you you and always you(epi 3)


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here for a relaxation epi 3

yuvi reaches bh very happily for wat he dont know
he rangs the bell
pratima opens the door: yuvi beta ,come in , how is that girl ? is she ok? anything special? u must stay there , y u come back?
yuvi: maa, relax , she is ok , if i stay there so life long i want to stay there
you know maa , that girl is totally mad, how could she say that” i am her lover”, that also to me
pratima: its her fate , she dont know who you are , but her mind thinks that u r her lover and would be , and she loves him very much, thats y she is ready to give her life to him, plzz try to understand
yuvi : maa, i dont like to speak about this , only because of this love , my only sister left us alone , she didnt loved us, he only loves her husbant rather than anything
pratima: how could she live in this world as a widow after became pregnant ? and beta, she dont have that much streangth to follow as single
yuvi: maa , all girls like this , guaary also , she dont loves us and now this girl , she only loves her bf not other members of her family , her father is now also crying , she dont have any feelings to her family?
pratima: if u have this much feelings about ur family so how could u be a single now?
yuvi leaves from there with angry

at hospital
suhani: papa, where is mamma? i want to see her ,
pankaj: she is on the way, you take rest
suhani: ok, and when yuvi will come
pankaj: i dnt know, he is gone to his home
suhani: home? which home? he is living with us papa, when he brought a house?
ppankaj leaves a confused face
at bh
sharat reurns home after completing office work and sees bhawna working in kitchen
sharat(shouts): bhawna…!
bhawna gets shocked and drops a plate from her hand
sharat comes there
sharat: wat r u doing here?
bhawna:ohh, nothing i am just…
sharat: chup.. y r u lying? i know u r doing home’s work.. u dont need to do work, before i am goingto office i tell u that dont do anything but u didnt hear me?
bhawna: vo..
sharat: bas , bohot ho gaya drama, now we are going to hospital , get ready
bhawna: haan
sharat: ruko..
bhawna: ji?
sharat: arre, dont take tension, i am just asking u about yuvraaj, is he reach home?
bhawna: haan, but i dont know wat happened to him, he is just silent after talkinf with mummy ji
shart: i will tell u , some drama happened in his life

at hospital
suhani: maa..!
lata: suhani, hw is u ? do u feel better?
suhani: haa, agar aap aye he , teek tho hona hi tha, y didnt u come early?
lata: beta, i am scared , i cant see u in pain,, suhani beta hw this happened? do u remember anything?
suhani: no maa, but i know that yuvi will come and save me frm any pain so he came
lata: kya ? yuvi beta?
suhani: haa, aur kaun?
lata: par vo tho..
pankaj comes there and break the conversation
pankaj: lata ji , let suhani take rest , u come with me , i will tell u
lata: ji.

at shawna’s car
bhawna: kya? itna sab kuch hua ? aur aapne muje bataya nahi?
sharat: haa, i dont want u to take pressure thats it
bhawna: tho ab kyun bola?
sharat: kyunki ab tum meri saath ho, meri sath hoke meim tume kuch nahi hone dengi
they smiles together

at hospital
lata: ab kya karengi hum? how could we give her yuvi?
pankaj: pata nahi , only fate know that who is in suhani’s life

after sometime
bhawna: sharat, do u know where is that girl? i mean which hospital?
sharat: i dont know, tumari tension mein puchna bhool gayi
bhawna : plz call him and ask about her , i will wait there
sharat: ok
sharat calls yuvi, at that time bhawna walks slowly and reachess suhani’s room’s door
suhani sees her and calls her:bhaaawnaaaa
bhawna turns and sees her with full of suprise and goes to her amd hugs her
bhawna: suhani, tum? yaham pe? kya hua?
at phone
yuvi: kya?
sharat: yaar, vo ladki , konsi hospital mein he?
yuvi: y? now u want to marry her
sharat: stop nonsence and tell me
yuvi: at city hospital, room no 139, go and fall in love, she will give u a guyd lecture
sharat cuts and thinks: u fool , u r in city hospital,and now where is 139?
he looks at room no’s and finally he reaches 139 and suprisingly watches that scene which made up of suhani and bhawna bond

precap: some wild revealations, suhani-bhawna-sharat relation and y yuvraaj hates love relation?

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