“I have always wanted to say Qubool Hai because I love you” (Happy Birthday Halima)


“I have always wanted to say Qubool Hai because I love you” (Happy Birthday Halima)

Happy Birthday Bali/Dali!!!!! Farin, Suniheri, Sanjana and Kriya and I love you lots. But let me tell you something. Remember when your Barbie doll house broke? That wasn’t me or Reena. It was Honey Auntie because she hated you and I hated her!!! Anyways you better come to Canada next year and I will go back to England. Suniheri and Farin are coming to visit me Ha-Ha!!! Sorry Sanju for taking your Armaan for a day Ha-Ha and also Kriya and her Rahul Ha-Ha.
Anyways let’s get started with the story aha xx.
Remember this story will be only based on Halima and Armaan love story. Sanju and Halima are best friends. Sanju has a crush on Armaan and wants him. Halima has a crush on Armaan too but she really shy and quiet (nothing compared to real life Ha-Ha). Halima and Farin are sisters. Sanju and Sunheri are sisters. Sunheri and Namish are married together and have a son name Suhmish. Farin and Karan are married to each and is soon going to have a kid xx.
A Note for Halima, Anyways this story will be very romantic and cute because I know you love Armaan a lot!!! So this is the birthday gift for you from me!!! Until I meet you I will give you Armaan Malik has a gift too Ha-Ha. (Story written by Nusz)
London England
A girl was dressing up quickly and choosing her outfit her the day. Then she quickly when into the room to grabbed the prayer mat and sat down and started to pray.
Girl: “Ya Allah today is the day my exam results come out”
Then her sibling from the back watches her pray to Allah and she smile and join her too.
The girl and her sibling prayed to Allah and finished.
Girl: “What are you guys doing here?”
Then her sibling hugged her and said.
Sibling: Halima!!! Your tickets are here
Halima: What tickets Farin Apia?
Farin: Your tickets for India?
Halima was shocked and smiled at the same time.
Halima: Really you’re not lying?
Then all of a sudden Karan comes there and says.
Karan: Why would Farin lie to you about that? It’s your holiday tickets for three weeks remember we promised you
Halima: Jiju!! (She runs towards him and they hug)
Karan: Yes Halima?
Halima: Thank you so much
Karan: Hey you’re legally going to be 18 years old soon
Halima: I feel old
Karan: We’re older
Halima: You guys still look young
Farin: Halima I am 22 years old and Karan is 23 years old
Halima: Yes I know that Appi, but I can’t wait for the baby and that’s why I don’t want to leave yet
Farin: Halima, you have one more year of high school, so I want you to go this summer with your friend Sanjana
Halima: You told Sanjana to come too?
Farin: Yes she is going with you
Halima: Really?
Karan: Yes, Sunheri and Namish must be on their way with her.
Farin: Anyways did you pack your bags?
Halima: But Apia we still have time
Farin: Your flight is in three hours
Halima: WHAT!
Farin: Yes, now hurry up and get ready Halima
Halima: How Apia this is cheating Na?
Farin: I am your older sister don’t forget that
Halima: Jiju you’re romancing Apia why too much
Farin: Aye
Karan starts laughing and Farin hits him on the shoulder
Sunheri and Namish arrive there with Sanjana
Sunheri: We’re here!!!
Suhmish: Mom I want to go home
Sunheri: Relax, Suhmish we need to drop your sister off at the airport with her friend
Namish: Sanjana hurry up
Sanjana: I am coming
Halima: Finally you’re here
Namish: Ofc, now let’s go
Sanju: Halima I can’t wait to meet Armaan
Halima: Yea
Sanju: But he has many fans
Sunheri: Stop talking about Armaan and get into the car
Suhmish: Really bad
Sunheri: Stop talking Suhmish
Farin: Hey Sunheri
Sunheri: Hi Farin
They all start talking in the car. They finally reach the airport and says bye to Halima and Sanju where they’re going inside the plane.
In the plane
Sanju: I am happy that I can’t wait anymore
Halima: Relax Sanju
Sanju: I am relaxing, but why do you look so down?
