Always swasan part 8

Sanskar looked at everyone. All are looking speechless at this revelation.. Ram uttara and sujatha seems happy.
San(dangerous voice): Mr. Nikhil she don’t know whatever u did behind her but I know everything.(then turned to shomi) now u understand everything u saw, is his planning only…
Sw: what did he do sanskar (he tried to say nothing) swear on me..
Sanskar glared at her.then says everything.swara stumbled hearing this. Sujatha supported her.
Swara went to Nikhil: how can u do this to me Nikhil? How can u disgrace our friendship. (Then turned to amanish ) aman, Manish ..
amanish: yes bhabhi..
Sanskar looked at her confusedly. Swara continued: will u both do me a favour( they nodes positively) give him a punch on behalf of me.. Now
Without wasting time they started to punch him ( nikhil) badly. They punched him 4 times.
Sw: I asked u one punch na..
Man(smiles): one for u, one for sanskar sir, one for me,(Points at aman and said) one for him.
Suj: Manish.. (Every one looks at her) give him some punches from our side also to broke my daughter’s friendship..
They agains started to punch him. After sometimes swara stopped them
Sw: take him away from here. Give him such punishment so that he has to know what happened when he messed with swara sanskar maheshwari.
The goons take him away from there. Priya is already escaped.

Sho: shona u could have tell me everything. Then this wouldn’t have happens.
Swara turned and looked at her and give a painful sarcastic smile: from when u started to believe me with proofs. (Tears falling from her eyes and wiping them, she continues) has what did u say now, that I Could have tell u everything na. Can I ask u one thing? Did u have any single… single time for me.? No.. U have time for ur new found daughter and new born son and ur so called husband. But not for me. I am not jealoused with them. But I am also ur daughter. I also need ur concern. Whenever we met u always talk about only ragini’s miseries. U didn’t even try to listen me. (She paused) … Our separation is drama for me but it was real for u. U know that I did injustice to him. Then why didn’t u correct me. Tell me (she yelled)..
Sho: shona.. I..
Swara shouted : don’t.. I said don’t call me like that. U U believed an outsider more than me, who lives only with u from my birth. U know wat in this way u also points on my character, ur values…. U don’t have any right to call me like that. That right belongs to my family only. U r not involved in it.
Shek: but u didn’t leave sanskar?
Sw: then what would I do? Would I have leace my sanskar for ur daughter?
Shek: my daughter is ur sister.
Sw: sister!! (She smiles sarcastically) when? Don’t understand? I will tell u.. When I am not ur daughter how will she become my sister. U left me before I born, U didn’t accept me even after u got to know am ur daughter. Then u accepted because ur daughter wanted that. Then u left me again in ur daughters lie. Then u take me from my husband on my wedding day because ur daughter’s husband left her. If ragini was in my place that day then u will not do that. Then u again left me here alone. At last u left me for ur maa. U even wiped her sindoor I don’t know why she is still stick with u. If I am ur real daughter like ragini and my sanskar is not belongs to laksh’s family then also will u allow me to leave my husband, my sasural?
Ragini: but my laksh left me because of sanskar.
Sw: stop it ragini. Don’t dare to raise ur voice against my sanskar. How can u so dump ragini. I think it is because of ur mother..
Rag: stop swara.. Why are u taking my maa’s name here? What’s her fault?
Sanskar and others looked at swara confusingly. They know she respects janki ma. Then why is she talking like this.
Sw: her fault? Her fault is u ragini. Because of her she is like u. I think she was also like u. Because of her he left her(points to shomi) because of u I separated from my husband so many times. I think it will also happen, because of ur daughter my daughter will suffer.
Ragini is angered by this. She is looking here and there. Sanskar is keenly looking at ragini. He don’t know why swara is saying like this.
Sw: The main point of all this problems is ur mother.
Angered ragini yells at swara and pick a flower vase and hit her. But in the nick of time sanskar saved swara from that hit. Flower vase fell down and broken to the pieces.
Everyone is shocked by this. Sanskar hugged swara tightly : are u OK swara? (She nodes) why are u doing this? What happened it hit u?
Swara smiles in tears: nothing happens with me sanskar. I told these words to her because u r here. I know u will protects me from every evil.

Sanskar looked at her lovingly. Swara broke their hug and went to janki’s photo and fold her palms like praying and stood there sometimes with eyes closed. Every one looked at her confusingly.swara opens her eyes: I am sorry janki ma for these words. Plz forgive me I didn’t mean that words. ,( then turns to ragini) like a daughter u can’t tolerate any words against ur mother, (looks at sanskar) he can’t also tolerate. He will react. Only that happened between laksh and sanskar. In our case I don’t know any thing about janki ma, but their case he knows who is mom. From childhood he lives with her. More than her own son she lived with them. Then how can he say like that about her.sanskar, he loves his mom so he will react and he reacted. For that he left everyone? In these what’s sanskar’s fault? Even sanskar was also upset with me. Infact in all these problems, sanskar is most hurted person. But he didn’t leave his family.
Sujatha looked at her emotionally. Swara turned and went to ap: can I ask u onething.?(ap and do looks at her confusingly) 5 years ago sanskar also left everyone because of ur husband. In that time did mom, dad or uttara stop to talk with u, ur husband or ur sons? Tell me (Ap noded negatively). Then how can u do that to my sanskar. He considered u as his second mom. What was his feeling when u turn ur face from him. Whenever he can’t tolerate ur ignorance he will call me and talked with me. I don’t know what would hape happens with whim if I also left him.(looks at sanskar painfully and he is looking at her lovingly.) U both don’t consider them as ur children till now.( then turned to dp) infact u did didn’t love dad as ur brother also. If it is then u will not support ur wife in taunting sanskar. U would have get to know about his pain. For u he is an employee whom u want to live a step below than urs..

This angered dp, and he yelled at her and raised his hand to slap her. Everyone gasped by this. Yes he slapped. But it is not landed on swara.
Dp: ram!! (Yes Rp stood between swara and dp. When he slapped swara it landed on rp face)
Sw(emotionally): Dad?
Rp turned towards her and hugged her.: are u OK?(she noded. Then he turned towards dp) she didn’t say any thing wrong. But u did wrong. U didn’t even think once before raising ur hand that she is pregnant.
Sanskar went towards swara: are u k swara?Dad? (They both noded positively. Sanskar side hugged swara). They will never understand us swara!(then turned to everyone) the one u wanted is now with me.. Manish!!!
Man: we r here sir. (Everyone looked at him. There Manish is standing with laksh)
Rag(cried seeing laksh): laksh!!! (Ran to him and hugged tightly. Manish left from there. Ap,dp and everyone went to him.
Sujatha,Rp and uttara stood with swasan.
Sw(whispered to sanskar) : I want to go from here sanskar.
Swasan and family went from there silently..

Precap: leap

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