ALWAYS TOGETHER- A Kasam fanfic – Chapter 1

A new Fanfiction
Chapter 1- A new journey to begin
When Tanuja reaches Poorabs house she hears the whole conversation between Poorab and malaika
She records the whole conversation as a proof .
[At Bedi House]
T- Rishi!

T- I have to show you something
R- What?
T- [ Shows him the video where in Poorab plans to destroy the Bedi family after he gets hold of the 51% of the property and mentiones about the bedi family involved with him for doing so]
T- I told you not to give 51% of the property to Poorab. If he can play smart and send you to jail then he can do anything.
R- But who could be involved in doing so. I mean its impossible to think that there is a mole in our family who can stoop so low .

T- Rishi just think of it. First someone sabotaged the products. Because of which our pharmacy batch was rejected. How can one person do all this. Its impossible to do so. And only the members of the bedi family have access to the godown .
R- I don’t know what to make out of it, But if someone from our family is envolved then anything can happen. In future. But there is another problem. I have already promised to give 51% shares of Bedi property to Poorab.
T- I know , and if you will give him the demanded shares then I’m sure the mole in the family will also get benefit out of it. And you see rishi it is very common in families that when someone doesn’t get justice then his/her triees to get it. And to get that the person can stoop low to any extent. Last time Poorab manuplated us and smartly sent you to jail. That is why it is better that we prevent the damage now.

R-[Thinks for a while then says] Actually you are right. I have promised Poorab to give him his share, But what if someone else takes away the property with 100% shares then Poorab wont even stand a chance.

T- Yeah but who would do so? [Thinks]
R- [ Eyes at her ]
T- No Rishi, don’t even think about it.
R- Why not? And listen it is a good idea. I will give you all my property, but for the world it will be a betrayal. And when you will have the property then we will be at advantage in both ways. Firstly Poorab will not get the property. Secondly we would get time to find out and expose the mole. And if Poorab along with his partner will try to Sabotage something we will get alert. And don’t worry we are in this together.
T- But Rishi how can I do this? If I will be the owner of the house I will also have to act like one .And in that case I will also have to face the media. And you know that though I am interested I do not have much experience.

R- Oh! Its just a small problem. You are Rishi Singh Bedi’s wife, and a very talented person. And according to what I know you always wanted to be an Independent working woman. And now when you will have the property you will be the boss. And when you will be the boss your aspiration will come true, I will also see my sweet wifey being a khadoos boss like me, and I will finally I will get to know what you really thought of me as a boss. [Laughs and teases her]
T- [Hits him on his chest and accidently falls in his arms and they have an eyelock]

[ Tanshi AJJ din chadheya BGM plays] [ Tanshi get back on their feet]
R- [In his fast tone] Well apart from jokes let me tell you that there is no need to worry. I will arrange to send you to personality development classes where in you can learn to talk confidently in public, try out a new look, a new style and of course I would love to see my wifey Tanuja transformed into a new Tanuja and you wont say no for it

T- [Is sppechless] Ok I will do it. But Rishi you have to promise me one thing.
T-[Holds his hand] Look I can do anything for you and your family.
R-[Puts finger on her lips] Not mine- OURS
T-[Smiles] Our Family. But promise me that we will always support and be with each other. Becauser once we start our new journey then we will have to face a lot of problems. Our love has bought us together,but now we have to face another test ,but this time together.
R- Don’t worry Tanuja I love you and we will always support each other. Kasam Hamare pyaar ki
[Beeji and Raj uncle are shown and they are listning to the conversation]
B- Now thaths the spirit!

[Rishi and Tanuja turn around to see them looking at them and smiling]
Raj- Puttar I am proud of you both . We were coming to talk to you regarding this issue,but you have relieved our tension.

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