Halima: I want to go with my sister and Jiju
Sanju: Hey India is a cool place and we’re going there for three weeks only for Armaan’s performance
Halima: I know but he doesn’t even know us
Sanju: But I want him
Halima: You can’t get someone like that
Sanju: I will meet him this time for sure
Halima: What about Amaal?
Sanju: His cool too I guess
Halima: But
Sanju: I need to sleep, you should too
Halima (In mind): Armaan is a famous singer so why would I even bother thinking about him? He wouldn’t ever fall for someone like me… I am nothing just a normal girl who goes to school. But what about Sanju would he like her? She’s a really good singer….
Halima gets thinking
15 hours later they land in India’s airport
Sanju: Finally we landed, but who is going to come pick us up?
Halima: I think my sister’s friend Kriya
There comes Kriya and waves at them
Halima: Hey Kriya sis
Kriya: Hey welcome to India
Halima: Thank you
Sanju: Can we go home now?
Kriya: Ofc, right this way.
Halima and Sanju get into the car and drive away and see through the window the beautiful city called Mumbai.
Sanju: It’s beautiful here
Halima: Yes it is
Kriya: Okay we’re here.
Sanju: Oh finally
Halima: Wow your house is really pretty
Kriya: Thank you, now come inside
Halima and Sanju go inside. They unpack their clothes and dress up for tonight’s concert
Kriya: Where are you guys going?
Sanju: To Armaan’s concert
Kriya: At this time and you’re going alone
Halima: We were going to ask you
Sanju: No
Halima: Hush
Kriya: Okay I will drop you guys off
Kriya drops off Halima and Sanju at the concert. Kriya tells them to call her when everything is done and don’t leave the place. They nod and Sanju gets annoyed by her.
At the concert
Sanju: Oh my god it’s crowded
Halima: It’s a concert, Ofc it will be crowded
Sanju: hurry let’s go through these people
Halima: I don’t think we can
Sanju: Don’t be scared, I am here
Halima and Sanju go through some people but they get annoyed by them.
Halima: I told you
Sanju: I can’t even see anything
Halima: I can, stop acting and let’s watch
Armaan comes with his guitar and microphone on the stage.
Sanju gets annoyed by the people. Sanju then sees one of her friend named Priya.
Sanju: Priya!! (She drags Halima’s hand goes there)
Halima: What are you doing?
Sanju: Now we’re closer to the stage
Priya: Hey Sanju
Sanju: Hey Priya
Halima is quiet and listens to them talk.
Armaan starts to yell.
Halima sees him and smiles…
Halima: Wow he looks nice in that suit
Sanju: Hey why aren’t you shouting his name
Halima: Not in the mood
Sanju: Come on
Halima: You’re supposed to be quiet now because his going to start singing
Armaan then sits on the chair and start to sing to Bol Do Na Zara and everyone screams but become quiet when he starts singing.
Armaan: “Itni mohabbat karo na Main doob na jaaun kahin Waapas kinaare pe aana Main bhool na jaaun kahin”
Halima looks at him and smiles
Armaan: “Dekha jabse chehra tera Main toh hafton se soya nahin”
Everyone is dancing while Halima sits there and watches him.
Armaan: “Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa Main kisi se kahunga nahi Main kisi se kahunga nahi”
Armaan is playing his guitar and looks at all his fans.
Tune plays
Armaan: “Mujhe neend aati nahi hai akele Khawabon mein aaya karo Nahi chal sakunga tumhare bina main Mera tum sahara bano Ik tumhe chahne ke alaawaAur kuch humse hoga nahi”
Sanju is taking pictures of him while Halima just smiles and looks on. Armaan smiles while singing too.
Armaan: “Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa Main kisi se kahunga nahi Main kisi se kahunga nahi”
Armaan is singing and comes closer to his fans and they scream louder while Halima just looks on.
Tune plays
Armaan: “Hamari kami tumko mehsoos hogi Bhiga dengi jab baarishein Main bhar kar ke laaya hoon Aankhon mein apni Adhuri si kuch khwahishein Rooh se chahne wale aashiq Baatein jismon ki karte nahin”
Armaan stops playing with his guitar and plays the higher tone and Halima smiles.
Halima: This is my favorite part of the song (She says quietly)
Armaan: “Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa Main kisi se kahunga nahi”
Halima is smiles and then runs to the washroom because her phone rings. Armaan is still singing and ends the last part. Halima tells Sanju before leaving.
