Always swasan FF PART 4

Priya : she (after taking a breath ) She is one month pregnant.
After that she went to Nikhil.
All Are shocked.but Nikhil smiled and it is noticed by shomi and ragini and they look each other.
Priya whispered to Nikhil: are u really in relationship.
Nik: huh? (Confused look)
Pri: she is pregnant.
Nik: I know and we planned it together na. why are u saying this? Then he thinks about yesterday night.
Flashback starts

Yesterday night GH back door. Priya met Nikhil
Pri: what’s ur plan Nikhil?
Nik: (give her a packet) this is a drug mild dose u will give her in juice. Then she will faint and u r Dr, u will check her. Then u announce that she is pregnant. I will see it later
Pri: OK

Flashback ends.
Nik: priya u did it. Thank u.
Priya: but she didn’t drink that juice and she is really pregnant
Nik: what?
Meanwhile shomi went to swara as she got conscious.
Sw: what happened maa. Why did I faint?
Sho: don’t u know?
Sw noded her head in negative way.
Sho: you are pregnant!!

Swara’s eyes get widen. A small smile formed in her lips. She placed her hand in her bellly. Then reality hit her.she changed her expressions.
Seeing it ragini went to her: swara what is dis? How can u get pregnant? Who is father of this child?
Before swara answered Nikhil interferes : of course its mine ragini. U and shomi ma knew it
Sw(shocked,Don’t know what’s happening around her, shouted): no… What are u saying Nikhil? Are u in senses?

Nik: there is no need of any drama they knew everything
Sw: what drama? Believe me ma he is lying

Rag: what lying? If he is lying then what are u both doing in that hotel. That day why didn’t u go to shimla. Last month also u both went to shimla na..
Sw: that doesn’t mean we are in relationship. Please believe me.
Then go to shomi: ma I will tell u everything
Sho: I know everything shona. But I didn’t expect this from U. I know u both liked each other in childhood.
Sw stumbled on her mother’s misunderstanding..

Sw: maa listen to me… Plz listen to me itz just a misunderstanding only. Let me say 1st. Sanskar..
Shomi interrupted: don’t say that name. I know he did wrong with ragini and laksh. For that how can u betray him like this.
Swara stood frozen there because of her mother’s mistrust… Yes it is mistrust not misunderstanding. She is not ready to listen her side. She is broken. If it ragini other she will not get this much broken. But its her mother..
Meanwhile shomi shakes her and asked: tell me shona how can u do this? How can u betray sanskar?
At that time some one released them and slapped her hard.
Ap: sujatha

Ragini: chachiji..
Sw: mom
Yes it is sujatha. Sujatha,ap,dp,rp and uttara was there and they heard everything. All are shocked to see this.
Ragini came to sense: chachiji how can u slap my maa

Shomi: yes sujatha ji why did u slap me
Suj: then what will I do? How can u accuse swara like this? She is ur daughter.
Ap: we have heard everything sujatha. Then also U believe her.
Suj: yes i Believe her
Everyone shocked listening her.swara can’t believe what’s Happening around her. The one who hated the most is supporting her while the one who loved her most is mistrusting her.
Ap: How can u believe her? You hated her na and swara how can u stoop l…
Suj: Stop it jiji How can u say that. We have also seen him with ragini. Does it means she is also in relationship with Nikhil.
Ragini: but I am not pregnant here chachiji

Suj: for that u have to listen her. I believe her. She will not do any thing like that too to sanskar. I hated because she is a Bengali not for her character. She was is always sanskar’s. She is sanskar’s lifeline. She loves him truly that I know.
Swara is overwhelmed by her words. She went towards sujatha and hugged her tightly and cried. Sujatha also hugged her. Shomi went to them released swara from sujatha and hold by shoulder and said to sujatha.: u said that u believed her. Then ask her where were she went with Nikhil last month?. What was she doing with him in that hotel?
Sw: if we missing together that doesn’t mean we went together.
Sho: Nikhil told us everything

Sw: u believed him more than me.
Sho: u r hiding something from me isn’t it true?
Sw: yes I am hiding something from u by that is not the thing u believe. I always..
But shomi interrupted her: I don’t want any explanation give me the answer shona. Who is the father of this child?
Sw: till now I believed its misunderstanding. But now I understood u r mistrusting me.
Shomi furious by this and hold her by shoulder: tell me swara who is the father of this child?
Sw jerked her hand and shouted: my sanskar…
At the same time a voice behind them also says: its me only.

Everyone shocked by this revelation and the Voice looked behind.
There he is standing there our cute handsome hero sanskar. Swara also looked at him. The moment she saw him ran towards him and hug him tightly and cried. He consoled her.
San: shhh shona I came here na, stop crying jaan.
Then he looked at everyone. Ram sujatha and uttara are seems happy. Everyone else are shocked. Mainly Nikhil. Sanskar smirked seeing that. Then looked at shomi disgustingly and says: I didn’t expect this from u m… Mrs.sharmishta Gagodia.
Screen freezed at him.


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