Always swasan part 7

( after whatever shekhar did with her, shomi again lives with shekhar. He always left her either for his maa or for ragini. Wharever happens in their life he will not stand with her and swara. If shomi can live alone for her daughter then now also she can live. We women are not less for anyone. Because of that I don’t like her)
Swara and Manish reached baadi…
Man: take care ma’am..
Sw: I will, but call me bhabhi.. OK
Man: ok ma’ … Bhabhi.
Swara went inside and Manish left from there.swara met shomi
Sw: maa I ..
Sho: how much time u spend in temple. U know that ragini is in so much pain I can’t be with her always. U go and be with her.

Sw: ok ma I will. But I (shekhar interrupted by saying ayush crying and she went with him)
Swara sighed and went to ragini’s room. She saw her sleeping, put blanket on her and left to room.
After some days swara and ragini starts event managing organization. They concentrated fully on work to reduce their pain. After some days Nikhil also came there.
After some days maheshwari industry
A make up artist is doing his job on some person. 2 men are standing there looking at him. After some time he finished his work. We can see an old man sitting their.
Per: is everything ready Manish. ( yes it is sanskar only.But why he is dressed as an old man)
Man:yes sir
San: (looks at man 2 and said) aman did u call Swara as a client ?( amsn nodes positively) OK now we will go to her as new client sanjay Gupta and aman u have to act as my son. Don’t do any mistake. OK?
Ama: si.. Sir( sanskar looked at him)I will come with u as ur pa( sanskar raised his eyes). How can I call u dad.
Manish chuckled but getting ssnskar’s glare he stopped
San: k I agreed. Because I don’t want any mistake there. If any one recognized me it will be s big problem for shona. If shona recognized me then u will be fired aman.
Aman panicked Manish whispered: don’t worry we will talk to bhabhi.
San: did u say anything.
Amanish: nothing sir
Later they went to swaragini organization. They welcomed him.
San: hello ladies, I am sanjay Gupta and he is my pa. I want u to organize my son’s wedding. What are ur sweet names ladies…
Rag: I’m ragini gagodia and she is my sister swara gagodia.
San: nice name.aren’t u both married till now?
Swara and ragini get sad
Nik: are u here to bring proposal for them? No na then finish ur work and go
Sanskar is pizzed by him.But he gets happy immediately because swara is scolding Nikhil.
Sw: what are u doing Nikhil? He is an elderly person. Give some respect. Sorry sir
San: its u can call me Gupta ji.(Swara smiles at him. Nikhil irritated by this.seeing this sanjay Gupta smirked. Swara saw that and it reminds her sanskar. But she shrugged it)
At that time sanskar’s and ragini’s phone beeped. Ragini excused from there. His pa also take the phone. At that time sanskar looking at swara only. His pa came back and they have to go now urgently and he scolds his pa.
Sw: its OK. We will meet again sir.
San: hmmm.. Can u meet tomorrow in my office at xyz place
Sw: OK sir we will meet there. (But ragini interrupted and says she have to go for some other work) then I will come sir
Nik: I will also come
Rag: no no Nikhil u have to come with me.
Sw: OK Nikhil u go with ragini and I will go to Gupta ji’s office.
Next day everyone went to their work. Swara get inside Gupta his office and saw aman.
Sw: aman where is Gupta ji?