Armaan: “Bol do na zara Dil mein jo hai chhipa Main kisi se kahunga nahi Main kisi se kahunga nahi”
He plays his guitar faster and ends it with a note.
Everyone claps for him and he goes back inside.
Armaan’s changing room
Halima is texting and walking she sees a door and enters thinking it’s the washroom… But it’s Armaan’s room.
Halima: Oh god the phone call from Appi cut
Halima then looks up and sees the room
Halima: Did I enter the wrong room? No I didn’t… there is the washroom
She quickly runs into the huge washroom of Armaan’s but doesn’t lock the door because it’s really big aha.
Armaan then sees his door open and was about to enter
Armaan: I wonder why my door is opened. I closed it before leaving??
Armaan anyways enters his room and closes it.
Halima is the washroom and then gets another phone call from Farin so she picks it up. Armaan hears the ringtone too.
Halima: Hey Apia, sorry I was at the concert with Sanju and her friend
Farin: Are you having fun there?
Halima: Yes I am Apia, but are you taking care of yourself?
Farin: Ofc I am
Halima: Apia the connection is really bad here; I will talk to you when I reach outside
Farin: Okay Halima
Halima and Armaan both open the door at the same time. Halima slips and Armaan catches her. Armaan and Halima have an eye lock for a while.
Armaan: You? What are you doing in my change room?
Halima is really shocked to Armaan but stops herself from acting like a crazy fan.
Halima: I am sorry… I was going to the washroom
Armaan: But came into my room instead
Halima: Look I didn’t see your room, I was texting and walking
Armaan: That’s not a good thing
Halima: I said I am sorry, so can I leave?
Halima was about to leave when Armaan holds her hand
Armaan: I think you forgot to take your scarf along with you
Halima: Oh sorry (She grabs her scarf and was about to leave when Armaan stops her again)
Armaan: I saw you; I know you’re a crazy fan of mine… so stop acting like you’re not
Halima: Huh?
Armaan: I know many people are my fans, but I never seen someone so brave like you to enter my room
Halima: I said it was an accident
Armaan: You can stop lying
Halima: I don’t lie, that’s haram
Armaan: Oh so you’re Muslim too?
Halima: Yes so
Armaan: I am too
Halima: I think I already know that, I am a big fan of you
Armaan starts laughing while Halima looks at him with a weird face and realizes what she said.
Armaan: You said yourself you’re a big fan of mines
Halima: Okay I admit I am, but I need to leave because my friend is waiting for me
Armaan: Well it was nice meeting someone who enters a singer’s room without anyone noticing
Halima laughs too
Halima: It was nice meeting a singer like you; you’re a great singer… But I need to leave now
Halima quickly leaves the place but her earring fell on the ground and he picks it up.
Armaan: Hey wait!!!!
Halima is long gone
Armaan: Now how do I give her this?
Outside the concert place
Halima: Sorry for coming late
Sanju: Where the hell were you?
Halima: I went to the washroom because Farin Apia called and then by accident I entered Armaan’s room
Halima: It was an accident
Halima: I was rushing out of him room
Halima: No his already gone
Sanju: NO FAIR
Kriya starts calling them from the car and they both get inside and leave.
At Armaan’s house/Halima’s room
Armaan: Where am I going to find her and give her this earring?
Halima: Eh, where did my earring go? They were given my Ammi. I need to ask Sanju you might have seen it.
Halima rushes into Sanju’s room
Halima: Sanjana
Sanju: What is it Dal?
Halima: Did you see my earring?
Sanju: What am I suppose to do with your earring?
Halima: I lost it and it was given by my Ammi
Sanju: We will look it for it tomorrow
Halima: But Sanju
Sanju: I promise tomorrow for sure, now let me sleep for now
Sanju goes back to sleep and Halima closes the door and leaves
Halima: Where did I leave my earring?
Then Halima remembers when she entered Armaan’s room and lost it there.
Halima: What if I left it at Armaan’s room
Halima then goes to sleep while Armaan is playing his guitar in his room and thinks to himself about his life and people around him.
Armaan: Sometimes I feel alone… Even though my birthday was yesterday I felt so lonely…
Armaan then closes his eyes and goes to sleep…
Next day
It was Halima’s birthday and Sanju comes into the room and starts throwing balloons on the bed and screams.
