Always Swasan FF part 20(B) family moments

Next morning…

Our cute couple is sleeping in their room in mm. Sun rays peeped into the room and it disturbs the prince… He opened his eyes irritated

San : How can this sun disturb me??? Only my jaan has that right.. (looks at swara who is sleeping peacefully) look she is sleeping peacefully but this sun disturbed me… But where am I? (looks at everywhere and reality hits him and he jerked up) oh God we are in MM.. Pooja… ? Children ? Mom Dad Papa maa TanUtt ???..(shakes swara) jaan… Get up jaan..we have to go for Pooja

Sw: sanskar today is Sunday… Pooja will be at 8.30am.. We will wake up on time.. I have already set alarm.. (pulled him towards her)

It’s not about they won’t do Pooja at morning. They do but don’t wake up children in Sundays.. SujRam and Rajlaks became older swasan don’t bother to wake up them early… Swasan will do the Pooja. When they wake up they will come and Pray and takes Prasad… They are not strict for these.. (If I said against ur tradition pls forgive me.  I mean in some ff swara/sanskar wake up so late… I just want to show that they are not strict)

San: oh Jaan we are in MM not in swasan mansion.  And it’s 6 am. We have to wake up all of them… (Swara also jerked up…)

Sw: sanskar why didn’t you wake me up till now..  Oh god it’s have to fresh up.. What are you doing here? Why didn’t u fresh up till now?  Mom dad uttu forget every rule. I have to wake them up… (she panicked and sanskar holds her)

San: jaan don’t panic…we can do it, now u go and fresh up.. I will go and wake up them..

Sw: but sanskar u also have to fresh up naa…

San: oh jaan u go and fresh up. Meanwhile In will go and wake-up Mom dad and naa papa. Then u will come back and u can wake up TanUtt, SanTus and AnsUrmi.. Is it OK.. Else we will bath together… ??? I think it’s a good idea…

Swara’s eyes become wider hearing this

Sw:(hits his chest) shameless ?? U r a father of 25 year boy and u r saying this…

San: oh hello ma’am, I can say and do this with my wife always. Infact even after I will become grandfather of 25 years boy/girl.. (swara opens her mouth in O shape) my fans love this Romantic Sanskar Maheshwari more. So can we go …

But swara ran towards washroom and get inside… Sanskar laughs seeing his wife’s antics and went outside to wake-up others… He wakes up SujRam and Rajlaks.. Sujatha also got panicked thinking about children. Sanskar consoled her and about to go towards TanUtt’s room swara came there. So sanskar leaves to  fresh up.. Swara went to TanUtt room and wake them up.. Then she went towards SanTus room.. She went inside and caresses Sanskrit’s face. He smiles in sleep.

Sw: sanky mera bacha.. Wake up dear ..

Sanky: (sleepy voice) Maa what’s the time?

Sw: (sat on bed near his head) it’s 6.30 wake up bacha… (ruffles Tushar’s hair too) Tushar u too boy… (Sanky places his head on her lap..)

sanky : but why maa.. It’s Sunday naa only u will do the Pooja.. Moreover we are in kolkatha naa..

Sw: Because of that only I have to wake up all of u. There is a strict rules is  in this house everyone has to present in the time of pooja… (kissed his forehead) now wake up..

He get up from bed. Swara went to Tushar’s side and starts to wake him up..

Sanky: maa u go I will wake him up…

Tus: buami u shouldn’t do this partiality (swarasanky looks at him. He is Still sleeping )u have to wake me up like jiju…

Sanky: yes yes we know how to wake you up.. (signals swara and starts to tickle him)

Tus: ?????? Buami, jiju pls stop… (HR get up)

Swa: OK OK now stop masti (cups his face and kissed his forehead) go and get ready…

Tus: buami you said naa, everyone has to be present in Pooja… (she nodes) then what about your daughters .

Sw:??? Oh God how will It wake up those kumbhakarnans…

Tus: it’s kumbhakarnis… ??????(sanky also laughs ???)

San: what are you trio talking about my angels? ??

Sw: we said the correct thing only. I think ur angels have taken var From the Brahma like kumbhakarnan. These two will fail him too.

San: my angels will wake up with my one call..

