Always Swasan FF part 18

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Next day morning everyone woke up with a Smile, because today is Swasan’s marriage. AR SRM mansion sanskar is getting ready with the help of RiShiMaan. At malhotra mansion swara is getting ready with the help of AnShiGeet. Lakshmi is feeding her food and dadi looking at them lovingly. Lakshmi eyes get moist
Sw: what happened maa?
Laks: eat shona, from tomorrow u have to eat urself..
Sw: huh.. No way my sanskar is there. He will take care of It..
Everyone looks at shocked hearing her..
Suj: that’s my daughter in law. If he didn’t take care of you, I will see him…
SujShona give a hifi.. Everyone looks at them in open mouth.. SujDidUtt came there to see her..
Dadi: my poor sanskar.. How will he handle these two. .
SujShona make faces..
Dadi: hey shobha don’t u want anything to say?
dida: u r looking so beautiful shona. I’m very happy to see you like this.. My bubbly shona. (smiles with tears. Swara’s eyes also got tears)
Dadi: oye I asked u to speak with her. U made her cry.. She has to beautiful. Then sanskar will be flat…
Suj: he already flat on her.
Dadi rolls her eyes.. Sujatha make faces.. Everyone burst into laughter. ?
Laks: (feeding her food) eat shona u won’t get my food from tomorrow…
Sw: no way I will come here every morning. I will eat breakfast with ur hands
Suj: ha Lakshmi if u want u can prepare lunch and dinner and send it to SRM mansion. I don’t mind.. (she winks.. Everyone looks at her covering mouth)
Then burst out in laugh. After that SujDidUtt went to SRM mansion.. After sometimes..
Geet: Lakshmi auntie Baarat came…
Lakshmi and dadi went to welcome them AnShiGeet stayed with swara teasing her and helping her.. Sanskar and family welcomed by malhotra family… Sanskar went and stood on Mandap… Lakshmi went to take swara.. Sanskar impatiently looks at the way she gone… RiShiMaan and Tanmay teases him. After sometimes swara came there with Lakshmi and AnShiGeet. Sanskar becomes spellbound seeing her. She is looking like an angel…. His gorgeous bride. Only his. Happiness is reverberating on her face… She looks at him,. He is very handsome in the wedding attire… Her life.. She is going to be his… Again… No no… Not again… This again word won’t come in their life… This is their new life.. Here everything is new for them… She slowly went towards him and stood beside him for varmala ritual… . They smiles at each other.
Swara tried to wear the Festoon to sanskar.. But RiShiMaan raised him upward.. She again tried two times. But they teased her always. Being annoying swara stood there in angry pout.. Seeing this sanskar bend his head infront of her. She became happy.. She adore the Festoon in his neck..swasan smiles. Everyone admires to their love.. Now it is sanskar’s turn. But he was teased by AnShiGeet.. After some trials sanskar looks to the upstairs with narrow eyes.. Everyone including swara looks at that direction..
Maan: what happened buddy? Is there any pro… (sanskar didn’t let him to complete.. He wear the Festoon to swara. It takes some seconds to get them that it was a trick of sanskar to wear the Festoon to swara.. ) both of them engaged into an eyelock..
Shiv: now u understand our dulha is best..
Ani: hello our dulhan is the best.. Because of that only ur dulha bend infront of her.
All trio pairs had gone into a fight.. Seeing this TanUtt pat their shoulders and let them see swasan.. They are still looking at eachother..
Rit: (fake cough. .swasan came back in sense..) sanskar.. U have whole life to see each other (teasing)
Swara Blushes. Everyone burst into laughter.. Sanskar gave a tight smiles.
