Always swasan FF PART 3

Next day morning swara is coming from room taking on phone.
Sw: yes Gupta ji..
Op: …
Sw: I will come…
Op: …

Sw: I told u na .. She stopped as she saw sumi,shekhar and nikhil in the hall. Then tell slowly: I will come directly. U don’t worry. Then she cut the call. Then turned to shomi and said: ma where is ragini.
Sho: she went to market. Where are u going shona?
Sw: ma I have to go shimla. Gupta ji got some stuffs for marriage.I have confirm that and he want me…I mean my presence. plz tell this to ragini.

Sho: but shona…
Suddenly swara’s phone starts ringing.. Sw: I have to go bye ma..
Sho: Nikhil u also go with her na.If u both love each other why are u guys hiding it. She can tell me about this na. She loves sanskar na..
Nik: no aunty its not like that.She liked him as her husband.whenever she wanted him he wasn’t with her. I was with her always and she started to like me again. U know that we were very close to each other in childhood. He came between us. When laksh’s come we will disclose it. Now am going shona will be waiting.

He went from there.He reached airport but flight was taken off.
Nik:(monologue) oh I am late and also I don’t know Gupta ji’s address. Where will I go now? I can’t go back to baadi. And this shomi aunty! Huh she has some doubts but not completely. I have to use my trump card. After that u will be mine .
One month leap..
One day morning in baadi .
“Ding dong ding dong” hearing calling bell Shomi opened the door. She saw a girl Standing there .
Sho: who are u beta?
She turns and says : namastey aunty
“Who is there ma” swara comes there and ansks.
“Hey Priya ” Nikhil called her. The girl saw him and hugs.
Shekhar and ragini also come there. Then Nikhil introduced the girl: she is my frnd priya. She is Dr. she is here for some seminar. She didn’t get a hotel to stay. If u don’t mind can she stay here for some days..
Shek: why not u can stay here beta.

Priya: thank u uncle.
Sw: no mention priya, Nikhil is like my family member ad u r his friend.
Shomi and ragini looks each other. (She said it as he is her friend but they misunderstood it.) Nikhil saw that and smirks.
At midnight all are sleeping in baadi. But 2 persons are talking each other at the backside of gagodia house. After some they went from there.
Next day
Shesho are talking to each other, ragini and Nikhil pampering ayush and swara is checking her mobile. Suddenly priya came from kitchen and said: juice time…
All looks at her. Shomi said: why r u doing this beta

Pri: its OK aunty. I am all like us daughter na.
All smiles at her.she gave juice to shekhar, shomi, ragini, nikhil and at last swara. That time swara got a she take the glass in her hand and went aside.suddenly “Chill” , all heard and looked at swara and shocked. She is lying unconscious and sound is for the broken glass. “Swara” ragini shomi and all went to her. Shekhar took her and placed her on bed.
Pri: Aunty I will check her.po all go out of the room.
All went outside the room.priya checked her and opened the door.she is tensed.
Sho: what happened priya
Priya: aunty won..

She: tell beta what happened. What happened to swara.
Priya : she (after taking a breath ) She is one month pregnant.
After that she went to Nikhil.
All Are shocked.but Nikhil smiled and it is noticed by shomi and ragini and they look each other. Screen freezes on smiled face of Nikhil,shocking face of ragini and shomi and unconscious face of swara.

“chataak” a slap sound startled everyone
Ragini: chachiji..
Sanskar: I didn’t expect from u…

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