you you and always you(epi 2)

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episode starts with a new big house is shown , its birla house
one old lady (its pratima)is calling her bahu out : bhavnaa where are u ? yuvraaj ka phone aya he kya ?
one beautyful girl comes out of kitchen and says: no, mummy ji, sharat ne kahi baar phone kiya par udaaya nahi
pratima : oh my god, where is my son ?

one young man comes out of his room wearing suit and says : i think he is in any urgent work , if not he will take phone sure
bhavna: but sharat , aisa kya zaroori kaam he jis keliye vo mummy ji ka phone nahi uda rahe?
sarat: vo tho use hi poochna chahiye, maa i am going to office , if i get his call i will inform you , chalthe , bhavna take care of maa and u too , in this time it is not gud for ur health that u do job , atleast think about ous son
bhavna : okk , u go
sarat : byee , maa ,byee

sharat leaves from there
pratima : ye tho acha he ki isse kaam pe dhyaan he varna papa ka akhiri nishaan bhi adhoori ho jayengi…
bhavna smiles
bhavna: par maa, i dont understant ye yuvraaj kaham gaya?
pratima: i knw very well, apni maa ka phone nahi uda rahi he tho zaroor racing mein gayi hogi aur kaham jayengi?
bhavna: maa, if he go like this i dont think he will engage immediately
pratima: yuvraaj kabhi bhi shaandi keliye nahi maanegi
bhavna: ek baar phir se try karlo kya pata vo maan jayengi?
pratima : pata nahi uske keliye kon bana hoga? aur kaham hogi?
scene shifted to ICCU , hospital

every one is shocked hearing suhani’s words
that time doctor: yuvraaj, u didnt recognise suhani? u and suhani getting married right?(blinging his eys), haan
suhani: yuvi ,now i am perfect, we can go hoe , am i right doctor?
yuvraaj: no, no u didnt get well , plz take rest we will speak this after .
yuvraaj grabs doctor’s hand to the caabin

yuvraaj:yaaham kya chaal raha he? whaat is going on? and suhani, y she is behaving like this , pankaaj ji , mein aapka bti ka bf nahi hoon , she misunderstand me thats it
doctor:; this is tough to understand but i will try, she got memory loss because of her injury , but eventually she remeber all things which had happened to her, i think he committed suicide
yuvi nodded
doc cont: yes thats y ,kis cheez keliye vo marna chatha dha vo ab uski memory meim nnahi he, that is “yuvraaj’s death” , but i dont know why she is saying that u r yuvraj, i think i must council her , u people stay here , i will talk to her and mr birla ont leave here i will come
he nodded
doc go to room
yuvraaj: beta tu tho gaya kaam se, i dont understand that what happened to me , y iam bearing all these , oh my god

at that time his phone rings
yuvraaj: oh my god sharat , ab isse kya bolum?
he takes the call
sharat: guru , tum kahan pe ho? dont lie to me , i know today you dont have any racing then where r u ? y r u not take the phone
yuraaj: ek hi vakq pe itni savaal msat pucho yaar, i,i.. i am in rahul’s home
sarat: rahul? par rahul tho mere saath he tum uske bina uska ghar mein kya kar rahi he?
yuvraaj: uski behen ko line maar rahe,

sharat: sach bolo yaar
yuvraaj: boltha hun , par tu maa ko kuch mat kehna
sharat: haa bol..
yuvraaj tells whole story to him
sharat: nahi nahi , tum vahi rukna, agar tum aise hi jayengi tho vo ladki ki socho uska trust chali jayeega pyaar mein
yuvraaj: oh my god , ab tum bhi suru mat karna, uska papa ko na pyar mein ph.D he usne suna liya ,ab tum bhi..
sharat: teek he, par tum jaana mat , maa ko mein bol dunga , use ye sunkar khush hoga yaar tum vahi ruko..
yuvraaj: arre nahi , maa ko kuch mat bolna , kaat liya

after sometime , doc came back to cabin
pankaj: kya baat he doctor saab?
doctor: ur daughter will be safe if yuvraaj give heart for her
yuvraaj: wat u mean doctor?
doc: its a complicted sitation, u came to her life when she really needs someone, mr birla
yuvraaj: wat?
doc: yes, but it is not ur fault,ur grat heart save her , when she is semi unconcious, she sees u when u try to help her from accident cum suicide partially her mind think that , yuvraaj her love, her everything saved her from accident, so she confirmed that u, saved her and u r her lover amd would be
pankaj and yuvi gets stunned

doc: yuvraaj, u have two choices , one agree for this marriage and live a life with suhani second give her pain and go away from her forever

second option leads a wastless help from u , u helped but if u choose second option then no need for ur help again , choice is ur and pankaj , u also take decision this is ur daughter’s life
she can discharge now, no problems left,(he taps on yuvi’s shoulder and goes)
pankaj: yuvraaj beta, i dont know who u r , i dont know ur family but i know u r a gud heart person, if u take care of my daughter i will give u anything , but if u dont like to do this i will not compell u
yuvi: uncle ji, dont worry , anything will be fine , but now i cant take a decision, my family is waiting for me , i am going , take care , suhani se bolna ki meim ..
yuvi leaves from there and get into his car
yuvraaj: yuvi beta, baach gaya , ab no suhani no shervaani only me and my car , byee my lady love
he leaves there with his car

precap: pratima yuvraaj ko samjaane ki koshish kar rahi he , pyar ko samjaane ki koshish kar rahi he aur ek ladki ki dil ko bhi

wat u guys thinking ? will yuvraaj accept his lady love? y he doesnt believe on love keep reading and comment below if like it 😉


  1. sri

    words r not there to describe every line yaar its is very interesting and love it somuch .
    eagerly waithing for nxt episode

  2. radha

    very very beautiful and amazing episode.i think pratima or sharat will convince yuvi for marriage.

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