Always swasan FF PART 5

Chapter starts from Sanskar smirked seeing nikhil shocked face. Then looked at shomi disgustingly and says: I didn’t expect this from u m… ( he is about to say maa) Mrs.sharmishta Gagodia.
Everyone come to sense. Suj: sanskar.. Oh god I am going to be dadi. Oh god I can’t believe it. Ramji u heard it We are going to be grandparents.
Sanskar ram uttara smiled. Swara is overwhelmed by her. She smiled
Suj: oh god swara u r standing here long time come sit here( she went to her and bring her to sofa. ) did u eat something. (Sw nodes negetively and suj asked sanskar) sanskar .., get something to her.

Sanskar called his pa: Manish..
Man: everything is ready Sir..
They looked at the voice. There is a young man standing there with tray of foods and juices. He gave it to sujatha.
Nik: sanskar I know u believe her but trust me sanskar it’s my chi..
San interrupted: I don’t believe her..(sw and everyone shocked by this.nik smirked.But sanskar’s next sentence pales his face) bu it I know her in and out. She was,is and always mine only.
Suj: sanskar why didn’t u tell me u both patch up. Then I would haven’t let this insult happen to my dil.
San: patch up? For what mom?

Sho: sanskar u said u know her more than me. She hided me that u both patched up. Why? She always tell me everything. I think Nikhil is correct she is doing this to revenge u.she had no time for me. But she has time for Nikhil.
Sw: stop it maa.. Why are u accusing me with Nikhil? When did I go with him.
Rag: I will tell u. That hotel and that masquerade party. What were u doing with him in shimla last month for the sake of that fake client Gupta ji…
Sw: so u both have doubt on me from longtime. Why didn’t u asked me ma? Why?
Sho: I was about to ask you. But Nikhil stopped us and told everything.
Sw: and u believed him.

Rag: tell me swara. Isn’t that Gupta ji also fake. Is it created by u and Nikhil. Why don’t u accept it? u talked with Nikhil in that restaurant na. U said that u want to talk privately. Then next day u left shimla now this. Then also u want us to believe that this baby is not nik..
Ram: stop it ragini. U are still in that point even after whatever sanskar told. Don’t dare to accuse my daughter again .
San: one min dad.. Saali sahibaa.. (But interrupted by swara)
Sw: sanskar .. I don’t have any relation with this family. I am related with only u mom dad and uttara.

Sanskar came and hugged her side way and talked to ragini: ms ragini gagodia (ragini looked at him) hm.. Why are u looking at me..u are not wearing any mangalsutra, u have no sindoor on ur forehead. Then how will I call u Mrs..(ragini trying to interrupted but sanskar opposed) I know what are u trying to ask. I will tell u everything. Then ragini u r saying correct that Gupta ji is fake.(listening to this ragini victoriously smiled. But frown at his next statement.) It none another than me.(ragini and shomi looks shocked) I called her everyday as Gupta ji. U know that I can’t live without her even without talking her. (Then tuned to shomi )u wanted to know na who was with her in that hotel.Its me. Yes.. She was with me in that hotel, in that party and in shimla in last month too..(he said while moving his eyes to shomi ragini and Nikhil. Swara hugged him more tightly)

San stopped for sometimes.then said: now All of u thinking that when will we patched up na..(he smiles and continued.) We didn’t get patch up because.. (He paused)… WE ARE NOT SEPARATED…

Precap: flash back…

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