Am: this is sir’s cabin. U can go inside. Sir is waiting for u ma’am.
Sw: u can call me swara
Am: no ma’am u will get to know about this soon
Swara confused and went inside and shocked seeing him: sanskar..
San: good morning miss swara gagodia
Sw: gago.. Sanskar why are u calling me like this..and what are u doing here this is guptaji’s….(realizing something) don’t say that u r Gupta ji(sanskar grinned) why r u doing this?
Sanskar pulled her towards him. She landed on his lap: I told u I will always with u. I want to be with u. Now I fan call u any time to design my son’s marriage program.
Sw: acha. What’s ur son’s name Gupta ji..
San: his name is Sanskrit sanskar maheshwari. U know what my wife loves my name so much. She only named him. U know I have a daughter too and her name is swaranshi sanskar maheshwari.
Sw: ohh so u named her?
San: yes because I love my wife more ( pecked her lips) they remembered something..
Flashback 2
One fine morning in mm swasan room, swasan are lying on bed. Swara’s head on his chest. His hand on her waist.
Sw: sanskar..
San: hmm
Sw: In future I want two children. First a boy and then a girl. Like u and uttara.
San: why
Sw: she will get all the love. There will be a brother to protect her like u unlike me.
Sanskar understand where is she going. So to divert her mind he ask: ok u want two children. Did u think any names for them
Sw: yes his name will be Sanskrit sanskar maheshewari because I love u so muchu and…
San: and my Jr. princess name will be swaranshi sanskar maheshwari. Because I love u more.
Flashback 2 ends…
San(hugged her tightly): I missed u so much.
Sw: because of u only na. I missed u too. She hugged him tightly
They spent some time together and swara went to baadi
After some days sanskar called her as Gupta ji and says he want to meet her. She takes permission from shomi and went. But sanskar called her and asked her to come xyz hotel. Swara went to that hotel and met him
Sw: what is this sanskar.. Aren’t we going shimla. If any one sees us together then it will be a big problem.
San: no jaan no one will see us together.. I am sorry princess I also want spend time with u. But tomorrow I have to meet detective who finding lucky. He got some clue.
Sw: its OK sanskar but I want a romantic dinner with u tonight.
San: of course jaan.. Take this and get ready ( she takes packet from her and loft to washroom. After sometimes she came. Sanskar looked at her lost in her beauty.she is gorgeous )
Sw: sanskar.. (No reaction, she again called him but again no reaction. So she jerked him) where are u lost?
San’: only in u baby. Let’s go..
Swara smiles and nodes.they were about to leave the room, sanskar’s phone started to ring.swara glared him.
Sanskar gulped: it is an urgent call. U go .. There I will come in minutes.. Plz Jaan..
Swara angrily went from there. Sanskar thinks that she became angrybird now how will I pacify her. Then he takes the call and talked for sometimes. Then cut the call and turned to leave but swara came there and closed the room. Then angrily went to bed and sat there. Sanskar immediately went to her side and asked : what happened princess? I was coming na. Then why did u return back.
Sw: no need. it is cancelled
San’: but how ? I will call…( interrupted by swara)
Sw: because Nikhil is here
San: what? What is he doing here? Why are u Angry with me. Our dinner is spoiled by ur friend only na.
Sw: no it’s because of u. U only cancelled our Shimla trip na. Now my dinner also cancelled. She pout.
San: its OK Jaan we will celebrate our dinner in room also.(but swara didn’t react.) Plz Jaan..we r together after one month( swara glared) okk 2 weeks.. But that day u r with me only few hours.
swara suppressed her smile but sanskar noticed it. He started to kiss her sensually. She also lost in his touch. Soon they get intimate
Swasan wake up by an alarm ring
Sw: u didn’t give me the dinner.
San: but I got mine.
Swara become crimson red hearing that.: sanskar u became shameless. ( then she ran to wash room).
Sanskar says loudly: only for u Jaan..
Later swara went from there.
After one month swara called sanskar and said that she want to spend time with him
San: why don’t u have ur sweet friend Nikhil.
Sw: but he is just a friend na..
San: oh because of that he kissed u ( he said angrily)
Sw: its only a friendly kiss.
San: go and spend ur time with ur friend and cut the call
Sw: sans…. He cut my call. Swara sanskar maheshwari’s call. I will teach him a lesson.
She again call him. He takes the call. Before he said anything she said: Mr sanskar maheshwari u cut my call. Swara sanskar maheshwari’s call. Now I am challenging u that u yourself will call me.
San: oho.. Then challenge accepted.
She cut the call.

