Always there for you (prologue)

“aah not again”. Pragya stared at the box kept before her. She wondered how the person knows about her cravings daily as if he has been spending time with her every moment when she has not even spoke to anyone in this college?. She looked at the box. The smell of garlic chutney ad ghee rotis hit her nose. It instigated her to take it but still her rational mind alarmed her that she should not take it as somebody is trapping her. She rubbed her 4 months belly which started to show up. Pragya “ baby do u have any idea that who is keeping foods according to your taste at home they never gives me any food. They keep us closed in a room always. But in college I eat for the whole day. Even though I don’t bring any lunch with me, someone is keeping me lunch daily? Someone gives me juices daily whenever I feel thirsty someone gives me sweets daily according to my mood swings. But who is this mystery person who knows about me from top to toe.”

Pragya arora a 18 year old college going girl or I say a child like woman was thinking deeply. She couldn’t get the answers even if she think deeply. But why? Because she does not speak to anyone in the college as per her order. Being pregnant at this tender age is not easy. She has come across every hurdles put before her but don’t think she is strong. She cant even fight before them who has captive her and her to be born child. She still behaves like a child when she is gng to be a mother of a child in few months. When she got to know she is pregnant she didn’t aborted the child when her future is at take. That maturity with which she handled the situation sadly she never showed it again. She never raises voice for her. She doesn’t care for her or her child. She is scared. She is scared of the entire society which made her like this. She is scared of that one incident which turned her life upside down.
While she was looking at the box whether to take it or not. Some figure was seen outside the class hidden behind the door. The class was empty only pragya was there sitting and staring at the window.

That figure leaned towards the door and saw pragya and spoke to himself “ please fuggy please eat that I know u crave for that please eat it it is good for the child don’t be stubborn eat it for god sake” he was continuously staring at pragya to check whether she took the box or not. Finally after lots of hesitation and lots of checking around pragya took the box and ate it hurriedly as she was in much hunger as she didn’t ate from yesterday night. The whole college knows about her. Some comment her as “characterless’ some pitied her but only one loved her for who she is. Do u want to know who is that? That is the same person who kept food for pragya knowing her state.

After seeing her eating that figure sighed a relief and turned. Looks like a young man but a matured face so a senior it seems a perfect face with perfect features whom any girl would die for. The heartthrob of college made his heart just for one for HIS FUGGY. Someone called “ abhi… come na yaar all are waiting for u” yes that was our abhi. He nodded at the boy and turned around to check on pragya for another time. This time she finished eating. He smiled at her and walked to the class for his next lecture.
Who knows this never ending one sided or may be two sided different love story can be one??

Hii guys this is three shot or may be more than that this thought came in my mind suddenly so shaped it to a story hope u all like it and I am.. I know u know me I am an insane person na but I don’t want u to throw chappals at me or hate me for giving such an idiotic story hope u all like it waiting for ur responses both positive and negative comments are welcomes will post the next part on ur response love u all stay blessed.. keep smiling ..

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  1. Prabhi

    Nice one

  2. hmmmm……….
    interesting very interesting when will you reveal the secret but pls update soon yar

  3. oh my god my girl my didi i had been read ur ff just now (love makes life beautiful) u r just awesome and pls continue that ff according to the episode it was just awesome i read it and i finally saw the author name and i was on clould nine to see it was u
    u r best didi it was really amazing..

  4. Awesome start dear..nice story line….can’t wait…. want to know further… pls post the next one soon… waiting for you….

  5. Very diffrnt story and intrstng also

  6. tooo sweet yaaar plzzz proceed further

  7. Reshma_Pradeep

    Different!!!! Waiting for Next……….

  8. Different to read….

  9. Hey Your Chutun here !
    Welcoming you with these flowers ! ???????????????????????
    This was a brilliant attempt ! Interestingg though ! would love to read them further ! Do post them when ever u get time ! Love u?? and yeah innya pongal nal valthukal vaishu ka !??

  10. Prathi

    Oye Vaishu .. Awesome one yaar… Loved it missed you Choti

  11. Stupidstarakshaya

    A great start dear
    Go ahead

  12. She is pregent..but why?????

  13. Awesome start dear…
    Interesting. ..continue soon..

  14. super dear pls update soon yaaaaaaaaaaaa

    love u lot………..

  15. Yeah it was really an awesome start di please update it asap yaar please.

  16. Much intresting vaishu! Do continue it ???? I am waiting!

  17. Can you plzz update it soon. I know you usually take long to update the next episode. But plz plz plz update soon. Waiting for the episode. What happened to pragya?? Need to find out so update soon

  18. Awesome start ma interesting eagerly waiting for the next episode

  19. B_Ani

    its good baby. i actually like the plot of this story. i find in oddly interesting girl. the lines match perfectly with the situation and ofcourse, i am so eager to know pragya’s situation and how abhi fell in love with her. so dont take much time as always. atleast now post quickly. arey, its a request baby. dont take me wrong.
    keep rocking dear!!!
    love u so much?????

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