u , meet her at 4:45, byee and haa aise mat jana , try to impress heer
yuvi: thank u bro, and sorry i misunderstand that u loves suhani but u didnt
sharat: no , i love her like a sister and my jaan is bhawna tho my saas is my suhani , got it and all the best , dont make her cry with ur words
he hugs him
bhawna comes there and shakes them
sharat comes out off flash back
bhawna: we wnt to do something to develop yuvi’s feelings
sharat: dont worry bhawna, because of suhani i got my brother back, now he lives me a lot , so i will bring them together , its my promise to my bro, i wll bring back their love story

precap: wat happened that day ? will yuvi kow the truth?
stay tuned for reshma

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  1. NAPSHa J

    Its very interesting yaar.. Plz continue.. Update asap.. BTW, y did yuvi not recognize her when he met her just after the accident?

    1. Resiel

      i will clear this in next episode and thank u for support

  2. Nyc… Keep it up

  3. Shilpa-Saraj

    Wonderful epi dude.. Eagerly waiting for your next epi..

  4. episode was toooooooo good.really excited to know full story.all d best.coming to support guys if u see so many fans are posting that we should stop watching this serial and bakwas etc.but yaar we love our yuvani so much right.just because of current story line if we stop watching serial trp rating will fall and they will end it soon and we miss them pls wait fr some time and pls pls watch serial along with ffs.they will reunite our yuvani soon.pls support ssel.

  5. Nithu

    It’s awsm

  6. it is very interesting and amazing yaar plz continue and update fast i m eagerly waiting .there r no words to say about ur story is really very superb i love it very much .

  7. Ruksy

    wow so amazing and what happend to yuvraj was sad.


    wow this is very interesting, I love it. update soon dear x

  9. Aqsxxh

    oooo this is really interesting

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