After some weeks there is a marriage program organized by swaragini they all went there. It is a masquerade party. Swara knew that sanskar is also invited. They recognized each other. She gets a naughty idea. She went to Nikhil and asked for a dance. He happily accepted. Sanskar get jealous. She smirked at him, but sanskar saw that and went to dance floor with a Lady who asked him for a dance. Seeing this she gets angry. At that time couple changed. Swara went to sanskar. They both angry at each other they both show their anger and love at that dance. But for audience it is a furiously passionate dance. All claps for them. Then only they came to sense. Sanskar went from there. Swara and Nikhil went to ragini
Rag: ur this dance was super
Sw: thank u ragini where were u went?
Rag: I was here sometimes before I got a call from client. The
The us swara got to know she didn’t see couple change. Then all of them left to baadi. After reaching baadi ragini went to shomi’s room. She went to room. When she reached she got a call from sanskar. She looks naughtily to the phone but didn’t take the phone. It again rings. This she takes phone.
San: Jaan what was that? What’s the need of dance with him.
Sw: u only said that na spend time with my friend…
San sighed : Jaan… (But she cut the call)
After some days swara messaged sanskar to come baadi. He came there. Seeing his car horn she went to hall.Swara is coming from room looking a file. Suddenly from nowhere Nikhil was coming opposite of her. She bumped with him and he held her safely by waist. She immediately stand and thanked him with a smile and went from there. This was seen by 3 persons ragini, shomi and Sanskar. Sanskar angrily went from there. Yes she did it intentionally. She thinks that u are messing with me na. Now I will play last card. I know u r waiting for me outside.
Swara went to shomi. : ma I am going to malhotra mansion ( and turned to Nikhil ) u also come with me. Its urgent.
Ragini : I will also come
Sw: are no Ragini. There is no need of that. You are tired because of yesterday’s work. U be with ma.
Then she went with nikhil. But she is unaware that ragini is following them . Sanskar is also following them
she is riding her scooty and Nikhil sat behind her and staring at her. After sometimes she stopped scooty in front of an ice cream shop.
Nikhil: what happened shona. Why u stopped here.
Sw: come we will have ice cream.
Nik: but shona we have to go malhotra mansion, u said its urgent.
Sw: I just said it. But its not urgent. There is no work in malhotra mansion. U came here for me and I didn’t have even talked with u. U are my close friend na.
Nik: why didn’t u allow ragini to come along?
Sw (said in a flow): I want to talk to u priva…. She stopped and said: I mean she is tired na. But sanskar, ragini and nikhil noticed that.
She place her hand on his hand. Sanskar saw that angrily went from there. Swara saw him going and takes her hand. They ordered ice cream and went from there. Sanskar went to other office which is considered as sanjay Gupta’s office. He directly went to his cabin and throwed everything in his cabin.
Sanskar yelled: swara… U know I don’t like him. Then why are u doing this?
After sometimes aman and Manish went to his cabin. They scanned everywhere. Everything is scattered. They chuckled
Man: Sir
San: what?
Man: sir bhabhi wanted to be with u. So she is doing this. Plz go with her to shimla. We will handle everything here.
San: OK book 2 tickets for shimla tomorrow. Don’t dare to inform her. I will call her tomorrow.
Amanish (chuckles): OK sir.. They left from there
San(thinks): u messed with sanskar maheshwari. U will get a severe punishment when we reach in shimla tomorrow.
Here swara is restless. She is looking at her phone but didn’t get any call. She became sad. She thinks: why didn’t u call me sanskar. Now what will I do now. Then she slept.
Swara wakes up by sun. Next moment she takes the phone and checked that any call. But she disappointed. She went to get ready. After sometimes she got a call. A smile formed in her face. She takes the call..
Sw: I packed everything sanskar..
San(smiles hearing her but talked rudely) u have to come
Swara understood that he is angry.Then she takes the bag went to hall talking phone: I will come.
San: flight is at 11am.
Sw: I told u na .. She stopped as she saw sumi,shekhar and nikhil in the hall. Then tell slowly: I will come directly. U don’t worry. Then she cut the call. Then informed to shomi and went from there.
Swara reached airport. There she met sanskar aman and Manish. Sanskar ignored her.
Man: bhabhi sir is angry
Sw: I know how to cool it. Bye aman, bye Manish
Swasan reached shimla went to his flat. It is almost night. Meanwhile swara tried every way to talk sanskar. But sanskar ignored her totally. He went to washroom to freshen up. After getting inside he laughed reminding his wife’s antics. After 15 min he came from wash room. But didn’t see swara.he went to hall and asked to maid. She told me that she is in terrace. I know she is upset now. I will stop this fake anger now. He went to terrace, but he stood frozen there seeing the scene. The whole terrace is decorated with flowers. There is a bed on the centre. On bed red roses are arranged like heart shape. candlesticks are lighted and placed there. There she stood wearing a red saree looking at him sensually.
Sanskar thinks: oh this is Mrs maheshwari’s next step. I will see what will he do now.
A music is played

Ang laga de… She is dancing sensually around him. Sanskar can’t control. But he again act as ignored her. After sometimes music is stopped.
Sanskar needs her now but he controlled and says rudely: I will not fall in ur tricks. I’m getting sleep. So I am going. He turned and starts to walk slowly. Next moment he is hugged by swara. He smiles. But vanished realising his shirt is wet. He immediately break the hug and looks at her. Tears are flowing from her eyes.
Sanskar cupped her face: swara Jaan why are u crying princess? I just kidding
Sw: don’t leave me sanskar. I know u don’t like him. But I feel alone in baadi. So that I wanted to be with u. Because of that I did this with u. I’m sorry sanskar… (Saying this she started crying)
He immediately hugs her tightly and patted her hair and consoled her: shh stop crying princess. I will always be with her.I promised u swara. I will never leave u.
He breaks the hug and wiped her tears and said: leave all that we are here to enjoy.but u r crying. Oh God My sherni becomes crybaby…
Swara laughed seeing his drama.
San: that’s like my girl. U have to be happy always. You are my soul, my life, my strength and my everything.
She smiled at his this confession. She slowly raised and placed her lips on his. He first shocked by her sudden bold movement. Then respond to her. Soon it becomes passionate kiss. After sometimes they broke the kiss. Swara shyly hide her face in chest. He smilingly hugged her then later picked her and moved to bed. After a week they returned back to Kolkata.
Flashback ends…
Sanskar looked at everyone. All are looking speechless at this revelation..
Precap: swara’s outbursts..

[Next update will be on next week]

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