Halima wakes up and sees Sanju screaming
Halima: Sanjana
Sanju: Happy birthday Dal!!!
Halima: Thanks Banju
Sanju: No problem Dal
Halima: But I don’t want to do anything special for my birthday
Sanju: Hey come on
Then all of a sudden Farin, Sunheri, Kriya, Karan, Namish and Suhmish all enter the room and scream happy birthday.
Halima: Apia!!! Sunheri Di? Karan Jiju? Suhmish? Namish Jiju? Kriya sis?
Farin: It’s birthday and we will never miss it
Halima: I am so happy!!!!
She hugs everyone and then it’s 8pm at night. They all start partying for Halima’s birthday and she gets bored and leaves. Halima goes out for a while near the beach of Mumbai and sees the water.
At the beach (At night)
Halima: This place is beautiful; I wish I can live around this place
Armaan then comes there with his mouth covered so nobody could notice him. He goes near the water and Halima sees him and says something.
Halima: Why is that guy covering his face in this hot weather?
Armaan then turns around and sees a girl sitting on the sand. He then gets closer to her and sees her face and remembers.
Armaan: Hey I remember you
Halima: Um are you talking to me?
Armaan: No I am talking to the sand
Halima: Sorry Mr. I don’t talk to strangers
Armaan: I am not stranger, I am Armaan
Halima: Armaan?
Armaan: Yes the singer (He takes the scarf of his face)
Halima: Why are you hiding your face then?
Armaan: Because you see my fans are always following me?
Halima: Oh
Armaan: Can I sit near you?
Halima: Huh? Yea sure
Armaan: Anyways what are you doing out here alone?
Halima: Got bored at home because it’s my birthday today and everyone is partying and I hate doing that.
Armaan: Hey, it’s your birthday today? Happy birthday!!
Halima: Happy birthday to you too
Armaan: But my birthday was two days ago
Halima: So what? You still deserve wishes
Armaan smiles at her
Armaan: Thanks, but what’s your name?
Halima: My name is Halima
Armaan: Halima, I like that name
Halima: Thanks and I really love your latest song called Kuch Tho Hai
Armaan: Thanks
Halima: You know my friend is a really big fan of you
Armaan: And you?
Halima: I am a big fan of you too; I also made something for your birthday
Armaan: You did
Halima: Yea but I never knew I would ever meet a famous singer like you
Armaan: I am not famous though
Halima: Hey don’t lie to yourself
Armaan: I am not lying to myself, I feel lonely when I celebrate my birthday alone
Halima: You know something; I didn’t feel like celebrating my birthday today at all
Armaan: Why?
Halima: I lost my Ammi’s favorite earring? She gave it to me has a gift
Armaan then smiles and takes something out of his pocket
Armaan: Is this your earring?
Halima: Yes it is, where did you find it?
Armaan: You dropped it at in my changing room
Halima: Thank you so much, I really love this earring so much (Halima gets happy and hugs Armaan)
Armaan: Halima?
Halima: I am sorry I didn’t mean that, I just got happy
Armaan: No it’s okay
Halima: Anyways I should be going
Armaan: Hey wait, I would like to meet you again? Can we hang out tomorrow so I can make a great birthday for you?
Halima: Huh why?
Armaan: I ruined your birthday Na?
Halima: No it’s okay
Armaan: Please?
Halima: Okay sure
Armaan: So where do I meet you?
Halima takes a paper from her bag and gives Armaan her number.
Halima: You can call me tonight and I will save your number on my phone
Armaan smiles and Halima wave’s bye to him and leaves the place while Armaan thinks about Halima.
Next morning at Kriya’s house
Everyone is mad with Halima but she explains everything. They understand her and leave her alone for a while. Armaan and Halima start texting each other. They meet and go shopping in public but nobody knows it’s Armaan. They share great moments together. It’s been almost three weeks since Halima and Armaan became best friends. Halima was leaving in two days and didn’t tell Armaan about it. So Halima goes to meet Armaan and tell him about his feelings.
Armaan’s house
Armaan is talking to his friend and he says
Friend: What are you doing alone with a girl in public?