San: we have but only if you All let us…
The trio pairs make faces. . Then they went to Mandap and Rajlaks came to do the kanyadaan.. Raj brings the daughter, then takes the her hand and places it to the sanskar’s. Soon after, the swara and the sanskar sit amidst chanting of hymns that invoke the blessings of the gods in order to tie the couple together in matrimony. Sanskar then ties the mangalsutra or the holy necklace around the swara’s neck and applies sindoor on her forehead, signifying that they are married. Everyone throws flowers on them happily… Then they stood for pheras…
Step 1:
Sanskar: A long time ago, there was darkness in my life. But a light suddenly came. And that light was you. Your love gave me wings. Your trust gave me a strength to move on, despite the struggles. Our journey has already started when the day you said you loved me. I pledge to be your husband from this day on. Let’s make our two lives as one life. I love you, today, tomorrow and forever.
Swara:I used to be afraid of falling in love; of giving my heart away. How could I ever trust a man to love me? How could I love a man and wish he’d love me back the way I needed him to? But when I met you, I realized that it’s possible to meet a man I could trust; a man who could love me the way I wanted to be loved. You’ve renewed my perception in life. Today, I join that life with you, forever.
Step 2:
Sanskar: you’re my best friend, my lover and partner for life. I promise to you that I will laugh with you, cry with you, mourn with you and grow old with you. I will love and cherish you when we’re together.
Swara: I vow to support your dreams, no matter how crazy they are. I will respect our differences, knowing that they are the ones that bind us together. I promise to love you and be by your side all the time.
Step 3:
Sanskar: I take you as my husband/wife and vow to spend my life with you cultivating my love and care for you and for all living things.
Swara: Our relationship is the most important thing to me. It gives me strength. I vow that I put every effort into strengthening it with honesty, patience and faithfulness.
Step 4:
Sanskar: I vow to laugh and love you with actions and not just words. I will always be there to encourage you to achieve your dreams. I also promise to dream with you and be your biggest and number 1 fan, even if others doubted your abilities.
Swara: I vow to witness your beautiful life and I will always take time for the two of us.I pledge to be spontaneous and to care each moment that we have together.
Step 5:
Sanskar: I love you. You’re my best and true friend. To this day until the end of my life, I give myself to you. I promise that I will encourage and inspire you.
Swara: I will laugh with you and comfort you in times of sorrow. I promise that I will love you in good and bad times. I will always cherish you even if the life seems easy or hard.
Step 6:
Sanskar: I promise to support your compassion as that’s what makes you wonderful and unique. I vow to nurture your dreams because of them, your soul shines.
Swara: I pledge to help you in facing our challenges for I know that there’s nothing we can’t face if we stand together. I promise that I will be your partner in everything that you want to do. Not possessing you.
Step 7:
Sanskar: you told me before that you have a fear of growing old. You told me that growing old means being alone. I knew, it frightened you. From this day on, you won’t grow old alone. I want to see the wrinkles forming on your pretty face.
swara: I vow to trust and value your belief. I will stand by your actions. I promise to treat you as my confidante, best friend and equal. I’m excited to grow old with you gracefully, together, as always.
With the completion of the seventh step, the two become husband and wife.
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After sometimes swasan went SRM mansion.. Sujatha welcomes them. Do some post marriage rituals with them. After that Sujatha takes swara to their room.. After sometimes sanskar enter the room.. Swara is sitting on bed thinking something…
San:( went to swara) jaan.. (about to hold her shoulder. But she shoves his hand)
Sw: don’t touch me.. Mr. Maheshwari get out of my room
San: jaan.. What happened dear.. What did I do..
Sw: u fooled me Mr. Maheshwari on my varmala ritual .
San: ha ha Ha.. For that u r doing this? Darling today is our suhag… (but she didn’t let him complete, throw him out and closed the door..) jaan.. This is not fair.. (pout seeing TanUtt giggling)
Sujlaks are seeing this from downstairs..
Suj: now u understand na don’t tease my daughter..
San: (make faces. He came downstairs and hugs Lakshmi) see maa ur daughter is doing..
Lakshmi consoles him and sujatha teased him.. After sometimes..
Suj: sanskar my dresses are in terrace.. So go and bring it
San: mom.. Dress? Terrace?
Laks: sanskar. My dress is also there plz take it for me…
San: OK OK but only for u maa…
Seeing him going sujlaks give hifi… At terrace, sanskar enters there.. It is so dark..
