ALWAYS TOGETHER- A Kasam fanfic – Chapter 2

Chapter 2
R- Papaji so that means that you have heard the whole conversation.
B- Yes Beta! You can never hide anything from Beejis teeeji eyes.
Raj- Beeji I told you, I knew that Rishi would not give away the property so easily.And this time my daughter is also with him.
T- Actually Bauji we have realised that Poorab was never interested in the bedi property. A member from our own family has advised him to demand for the property because…..
R- I know ,he is my illegitimate son. But how do you know that?
B-[FROWNS] I knew this Malaika would surely do something to take revenge.
R- Its good that you have told us the truth now. WE will be alert from now.
B- Raj ji they have not told us, we have heard their planning or why would they ever reveal their secret planning to us.
R- Arre we were not planning to hide the plan at all. Infact we were going to tell you everything.
Raj- Khoteya da puttar, if you would have not then my beti would have .
Raj- Tanuja,you are not my daughter in law you are my daughter. And I have complete faith on you that you and Rishi will surely succeed in what you aspire to achieve.
T- Ji bauji.
B- If planning is going on then take me in too. I always wanted to do adventure since my childhood .But I never got the chance to do so. This is the first time.
R- [LAUGHS] Ok beeji you can join us.
[Raj uncle and Beeji leave]
T-Rishi you have to agree that Poorab is not like your other rivals. Whether he has the property or not he wont sit silently for long, and you have seen it. I hope if he does not get the property then he does not try to harm our family.
R- Don’t worry tanuja. Our plan will surely work . And to avoid any problem we will communicate with each other through text messages.

[At Evening]
Tanuja was cleaning her cupboard in storeroom. While doing so her kundali [Birthchart ] fell from the cupboard.It was wrapped in a red cloth.
T-[Picks it up] I fulfilled my kasam to stay with Rishi and to always support him. I don’t know whether he would believe me or not that I am his Tanu for whome he has waited for 20 years,but surely someday I will tell him for sure. God forbit but even if his kaal returns I will become his shield and save him from the danger even if I have to die for him again ,because I love him . And will love him forever not only in this birth , in every birth.

R- [LOOKING AT THE MOON] I love you Tanuja. And somewhere I have a very strong feeling that you are only my Tanu. Before dying she promised me that she would return to me once again to fulfil her promise. Everyone left hope but deep down I was still hoping for her return. I used to cry every year on the day of tanu,s death and used to regret that I could not save her. Then you came in my life. I always felt an unsaid connection between us. The way you walk, the way you talk, dressup everything. You also wear your watch in right hand. I get the same fragrance when I smell your dupatta. WOW! [Tears welded up in his eyes] Then in an accident you got my Tanus face. After our marriage there was always something which bought you closer to me. I tried my best to avoid you but there was something which always bought me closer to you. And not only that, just like tanu you have saved me so many times. First in that terrorist attack, then from those goons. All I can say is that you are only my tanu. Because you being in my life with the face I loved the most cannot be a coincidence.
[The next day] [Rishi had got ready and Tanuja had entered with his morning tea]
T- Rishi here is your morning tea
R- Thanks [Drinks it] Drinking the ginger tea made by you makes my day
T-[Smiles] Thanks
R- Oh I just forgot [Gets the property papers and locks the door] Here are the property papers. It would be better if you sign the property papers as soon as possible.
T- Now?
R-Of course now. Look , I will be scheduling a press conference and party after two weeks. And that is when we have to get our plan in action . Till then we have enough time to prepare. I have arranged to send you to personality development classes where in you can learn a lot of new stuff . I will text you the address and you can start your classes from tomorrow.
T- Rishi you are already doing so much for me.
R- What do you mean by so much? Look Tanuja you have a very good personality and hidden talent. This training will not only help you to succeed in our plan, but will also help you a lot in your career. You don’t only have the capability to manage any department of bedi enterprise but also to start your own business and that too independently . And for that all you need is a little push and training.
T- Thank you rishi.
[ Rishi signs the property papers]

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