Always swasan part 9

Part 9
Swasan and family reaches MM. When they about to enter swara got their past bad memories in her mind. She tightens her grip on sanskar. He looks at her. He can understand her worries. He wants to go away from there with her. But he don’t want to hurt his parents and sister. He also want to take them also. But… his father.. He sighed.. They about to go to their room, Ram spoke..
Rp: sujatha.. Uttara… Swara… Sanskar.. Pack ur bags. We will leave this house…( everyone looks at him unbelievably.) and sanskar… U decide the destination.
Sw: dad.. Is it because of me?
Rp(cups her face): no beta.. I want u and my grand child to be healthy and happy… Now no more discussion… Go and pack ur bags..
Sanskar looks at his dad lovingly, then he takes swara to room.
that time uttara hugged him. Utt: thank u dad .. Thank u so much. After whatever happened with bhabhi in baadi…I can’t live in this house.
Rp: now I understood beta… Sujatha…I will be in study room…I have some work..
Rp leaves to study room. Sujatha and uttara leaves to their room. After sometimes rp went to their room. Sujatha is waiting for him.
Suj: ji…I am sorry ji.. I know u r upset to leave ur family..
Rp: no sujatha this is not our family. If we live here it will only suffocate us. Now only I understood it. It is my bestest decision I have ever taken in my life. Did u pack our bags..(sujatha nods)
They went downstairs. Swasan and uttara are waiting for them.
Rp:Mohan (servant )…
Moh: ji chote malik..
Rp: Give this letter to bhaisa and tell him we left from this house.
Then they went from there. Outside mm there are 3 cars are parking there .amanish are waiting for them(aman is sanskar’s pa in maheshwari industry and Manish is sanskar’s pa she he own karma company.)
Rp:I don’t want to go in maheshwari family’s car.
San: its my cars Dad..
Rp and everyone looks at him confusedly.
Rp: 3 cars? But how?.. and where are we going sanskar?
San: Mumbai.. and I will tell u everything dad.. Now get in the car..
Everyone enters the car and left..
Meanwhile in baadi..
Rag: where were u these months.
Lak: I know u and swara united our family. Adarsh bhai and parineeta bhabhi are culprit. But for me sanskar is also my culprit. Because of him I went to jail. Because of him I got beat from police. But i know when everything is solved and adarsh bhai proved wrong then all of u will forgive sanskar. He will again get everyone’s attention. To became like him I left from here. I wanted to start a company, but he found me early…u all love him more than me…
Laksh: papa..
Yes Dp slapped him.
Dp: u left from here without informing anyone because u want to gain attention more than him he na?. U think all love him more than u, so u left everyone ur mother, ur wife, everyone?? U didn’t thought how will they live without u? U r not a teenager u r a married man (holds ragini and take her to him and asked) She who even try to kill her sister to get ur love and do u think that she loves him more than u?( then went to ap) she ur mother, taunts him everyday in these six months. She accused him that he did something to u. Do u think she loves him more than u? Then me!! I didn’t accept sanskar and kavita’s marriage. But I accepted U want to marry swara. Do u think I love him more than u? U betrayed ur wife and married another girl. Because of u we went to jail. Then also I accepted u. He didn’t anything wrong with u, u r in wrong path he wanted to correct U. So he did that. But ur own brother gave bribe to police to beat u. Sanskar hits u that day because u said bad words about his mother. How can u say that about ur chachi..?
Laksh, ap, ragini, everyone understood how much they hurt Swasan and others.
Lak: I am sorry papa.. I want to ask forgiveness from bhai and chachi.
Ap: haan ji.. I did that much wrong with my sanskar. We will go to mm now..
Sho: haan apji I want to see shona also. We will also come with u
Everyone left to mm. They reached mm. They enters inside calling
Lak: bhai….
Do: ram..
Ragini: swara where are u?… Uttara…
Ap: sujatha…
That time servant come there…
Ap: Mohan where is sujatha and others
Moh: chote malik and family left this house( everyone shocked. He turns towards do and gave him a letter) he gave me the letter to give u.(he left)..
Dp unfolds the letter:(letter) from my childhood I didn’t disobey or go against u. I did everything as per ur order. In these time I didn’t even think if my life or my family. I didn’t say any thing to u when u throw my sanskar.I was hurt, he is my first child. Because I didn’t want to hurt u by my words. But when ur son is missing ur wife always taunts him. U didn’t do anything to stop her. If swara wasn’t with him he would have destroyed himself. I have seen him broken because of bhabhi’s words.. After whatever happened in baadi I know if again this situation occurs u will again leave him alone. But I can’t let this happens because I am his father. I didn’t do anything for him as his father. Till now I was ur brother only, but now I want to live as his father. They both are broken and they both wanted to leave this house. But they didn’t say anything to me. Because they don’t want to separate brothers and also Don’t want give pain to their parents.
So I decided that we will leave this house. I don’t know where is our destination how we will live? I don’t know We are going to live in 2bhk or 3bhk. But we will live!!!
Dp sits there lifelessly. He read it loudly so everyone heard it. Shomi, ap & ragini cried. Laksh don’t know what to say.. Because of his mistake now their family is divided. He now understood how much wrong he is. But now he can’t do anything .. But shekar stands there pampering ayush like this is not a mere matter to him.
Dp: I will never forgive u laksh for this. I will never forgive or accept adarsh or parineeta. Because of my sons, my pride, my family is broken now. My brother left me. U want to gain attention on u na. Now whole maheshwari industry is with u. Do whatever u want and live.
Then he went to the room furiously. Laksh stands there with guilt. Ap went towards room lifelessly. Shekhar was happy, but didn’t show it andand took shomi with him. Ragini and laksh went to the room…

