you you and always you(epi 1)


hi guys i am starting my ff today you people accept this story

one girl , wearing a sleeveless and jeans ,where being very sad and heart broken , crying beside her car , she wipes her tears and ties her hair and get into the car , she drives it very fast and she climbs a mountain very faast
one man is watching this in his car and try to stop her with full of speed , but in vains, the crashes in to the mountaines he runs to see and he founds that girl is lying on beside of mountain . he takes her into his car and drives for hospital ,they reaches hospital , he put her in structure and takes her to ICCU
man outside the ICCU ;
MAN(to himself): oh man , wat happened to you , y u save her ?, aise tho bilkul nahi karthi dhi ? ajaanak kaham se aya ye pyar ? vo bhi koi anjaan ladki keliye ?
he look around and searches for something, he take a wallet from ground
man: mil gayi , raasta dikhao my dear wallet
he takes phone from wallet and calls a num named papa

after sometime:
an old man enters hospital
old man: where ? where is my daughter?
man: uncle , are u the father of this girl? ( he shows a photo which is wallpaper of phone)
papa: haa, where is my daughter?
man: she is in ICCU, dont worry she will be fine
papa: thank u , u saved my daughter’s life and how this accident happened?
man: actually this is not an accident
papa: kya? then?
man:this is a planned suicide attemt
papa shocked hearing that
man:as if i dont want to know , but if you have to share it , it is ok for me , uncle wat is the matter ? why she try to do this?
papa: haa , its a suicide attempt, because she dont want to live , her marriage gets broken , her would be passed away , she loves him very much but god takes him away from her
man:it is dont matter , i mean love story will end one day , and for that dont makes our life with a game of suicide, i mean this love is a damned thing
papa: no, my suhani is not like that
papa:her name is suhani, and their love story was perfect , in fact we think that they are made for each other , but no, suhani’s hand is made for another person

in ICCU:

Suhani getting concious , she see a man tries to help her and get to hospital
suhani names: yuvraaj… yuvraaj…
doctors and nurses checks her

outside iccu
man: beta, this is best time , bhaag jao..(he tries to leave at that moment doctor comes there)
doctor:who is yuvraaj?
man turns
doctor: mr.pankaj , ur daughter is fine but some probs required who is yuvraaj?
man gets shocked and tries to say something but in vaines
pankaj:he was suhani’s bf , he passed away day before yesterday
man: ohh hello, i am alive , i am yuvraaj and i am not ur daughter’s bf
pankaj:ohh i am sorry , his name is also yuvraaj , thats why, dont misunderstand
yuvraaj gets a relief
doctor: but one problem remained , i think she lost her memory , she dont remember yuvraaj’s death and etc.she remaines that he is alive and now she want to meet him
pankaj: wat? she lost memory? how can i bring him ?he passed away
doctor :anyways plz come with me , we will try to console her, no other options left
in that gap yuvraaj try to escape but..
doc: mr.yuvraaj , ualso come with us
they enter ICCU
she tries to wake up
yuvraaj smiles and sits beside her
suhani: where was u gone? i became bore sitting here
yuvraaj: i am in will u know my name? are u misunderstanding me?
suhani:yuvi,wat r u saying ? meim timse 5 saal se pyar kartha hum aur meim tumara naam kaise bhool sakthe?
all are gets shocked

precap:wat happened to suhani ? why she is behaving like this? for knowing this must read you , you and always you

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  1. Ruksy

    wow love it

    1. Resiel

      thank uuuu

  2. Manya

    Superbbbbb post asap

    1. Resiel

      thank u so much

  3. Shilpa-Saraj

    Amazing dude… Excellent…

  4. Aqsxxh

    Amazing x I love it! sophisticated its amazing

    1. Resiel

      thanku fpr ur words

  5. sach mein suprb hein yaar.different starting and conxept.

    1. Resiel

      i hope its likes for all its a wild love story dont know how much i can hide this secret

  6. woow… its in different journal… i lyked it vry much.. pls update daily ..

    1. Resiel

      i will think about it as i am a student i cant update it regularly and i reach home only after 6 pm so i will be busy but i will recollect my time and try to update

  7. NAPSHa J

    No words can fully describe how much I love ur ff.. U nailed it.. Plz update asap!!

    1. Resiel

      yaa sure and thank u

  8. Super story.. Very unique and interesting..

  9. very interesting and unique one also but super story ….

  10. Resiel

    thank u every one i will update this soon plzz comment 😉

  11. Nithu

    Superb dr no word’s. ..!!!

  12. From first episode only u rock having different story line

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