Always swasan FF PART 2

After sometimes Nikhil and swara left to baadi. Shomi and ragini didn’t ask anything to swara. Swara smilingly went to room. Nikhil also went to his room. Shomi and ragini looks on.
Nikhil’s room:
He went to wash room and freshen up.then came and sat on bed.
Nik POV:
I have come here before some months to confess my love to swara. Yes I love swara from childhood. But I came here I got to know her marriage and I became heartbroken. I went from here and I didn’t even inform swara about my arrival. Before 4 months ago to separate swasan. But to my luck they are already separated. She left him for her sister and he gave her a warning too. But she didn’t stop. Whenever swasan coming in front of each other I can see the anger in their eyes.
I got to know sanskar can’t handle his anger. So to jealous sanskar I always cling to swara. But my poor swara can’t understand it. I know he don’t like me. I always give some fake hints to shomi maa and ragini as swara loves me. Like I helped her in kitchen, kisses her cheeks etc.. 1 month she got a call from Gupta ji. He always calls swara. His son’s marriage is fixed after last month this year. He always asks her opinion. He likes swara very much. He asked her to come shimla for some work.
I and ragini asked: we will also come

But she denied sw: Ragini u both will be here. I will go and come. She smiled at me and went.
After that I did a drama as calling her and said: I will come without their knowledge. I make sure that ragini listened it. After that I went from there. But I missed shimla flight. So I can’t return baadi because of my drama I went to nearby hotel and check in to a room. At night I went to restaurant in the hotel. I can’t believe my eyes. Swara,she is here but what is she doing here?
I went to her she was shocked to see me there. I asked: what are u doing here shona.
She composed and said: I met Gupta ji and family here only… Er.. I… We discussed it here. Now only they vacate and gone. So I thought…. I will go baadi tomorrow. What are u doing here.
I got an idea and said: I am going to xyz place but I missed the train. So I came here. Don’t tell anything to ragini. If she got to know I didn’t go there, she will kill me. I will go tomorrow.She said OK. After that I asked her room no. But she said she is tired and sleepy and is going to sleep.I said goodnight and she went to her room.

I planned something and went outside the hotel. I changed my sim and called ragini and acted as one employee in our firm and said that I spotted Nikhil and swara in xyz hotel. Next day morning as expected I spotted sjomi ma and ragini hiding and watching me and swara. When she reached baadi shomi na asked about shimla and swara answered that she enjoyed a lot in shimla. This increased the doubt of ShoRag.
After some days at some marriage party I have taken her to dance. It was a masquerade. After 2 min couple changed. But ragini thought her both dance was with me. It leads her to think that she (swara) started to forget sanskar. Because 2nd one is furiously passionate dance. Swara didn’t oppose or deny when ragini congratulated for the 2nd dance. I also wondered why didn’t she opposed. Anyway I shrugged my thoughts.
You don’t know swara whatever the games I played to make u mine. Wait for some days swara and I will play my last card. Then sanskar will leave u and u will becomes mine.
Then he slept.

Precap: shonik conversation, Leap and Shock then…..
PS: sorry for this boring and long POV. Because I don’t know how to write pov.

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