Armaan: Is that a bad thing?
Friend: People are asking where is Armaan? Why isn’t he home? Where did he go?
Armaan: So what? I went to hang out my friend
Friend: Friend? Or should I say lover?
Armaan: Stop your nonsense
Friend: Are you using her?
Halima comes there and hears their conversation
Halima get shocked and Armaan sees her. Halima runs outside and Armaan runs after her.
Outside it’s raining
Armaan: Halima listen to me
Halima: Leave me alone Armaan
Armaan: You’re getting me wrong Halima
Halima: No I heard you, you said you’re using me
Armaan: It was just he was annoying me
Halima: It doesn’t matter to you
Armaan: It does matter to me
Halima: Why should it, anyways I am leaving tomorrow
Armaan: What do you mean, you’re leaving?
Halima: Back to England
Armaan: You can’t just leave me alone
Halima: Why does it affect you?
Armaan: It does
Halima: But why?
Halima is shocked and smiles in her mind at the same time.
Halima then get emotional and then runs away from there
Halima: I can’t….
Armaan: HALIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Armaan falls on the ground and cries
At the airport
Halima was about to get on the plane when the speaker goes on very loud.
Sanju: What is Armaan doing here?
Sunheri: Very odd
Farin: Indeed
Halima comes quiet
Everyone gets shocked
Sanju: WHAT?
Everyone screams and says what her name is?
Sanju get shocked but smiles because she sees tears in Halima’s eyes.
Sanju: Halima go to him
Halima: Sanjana?
Farin: GO
Karan: GO
Sunheri: GO
Namish: GO
Kriya: GO
Suhmish: Go didi he loves you a lot
Halima gets emotional and hugs everyone runs toward Armaan’s place
Armaan: I lost…
Armaan was about to leave when Halima calls his name from the back
Halima: Don’t leave me Armaan
Armaan turns around and sees Halima
Kuch Tho Hai plays
Armaan: Halima
Aahatein kaisi yeh aahatein
Sunta hoon aaj kal aye dil bata
Dastakein dete hain dastakein
Kyun ajnabi se pal aye dil bata

Halima: I LOVE YOU TOO ARMAAN (She runs towards him)
Sanju, Farin, Sunheri, Karan, Kriya, Namish and Suhmish come there and claps at the same time.
Kuch toh hai jo neend aaye kam
Kuch toh hai jo aankhe hai nam
Kuch toh hai jo tu keh de toh
Haste haste marr jaaye hum
Halima hugs Armaan tightly and everyone around gets emotional and heartbroken at the same time. But they all clap from them.
Armaan: I LOVE YOU TOO HALIMA… I LOVE YOU (He carries and spins her around the place)
Halima: You got me after all
Mujhse zyada mere jaisa
Koi hai toh hai tu
Phir na jaane dil mera kyun
Tujhko na de sakun..
Armaan: Ofc I did after all you belong to me
Halima: So what’s the plan now?
Armaan: Will you marry within in a year?
Halima: Hey I am still 18 you know
Armaan: I don’t care now you only belong to me
Kuch toh hai jo dil ghabraaye
Kuch toh hai jo saans na aaye
Kuch toh hai jo hum honthon se
Kehte kehte keh naa paaye
Everyone clap while Armaan carries Halima and takes away in a long drive
Halima lays her head on Armaan’s shoulder while they go on a long drive
Jo humaare darmiyaan hai
Isko hum kya kahein
Ishq kya hai ik lehar hai
Aao iss mein bahein
A year later Armaan and Halima get married and enjoy their life together
3 years later now
Armaan: I love you Halima
Halima: I love you too
Armaan carries Halima to the beach and they hang out there with their little son and daughter named Arima and Hamaan.
Arima: Ammi
Hamaan: Abbu
Armaan and Halima: Yes?
Arima and Hamaan: Tell us your love story
Armaan and Halima laugh. Armaan hugs Halima and she kisses him on the cheek and then he kisses her on the forehead. They hug their kids and tell the story under the moonlight.
Kuch toh hai jo hum hain khoye
Kuch toh hai jo tum na soye
Kuch toh hai jo hum dono yun
Haste haste itna roye
The end!!!!!!!!!!!
(Not proof read story ha-ha xx)

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