Always swasan FF PART 6

Nik: what…. (He screamed loudly. Hearing this sanskar smirked at him.) She left u na..u also said that if she will go u wont accept her naa. Then how can u say that u are not seperated
Rag:yes what are u talking sanskar.. not separated means ….
Sw: I am not a fool to leave my sanskar for u. If I will leave him for u then if anything wrong happens again with me u will not be with me I will be alone..(she paused..sanskar looks at her by clenching his fist) He will not leave me alone. If I left him or he angry with me he will not leave me alone. My mother also left me but he won’t. That sanskar my sanskar how did u think that I will leave him for u people…
Rag: but that day…

[In my story swara is not accusing sanskar. Only ragini and ap accusing him]
San: we will go to a flashback ms gagodia.. But before that.. Manish ( Manish looks at him. Sanskar looked at Nikhil) I want to give him a worst punishment to broke my wife’s trust on her friendship. After the flashback ends..
Man: everything is ready.( next min 2 giant goons are standing near Nikhil holding him. He is about shout they plastered his mouth)
San (in a dangerous voice): u have to know what happens when u mess with swara sanskar maheshwari… Now we will go to flashback..
Flashback starts

That day laksh’s went missing and adarsh and parineeta are arrested. Swara ragini and other GH family also there in MM. Ragini is continuously accusing sanskar. At that time sanskar enters there. Seeing him ragini went towards him and starts shouting.
Rag: why? why u did this sanskar? Where is my laksh? Tell me Sanskar.. Did u do anything to him? Did u kill him?
San(shouted): ragini..
Ap: why are u shouting at her. U only send my son police station. U will do that..
San(shocked): maa
Suj: jiji..

Rag: stop it chachi… What happens when sanskar gets angry. He once slapped swara because of his anger. Just because she is with me now also he is angry with her.
Sanskar, hearing swara’s name his eyes searched his wife. But she is not there. He thinks in mind that she also think that I will do that. Why swara why. How did u think like that..
Ragini is continuously accusing sanskar. At that she felt dizzy. But shomi hold her. A broken sanskar went outside. He went to his car but stopped hearing some sound from garden. There he saw his wife, she is sitting on bench and crying. His heart ached. He is about to walk towards her but stopped hearing her.

Sw: why did u do this? How? (Paused and weeping then said )sanskar.. Then started weeping..
Sanskar closed his eyes. A lone tear escaped from his eyes. He painfully thinks she is not believing him. He turn around and starts walk towards his car. But.. but.. Hearing her next word he stood frozen. Then turned around and looking at her lovingly.
Sw continued: why did u do this? How? Sanskar.. My sanskar. How can u accused him ragini. He can’t do anything to his lucky. In his revenge time also he didn’t do anything to him. But u accusing him.He sent laksh to PS, because he wants to correct him. He was in wrong path.why Don’t u understand this. My sanskar.. How will he tolerate their accusation.
Sanskar is now guilty for doubting his princess, he called her: swara..

Swara shocked hearing his voice and turned around: sanskar…
When their eyes met he went towards her and hugged her tightly. Then started crying. She was puzzled but hugged him and called softly’: sanskar..

San: I am sorry swara.
Sw: why are u saying sorry sanskar.. I am the one who have to say sorry. I went against u to just unite this family. But they are accusing u for laksh’s deeds. How can ragini says like that… and badi maa how could she says that. she knew about u from childhood. No one say against it not even bade papa and maa. Maa, what happened to her? She supported me when I went against u. But she didn’t say anything. Why sanskar.. She loves u as own son. I know ragini is in pain. But how did she accuse u. She knows that laksh always do stupidity. She didn’t even think that I’m also there. Hearing those nonsense I for suffocation. So I came here.

Sanskar feels proud and guilty seeing her love and understanding. How can he think like that she won’t trust him. He patted her back: shhh.. They are in pain so they got angry swara. Leave it.. I don’t care about anything or anyone when u are with me. I didn’t do anything. Yes I was angry at him he is badmouthing my mom. She is not any outsider and more than me he was with her. Then how can he said like that. I got and left from there. After that I didn’t see him. For a moment I thought that u also don’t believe me. I can’t tolerate that swara. Don’t leave me swara.
Sw: sanskar.. (Hugged him tightly. She wanted to say something. But hearing him she couldn’t say anything. She sit silently and patted his back. Sensing her silence he broke the hug and cupped her face.)
San: do u want to say anything swara..