San: oh god how much dark where is the switch… Ya.. It’s near the door..
He turn and switch on the lights. At that time someone closed the door..
San: hey I am here..
Tan: enjoy buddy…
San: hey tanmay how will I enjoy here alone….nnnn(he turned and froze seeing the scene infront of him).
The terrace is decorated with candles and flowers and a bed is arranging in the middle.. Swara is sitting on bed wearing a veil..
San: swara…. (came towards her slowly a D sat beside her. Then he slowly raise the Veil) Jaan what is this.. I mean is it real? Or I am dreaming?
Sw: I am sorry sanskar, I know I have hurted u a while ago.. But I wanted to surprise you …(but interrupted because sanskar takes her into a deep kiss)
San: and I am very surprised…
Both get into an eyelock.. Heatness arises between them.. Sanskar’s eyes again caught her lips.. She closed her eyes to welcome him. Within no seconds he smashed his lips on her. He is kissing her slowly. After breaking the kiss he kissed her eyes, cheeks. He then slowly layed her on bed. The he kissed her on forehead..
San: sleep shona…
Sw: but I want u sanskar..
San: (he slowly placed his hand on her belly) but if I hurt him?
Sw: no sanskar.. U won’t.. I trust you…
He smiles and slowly leaned on her… Screen blurs…
[author: close ur eyes u r not supposed to be someone’s private moments ??]
Some days later; after marriage every morning swara went to malhotra mansion, so in one day morning sanskar is sleeping alone in their room.. Sujatha and uttara in kitchen. Dida in her room.. Ram is going to outside the house to get the fresh air.. But he became puzzled hearing someone’s weeping. He went towards the source.. And shocked seeing swara. Swara is weeping standing near the fence.. Ram ran towards her taking her in his embrace..
Ram: what happened beta? Did u hurt anywhere? (but swara didn’t say anything.) sanskar… (he yelled)
Hearing his yell sanskar woke up from the sleep..
San: dad??? (he went to downstairs and see Sujuttdida going outside tensely. He also went behind him. Malhotra family also came there hearing his shout. They get tensed seeing swara weeping in the embrace of ram)
San: swara? (he became tensed. Sujlaks also asking her but she didn’t say anything. He went towards her. She break the hug. He takes her in his arms. ) jaan .. Is it paining? (swara nodes negatively) did u get hurt? (swara nodes negatively) Then why r u crying?
Sw: I wanted to go home but I have to go this much distance because of this fence…
Sanskar and others looks at her “like what”. Sanskar gets angry. Seriously here he is worrying about her and she??… He is about to shout at her but nick of time Lakshmi stopped him signalling it’s her moodswings. Sanskar takes a deep breath…
San: you r crying for this?.. Why r u worrying when ur husband is at ur service? (swara looks at him confused. He picked her in bridal way and go to malhotra mansion.. Everyone admires their love)
At SRM company, sanskar is sitting on his chair with proffessional look.. Infront of him Amanish and some other Men are standing..
San: so how much time u want..???
Man: sir,… 5 days.. It will take two days to set..
San: OK u have whole week.. I want it to be finished perfectly..
Evening SRM mansion..
Swasan r sitting on hall with TanUtt… They are chatting eachother..
San: jaan.. What about a picnic with all of us??
Sw:(exciting) ya ya ya..
TanUtt: I am in..
Suj: but sanskar swara is in her 6th month. So much travelling is not good for her
San: no mom considering her health I have decided to explore Mumbai only.. It is a 1 week programme..
Laks: OK then we r also in…
Next day they went to picnic. After 7 days they came back and wave each other goodnight at gate only. Then they went to their respective room.
Next morning swara is about to go malhotra mansion, but sanskar stopped her..
Sw: what happened sanskar..
San: I have a surprise for you..
Sw: really what is that?
San: come.. (he get up and hug her sideways. Then closed her eyes and move from there )
Meanwhile in outside the mansion ram as usual came outside to get fresh air.. But stopped seeing something.. Voice is not coming from him. He is blabbering something and do something with hands weirdly
Ram: ba wo.. Whe… Fe…
At that time Raj and uttara came there..