Around 50 years old lady is working at kitchen. She is cooking. Then she take the tray of teacups and move towards Hall. There an aged person is sitting and reading newspaper. She gave the tea to him.
Person takes the cup: thank u ragini..
Yes the lady is ragini and the person is durgaprasad maheshwari… Hearing thanks from her father in law a lone tear escaped from her eyes. But she can’t do anything. After “the part of their family” left them he is like this only. Then she went towards the room. There a lady is lying on bed thinking something. She gave her tea. Theady silently take cup and drinks. She is none another than annapoorna maheshwari. Ragini sighs and left towards her room. Laksh is talking on phone. He is pale and doesn’t has a charming smoke on his face.
Laksh turned towards her and takes the cup: her tickets are booked. Train is at 4 pm. Does sanu wake up?
Rag: don’t know I will go and check her.(she turns to go but laksh calls her again)
Lak: ragini.. I have booked her friend’s tickets also.wait I will also come with u..then I have to go office and I will come afternoon.
They went from there and enters into a room. But didn’t see someone in bed. So she calls her.
Rag: swaru where are u? Did u wake up.
Voice from balcony: I’m here ma.
They went to balcony. There a girl of age of early 20s is standing and feeding her pets. She is sanswara laksh maheshwari.
Rag: ur tickets are booked at 4pm. Go and pack ur bags.
Lak: I have booked ur friend’s tickets.inform them also.
Sansw: i will call badepa…(but stopped seeing laksh’s glare) uncle and inform kritu.
Lak: I have to leave(he left)
Ragini looks on painfully. Sanswara comes near her and said: everything will be fine maa.
Rag: how swaru? Its been 25 years. I don’t know where are they? Are them fine or not? I don’t know anything. After they went papaji didn’t go to office. Maa became lifeless. Ur dad became workaholic and ur naani… Because of ur naani ayush is with us. After 2 years Dadi, adarsh bhai, parineeta bhabhi returns back. Dadi was accepted by baba like swara said. I don’t know why is he like this? But I will never forgive her. He wanted ayush with him but I didn’t send him because I don’t want him to spoied like me.After one year I got u. I thought maa will accept adarsh bhai. She clearly said she will not forgive them and papaji didn’t allow them to use the surname , ‘ maheshwari’. Adarsh bhai is working as a bank employee and living in a small house. God again punished them. Bhabhi can’t conceive. So they adopted a baby girl on ur age, Sanskriti Adarsh. Oh I waste ur time Go and pack ur bags..
Sansw: don’t panic maa I will do it.
Sanswara and Sanskriti are going to Mumbai for higher studies. They both get admission in SRM college…
At 3.30 pm laksh ragini and sanswara reached railway station. Adarsh,parineeta and sanskriti are waiting for them.
Ad: thank u laksh. It is…
Lak: I did this for my daughter. .
Then they sent off their daughters. And went to their respective house.

Precap: Mumbai..

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