They went to AnsUrmi’s room.. Sanskar and trio went inside.. At that time Tanmay also came there

Tan: we can say them that these two went to Mumbai last night.. This is the best way than to wake them up…

San: don’t say anything to my angels.. They will wake up… (went towards AnsUrmi) My angels….

AnsUrmi: Dad / mamu …

Urmi: (looks at her watch)  mamu it’s 7.00 am only.. Mami knows that she can’t wake up us.  So she sent you…

Ans: ha Dad.. She is not capable of waking us up.. (sanskar chuckles and swara opens her mouth) I don’t know how she became SSM…

san: (bend a little)  that Is don’t know but she is standing there to tease me if u both won’t wake up.

Ans:(get up with a jerk )Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari, how dare you to tease my Papa.  ???

Sw: Ms Anshi Sanskar Maheshwari he is my husband I have the whole right to tease him.

Ans: Mrs SSM??

Sw: Ms ASM ???(both moves forward and looks at eachother)

Tus(whispers): jiju these both are look like bahubali and bhallaladeva.. (they two laughs ??? )

Urmi: why these monkeys are laughing (both glares her)

Sw: Oye don’t say anything to my sons ?

San: OK OK now stop this… Mrs swara Sanskar Maheshwari.. I won as my angels wake up… (she make faces and went from there and also her followers)  angels both get ready ..

Urmi: but why mamu (hugs him sleepy)

San: we are in mm.  It’s compulsory here, everyone has to wake up and attend the pooja. Now go and get ready…

After sometimes everyone attend the Pooja. Then went to have breakfast.. After that swasan went outside… Dp and laksh talks with Ram, sanskrit and Tushar about their life. They didn’t say everything as what are they really.. After that laksh and Dp went to study room.. Ram went to room.. Sanky is sitting at hall and watching TV. His legs on the teapoy.. Tushar is also sitting there and chatting with sanswara who is sitting there through whatsapp. At that time AnsUrmi came there. Urmi sat beside Tushar and started to tease him. She is also placed her legs on the teapoy.. Anshi came and lied on sofa and put her legs in Sanky’s lap and watching TV .. At that time Ap came there.

Ap: sanu how many times I told you.. Don’t play with mobile so much time.  Urmi beta girls don’t sit like this.. Take your legs…  And Anshi beta how long sleep like that. He is ur bhai don’t put ur legs on him.. Don’t let them to hold your leg.

Hearing this sujatha who came there get irked and gritted her teeth. Sanu place the mobile on teapoy. Tushar also did this. Urmi takes her leg from teapoy. Sanky also did this. Anshi takes her legs from Sanky’s lap..

Ap: Arre Sanky beta, Tushar beta u don’t need to do this.  I said these to girls only…

Sanky:  badi dadi we all are ur grandchildren naa? Then how can u discriminate them only. If they can’t do anything then we can’t also do that.. If they can’t use mobile, then we can’t also do that.  If they can’t Put their leg On teapoy then how can I do That.. Moreover Anshi is my sister, my doll if she can’t put her legs on my lap then who can do that? I’m sorry,  Don’t feel bad Badi dadi,  but there is no discrimination between boys and girls in my family. (uttara and sujatha looks at him proudly) we will be at mom dad’s room then..

Rag: arre sanky beta but ur Mom Dad is not there naa. Then how can u go there.

sanky: arre chachi I’m not saying that I’m going to neighbor aunties room. I’m going my mom dads room.. They are mine.. I can go there without taking any permission.  What’s the problem in it if they are there or not..

Utt: they are saying right ragini… Bhabhi.. They can go to their parents room. U go bachas. I will send ur sweets there.. Sanu u can also go bacha..

San: but..

Utt:(sternly)  if u consider my bhai as ur badepapa. Then u can go with them..

She went with them. Uttara went back to kitchen. Laksh Also came there hearing all these. After uttara’s tone  and talking, he got to know one thing. She still didn’t forgive them completely..  He had got doubt when seeing her behavior with him…  He went back to study room sadly… Ap and Ragini also understood it.  Then they shrugged it off thinking everything will be alright..Sujatha went to her room..

Sujatha angrily came inside the room… Ram asks what happened and she told him everything..

Suj: i don’t know how much time we will live here ? How much my children tolerate?

Ram: you don’t worry, Swasan is there naa.. They will take care of it…

To Be Continued

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