Sw: sanskar.. (She hesitates..) She is in pain and.. I..
San: u want to be with her na..
Sw: for some days sanskar.. I will come back after some days.
San: no swara. (She looked at him helplessly. He smiles and pulled her towards him and continued) u will go with her and be with her until I find laksh.
Sw: no.. No I can’t leave u for her. I know she is pain. She is my sister and I shouldn’t leave her. But how can I leave u for her. U both are important to me. More than that I can’t live without u.

San: I will be with u always. U be with her and support her. She is angry with me. If we are together she will distance herself from u. It will lead her in wrong way. She is an idiot she will fell in trap easily. ( swara glared him) don’t look like that. I am saying correct. First she fell in my trap then laksh’s love trap, then adarsh and dadis trap. If dadi came back they will accept her. If she will do anything to seperate us. I can’t tolerate that swara. Even if adarsh and parineeta came back badepapa and badimaa accept him. They will not see their loved ones mistake. (Smiled sarcastically)
Sw: nothing will happened to us sanskar. Our love will protect us.
San smiles: I know swara. But I can’t take any risk on u swara..if u with her it will reduce her pain also.

Sw also smiles: OK sanskar as u wish, I will be with her. But find laksh Fastly and be in touch with me.
San: OK go inside I will come after sometimes.

Sw: I will go through kitchen side.
She went. after sometimes he also went. Sw comes inside and ragini is consoled by So and shomi. Ragini sees her.
Rag: where were u swara?

Sw: i was in kitchen. (At that time sanskar enters there)
Rag: See swara because of this man my laksh is not with me. Without my laksh I can’t live here. Its suffocating me. I will go from here
Both swasan looks at her painfully. They are not angry with her or anyone else. They know her pain. They are only upset with the situation.
Sw: I will also come With u ragini..
Suj: swara..
Sw: No Mom.. Its because of ur son only… Until laksh came back I won’t also live here.
Swara ragini and others left from there.
When they reached main door sanskar called: swara..(all looked at him) if u go from here then u will never stepped back in this house.

Swara looks shocked. She stares him sometimes and left from there. Sanskar also went to his room.
Swara and others reached baadi. Everyone went to their room.swara stood still thinking something deeply. She asked shomi: ma can I go to mandir. I will come after sometimes.
She went to temple.In MM sanskar is sitting on couch reading some file. Just then his phone beeped. He looks at the caller id its his pa. He takes call: what happened Manish? Why are u calling me now.
Man: sir mam…
San: swara… What happened to her?

Man: mam is here in temple.
San: what..( then looks at watch).. Its 8pm what is she doing there. Is someone with her?
Man: No one is with her. She is sitting here and crying continuously sir…
San( panicked): I am coming there. U should be there.
He cut the phone and went from there immediately.
After sometimes he reached temple. he saw his pa is looking somewhere. He also looks at that direction. There he saw that his life is sitting lifelessly. He immediately ran towards her and takes her in his arms. She startled first then she realized his touch and cries hugging him…sanskar confused: swara princess why are u crying… What happened? Did anyone say anything in baadi.

She broke the hug And nodes negatively. Then asked cryingly: why did u said like that sanskar? Do u still angry with me?
San: what..
Sw: what did u tell when we left mm.

Sanskar now understood what does she mean.: are u crying for this from that time..( swara nodes. He closed his eyes tightly. He is now guilty that knowing how much his words affected her. He don’t know how to say that. He gulped and with hesitation he continued) swara… I.. Said that to ga.. gave a punch to that situation.
Swara who was crying till now Shocked hearing his answer and looks at him without blinking. Sanskar is not looking at her. When she came to senses, started to hit him: sanskar are u crazy.. In that situation u wanted to say punch dialogue. ( she is hitting him) u don’t know how much it affected me. I hate u sanskar…

Sanskar takes her in bone crushing hug : don’t say that. I know I did mistake I am sorry for that. Sorry swara.. Don’t leave me
Sw caressed his back calls him softly.: sanskar.. I don’t leave u. I was upset only. But don’t repeat this.
Sanskar broke the hug and said: OK. ( They both smiled at each other. Then he leaned on Nearby pillar and pulled her towards him. She placed her head on his chest and dozed off. He also slept.after some hrs he woke up by Manish. Then looks at watch and realized that it’s 11pm. He wakes swara.) Swara wake up princess..

Swara slowly wakes up and smiles at sanskar.
San: it is 11pm princess. U have to go baadi, everyone would have worried now.
She takes her phone and cheked: they or even maa didn’t call me sanskar..
San: shh jaan they are in pain. Because of that only. don’t stress ok. ( swara nodes) go to baadi. Manish will drop u.and sleep properly.. Good night.

Sw: good night sanskar. (hugs him) love u
San back hugs her: love u too..(kissed her forehead)..
Swara and Manish left from there. Sanskar also left to mm

Precap: flashback continues….

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