Raj: hey ram why r u doing break dance in Morning morning..
Utt: ha dad what r u doing ????
Ram: Raj, uttu don’t make fun of me and Raj can u see me and uttu.
Raj: ofcourse. ( RajUtt looks at him puzzled like what is he saying)
Ram:can u see me from top to bottom..
Raj: ya… (stopped realizing something. uttara also realized).
RajUtt also do the same as Ram. Tanmay who came there seeing starts to laugh..
Tan: oh god is my family going to any dance reality show.. Why r u doing break dance in Morning morning..
Utt: oye buddhu can you see the fence??
Tan(realizing no fence) : till yesterday it was here? Is any earthquake..?!
Utt: if it is earthquakes then where is wastes part of fence.. (looking something her eyes widen) look the 2 gates became one..
Everyone looks at it shocked. Suddenly they became startled hearing someone’s excited voice.. They looks upward and their eyes become wider.. Swara is standing excitedly in the middle a bridge between the two houses.. They all went towards them through their respective houses.Sujdidlaksdadi also came.
Suj: sanskar what’s this..
San: mom my wife has to go her house everyday. But she can’t go that much distance naa. So I thought to give her a surprise…
Sw: I loved it sanskar (give him a peck on his lips. )
Sanskar was shocked and embarrassed. RajRam looks away. Sujlaks looks down suppressing their laugh.. TanUttDidDad looks at him with a teasing smiles. Swara didn’t pay attention to any of them. She is very much excited.
Sw: sanskar if it rains I will get drench naa…
San: do u want to see what happens when it rains…(swara nodes cutely) Aman Manish are u ready?
“yes sir” a voice came from downwards.. Everyone looks downwards.
Amanish stands on a big stool holding a hose . Someone opens the pipe,water started to go from hose upward and fall on the bridge. But they didn’t get any feel of water on body.. A layer of glass roof covers them from either side of the bridge. If she forward her hand infront of her she can feel the rain on her palm. But if she takes a step forward glass roof covers her..i. e with each step a layer of glass roof formed..
[author: I don’t know u understood clearly what I was trying to say.. If any one understood it then don’t think about its logic. it’s one of weird imagination ????????.]
Ramta feels proud of sanskar and Rajlaks feels happy for their daughter..

After somedays TanUtt are coming to swasan mansion (malhotra mansion and SRM mansion now named as swasan mansion) they stopped seeing sanskar is sitting sadly but swara and others are happy. They are confused and looks at eachother. Just then swara spots them.. She came towards them and hugs uttara tightly..
Sw: Uttu I am so happy ..
Utt: what happened bhabhi..
Sw: I have a proposal for u.. Oh god Uttu he is so handsome. He is the best for u.
TanUtt becomes shocked. They looks at sanskar he gave them a very helpless look.
Utt: I can’t marry him.. I love someone..
Suj: then why didn’t you say anything to us.. Or atleast to swara.. (upset)
Ram: leave it sujatha… But uttara u should have told us.. (uttara looks at them in guilt)
Sw: ya dad leave it.. Uttara u can’t marry him. Then OK.. (turns to tanmay) bhai.. I have a proposal for u too. She is so pretty. I personally know her. She is the best match for u.. I hope u won’t disappoint me like her.
Tan:(deep breath) I am sorry shona I also can’t marry her. I also love someone.
Swara looks at him hurt. Sanskar sitting covering his face. TanUtt are in guilt.
Laks: I didn’t expect this from u tanmay..
Raj: u know how much she excited for u both..
Sw: it’s OK papa.. I am sorry dad.
Ram: no shona that’s not ur fault beta.
Raj : I am sorry Ram. This marriage won’t happen now ..
Ram: I can understand Raj I am sorry too. I thought you gave me a daughter so I also give you a daughter..
TanUtt : what…??? Papa/Dad..?? [@neharai ur correct)
Raj: what what? Now only u both told us na u r not willing to marry each other… So the was cancelled .
