Always Swasan part 10

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Part 10
They reached Mumbai. Laksh and adarsh already came there and set everything. In Mumbai SRM Industries is very famous. SRM colleges,hospitals,NGO are main products of this industry. MD of this company is SM, and he didn’t come in front of the world till now. This company is very famous for 30 years… He is very kind and also strict for employees..
Sanskriti and sanswara reached SRM college hostel. Sanswara is about to enter hostel sanskriti said: sweetu I am going to my hostel
Sanswara looks at her confused: but why other hostel? I didn’t hear about it?
[[Now I will address sanswara as sweetu and sanskriti as kritu]]
Kritu: because papa asked discount for fees. Manager told that this kind of people have to go other hostel.
Sweetu: but I didn’t hear about it till now. If u tell me earlier I would have told that to dad.
Kritu smiles faintly: if ur dad helped me as my chachu I will accept it. But he helps me as an another person. I can’t accept that sweetu. I am sorry.
Sweetu: its OK. Buy be carefull. If anything happened u will tell me. I don’t know why am sensing something fishy..
Kritu:OK don’t worry.
She went from there.
Next morning at 7.30 am. Sweetu calls kritu (phone)
Sweetu: did u awake? Are u ready?
Kritu cryingly: sweetu….
Sweetu: what happened kritu? Why r u crying? Where are u?
Kritu cryingly: I am in college. There is a garden in college. I am there…
Sweetu: OK I am coming…
She gets ready fastly and left for college. She hurriedly enters into college and is taking phone from her bag.

She is crashed with someone and going to fall backward. She closed her eyes with fear. But two strong arms held her protectively. She slowly opened her eyes and looks at him. A boy is holding her protectively. They both stood in that position lost in each other. Soon reality hits her and she came out from his hold and ran from there.
Boy is looking at her retreating figure with a smile..
“Toshi” a girl him from behind. He turned towards her.
Boy: oh Anshi why are u calling me with this name. I have a beautiful name “Tushar” can’t u call me with that name? If anyone calls me like that???
Anshi: noway no one call u like. Only I have that right OK!!. But this not the problem now. She is bumbed with u and ran away without saying a sorry and u r standing here like an idiot. Come with me I will teach her a lesson.
She drags him with her.
In garden side. Sanswara finds sanskriti crying. She ran towards her and hugs her. Feeling her presence she Cries more.
Sweetu: kritu what happened? Why r u crying dear?
Kritu: that man.. Manager.. Saying dirty things.. He asked me to go to his room today night. I don’t know, if anything happened I will die… I can’t go.
She started crying…
‘What happened’

Hearing the voice they both turned behind.. Sanswara recognized the boy. With him another girl is also there. She asked wat happened.
Girl: what happened?
Sanskriti and sanswara hesitate. Seeing this the girl came towards them and hold sanskriti’s hand: what happened kritu? Why r u crying? What are u talking.
Sweetu: how dou know us?
Girl: I don’t know anything about u. But we have heard that u r talking. Sorry. We will introduce ourselves.I am anshi and he is … mmm mmm
Suddenly boy covers her mouth and said: I m thushar..
anshi takes his hand and says: I also saying that only monkey…
Sweetu and kritu giggled at them
Ans: now jokes apart. Tell kritu what happened. Don’t afraid.
Kritu: SRM college hostel has two blocks na, one for poor and one for rich people.
AnThu:What!!!! When this happened we didn’t hear it.
Sweetu: we also didn’t hear it but manager said that it started from this year only. That manager said the dirty things to them.
Ans: this will never happens in this college. Go and gather other students also. We’ll goto that manager and ask him.
Sweetu: if anything happened?
Thush: nothing happened. We will be with u.
After sometimes all entered to manager’s cabin.
Mana: who are u?( then glared to kritu and other girls) what r u doing here?
Ans: why r u frightening them? How can u so the partition b/w rich and poor people that too in this college hostel.
Mana: who are u to ask this? I am the manager of this hostel and I know what to do?
‘ how dare u to question her?’ A girl voice came from behind..

Precap: Friendships…

Sorry for no swasan

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