TanUtt: no papa but we love eachother.. (then they looks at everyone. Everyone looks at them with narrow eyes. Then they looks at swara and gulps)
Sw: So u both are in love eachother. But u didn’t thought to tell me. Uttara u always told me I’m ur sweet bhabhi. Then also u didn’t told anything.. Then bhai, I am ur baby sister na then also u hides it from me..
TanUtt: Shona/ bhabhi..
Sw: don’t come near me I won’t forgive u.
Tan: sanskar why are u still crying. She got to know everything na..
San: who is crying here.? I am suppressing my laugh.. (he takes her hand and starts to laugh. Others also starts to laugh except swara)
utt: bhabhi he also knew everything.
Sw: but he told me everything before my marriage..
Tan: sanskar u…
Sw: bhai don’t do anything to him. If u want my forgiveness. (tanmay nodes). K u will.. Give me karimeen fry.
Tan: Kari.. ????
sw: karimeen fry. It’s a south Indian dish. (to uttara) u have to give me rasmalai.. (uttara noded happily) u have to cook it.. Don’t take anyone’s help.. Then my mother’s check it then only I eat it. (uttara noded. Others laughs at them)
After somedays days TanUtt fulfilled swara’s condition and earned forgiveness. Then elders decided their marriage after two months.
2 months leap..
It’s night.. Tomorrow is TanUtt’s marriage. So everyone is busy in preparation except swara. Her delivery time is after one week so she is restricted by her both mothers. She us watching TV.. Suddenly she got labour pain..
Sw: Aahhhhh maaa.. (hearing this sanskar came here.. She wiggling on pain) sanskar it’s paining.
Suj: takes her to hospital it’s time..
They take her to hospital.. DidTanUttdad didn’t go. Swara is taken to labour room… After sometimes …
Dr: congrats Mr. SM u became the father of a baby boy…
Everyone became happy… After sometimes they met swara. Sanskar gave the baby to swara..
Sw: sans.. Kar.. Our baby.. (she smiles in tears)
San: haa jaan.. Our Sanskrit…
swara’s delivery was normal so she got discharge after few hours.. That day only TanUtt got married.. After 1year uttara gave birth to a baby girl.. Urmila.. After 1year swasan becomes the parents of Swaranshi and TanUtt becomes Tushar’s…
14 years leap..
Now Sanskrit is 16, urmila is 15 and Anshi and Toshi are 14 years old.. Dida and dadi had gone to some temple. Anshi and Toshi are playing. Suddenly the landphone rang. Anshi takes the call and starts to crying…
Tushar: Anshi what happened? Why r u crying? Mamu… Mom.. Dadi… Nani…
Sanskar and others came there running. They become shocked seeing Anshi crying.
San: Anshi beta what happened? Why r u crying? Tushar?
Tush: phone… (crying and pointing to phone)
Uttara hugs tushar and Anshi hugs swara.. Sanskar take the phone and stood shocked..
Anshi: maa didu and dadu got accident.. (swara stumbled. Sanskar holds her)
Everyone goes to hospital.. They got to know that thay both are operation theatre and is very critical.. After sometimes Dr came outside..
Dr, : I am sorry Mr. SM. U can see them for last time..
Everyone starts to cry.. They came towards them..
Dadi: my shona why r u crying ? I am very… Happy.. I got u.. and through u I got daughter too.. I.. am…very much happy and I love u shona. (then the heard the beep.. The hand which holds shona slips down..)
Sw: dadi… (everyone starts to cry…)
Dida: Sho…shoru . (she called her with Very much difficulty)
Sw: don’t do like dadi did.. I can’t..
San: dadi nothing happens to u(he is crying)
Dida: sanskar… Take a paper and write the way I said to you( sanskar takes the paper and she told something, he wrote it. Hearing that everyone one looks shocked) swara.. U r my strong shona naa.. U have to handle it and I know u will handle it..i love you so much. (with that she closed her eyes permanently)
The End.

Precap: present..
Swasan and sansan meeting
Back to kolkatha..
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