Always Swasan FF part 17

sorry I know I am very late. U r eagerly waiting for this FF. Specially my cutiepie
Episode starts with sanskar proposing swara..
San: Swara Raj Malhotra, may be u can sleep without me or u will get peaceful sleep on ur mothers lap. But I can’t get sleep before giving a kiss on ur forehead (Lakshmi looks at him surprised) I miss you, when I’m not with u, all I do is think about u. When I think about you I just want to be with you. When I am with you it’s like all of my dreams have come true. I promise to hold your hand no matter what happens, till death do us part.. Will you marry me..??? [Thanks to google for this line]
Sw: yes.. But.(sanskar looks at her confused) I may get sleep on my mother’s lap but I will get a peaceful sleep only after feeling your kiss on my forehead.
Sanskar looks at her surprisingly. Then stood and hugs her happily. She also hugs him. All family looks at them smilingly..
Raj: sanskar didn’t I say that if u want to marry my daughter u have to impress her family first.
San: so what my maa and nani already impressed by me. Hena sweethearts.. (hearing this swara hits him with her elbow) ouch.. What happened jaan.. Oh u r jealous with ur Ma and dadi.. Don’t be jealous dear.. These 4 are my sweethearts..
Utt: then me?
San: u r my doll na dear.. (to swara in whispers) and u r my jaan, baby, angel and everything…(swara smiles)
Laks: of course beta we r with u
Raj: hello u only got 2 votes..
Tan: ha Papa, (to sanskar) u have to impress us
San: oho I have to IMPRESS you???
Tan(gulps): OK OK u r my best buddy. I know u r the best for my sister.
Raj: oy r u threatening my son?
Tan: arre no papa
Sw: r u hiding anything from me bhai
Tan: arre nothing shona, he is the best and I am with him..
Raj: OK I don’t know what did u do with my son. But I am here..
San: oh come on papa. I’m a business tycoon you won’t get a better person than me.
Raj: oh hello I’m also a businessman. Swara is not only my daughter but also my princess. My princess will get 1000 princes.
San(calmly,smilie): but swara is only made for sanskar (all looks at him amused and happily)
Raj: no u r wrong (sanskar frown and others looks at him like what is he saying. He came towards him) u both are made for EACH OTHER..
san: I know you will fall in my charm
Raj: oh hello, I am not agreeing for u, I did this for my princess (sanskar pout, swara giggles and hugs Raj. He also hugs sanskar)
Ram: if ur Drama is completed then can we proceed their marriage preparation?
Raj: he himself a drama king and he is saying we r doing drama. .
All laughs. Then Next day pandit came and decide their marriage after three days.. So elders decided to do their engagement today.
Next day morning, today is their Haldi. SRM mansion..
Suj: where is this boy. Sanskar ( went to his room and sees that he is talking to phone)
San(seeing sujatha cuts the call) mom I have to go to office, because I have a meeting with Mr. Khurana
suj: arre aise kaise
(ram was coming to his room with someone. Hearing him that person hides at door. Ram came inside. )
Ram: is he the one whom u call uncle,ur friend’s father, he knows that na it’s ur marriage..
san: ha dad but u know na I won’t mix the personal and professional. So please apply a small amount of Haldi
Suj: OK u now come downstairs
Ram looks at him keenly. Sanskar avoid the eye contact.
Ram: OK OK( then leaves with that person. Sanskar happily dances.. Loot soul )
Ram and sujatha applied a little. Then comes his doll.
san: I have told to mom dad, I have to go for mee…
Utt: I know it bhai and I accepted it..
Then she went to him and about to apply. But sanskar closed his eyes in fear. He knows that she won’t leave him easily. Then also he believes her a little. But next moment he regretted for it. His full smashed with Haldi..
san: uttu…. (but stopped seeing the person)vijay uncle… (Vijay Singh khurana)
Vij: yes it’s me only. U said na, u have meeting with me. So I thought to MEET u like this. How is it my boy?
Suj: u fooled me sanskar…
Vij: don’t worry sujatha ji, he will bare the consequences.. Look at there
Everyone looks at the the way he pointed. There is a man and uttara are standing holding a bucket full of Haldi.
San: rithvik u??
Rit: yes my buddy it’s me only. How will I miss my friend’s wedding.. (to uttara) uttu are you ready?
Utt: yes bhai..
(then only sanskar notice the bucket. )
San:no….(he is about to escape two strong hands holds him from either side, sanskar looks at both of them with wide eyes) maan, shivay…
Maan/shiv: yes my buddy.. Uttu come dear..
Within no seconds UttRit pour the whole Haldi on him… Everyone laughs at him. Soon all sees that world war with Haldi ..
Malhotra mansion
Everyone is applying Haldi on swara.. At the time 3 girls came towards her.
G1: swara..
Sw: geet… ??
Geet: do you know me?
Sw: I know all of you. U r geet Maan Singh khurana, she is Anika shivay singh Oberoi and she is shivanya rithvik singh… Hena, sanskar told me everything about you all…
Soon her Haldi also completed with their teasing…
She is going to her room to take bath, suddenly someone holds her waist from back. She knows that who is it? So she leaned to his chest.. Sanskar back hugged her.
San: swara… Are you happy?
Sw:(turned towards him) I’m very much happ…haha ha ha(she stopped and laughed seeing him) what’s this Sanskar? Did u fall on the Haldi bowl… Ha ha ha ha
Swara’s dress
San: (made faces) oho I came here to apply Haldi on u and u r laughing at me.. I’m going..
Sw: arre…
But he went from there. Swara laughs at him and went to her room.. But in the middle shivanya stopped her. Anika and geet came towards them
Shiva: hey wait wait,
Sw: what happened …
Shiva: arre we applied Haldi on ur hands, legs and face only but how come it here (raising eyebrows, points to her waist)
Anika and geet looks at her widen eyes, swara was embarrassed and become shy..
Ani: arre when did ur majnu come here?
Shiva: arre how did he come here
Geet: arre don’t underestimate mr. SM, he will do anything for his jaan..
A shy swara ran away from them. The trio laughs at her…
Next day morning mehndi _ malhotra mansion
Swara is sitting with trio and Lakshmi, uttara,sujatha,dadi and dida also there. Today is their princesses mehndi. All are enjoying.. But in SRM mansion, maan, rithvik, shivay, and Tanmay are pacing around. Even aman and Manish are restless and thinking something deeply. But where is our hero.
Maan: sanskar, we r here thinking about how to get u in swara’s mehndi. U r sitting here coolly(sanskar smiles)
Tan: oye my sister want u in mehndi ceremony hiding everyone. So don’t back.
San: I have a meeting to attend. I’m going Manish, Aman, come with me.
Am: but there is no…
But sanskar went to car, so they also followed him.
After sometimes. Malhotra mansion
Mehndi ceremony is going on well. At that time an elderly woman came there.
Ow(old woman): namaste Mrs. Lakshmi, (she looks at her confused, because she didn’t know her) I know u don’t know me, because I’m living here for few days for rent. Where is ur daughter?
Laks: (smiles) oh I’m so sorry, come with me (takes her to shona) she is my daughter shona, (to shona) shona this is Mrs.. Hmm. Ur name..
She is looking at Swara lovingly. Lakshmi shakes her a little.
Ow: my na is San… Swa…swasani.. (all looks at her like what) my name..
laks: oh OK ma’am meet my daughter I will come in a minutes
Utt: she is looking like avvai shanmukhi (giggles, trio girls also giggles)
Suj: uttara behave ur self. She is elder.
Ow: ha beti u have to respect elders. (uttara makes faces)
Suj: sorry., I will come in minutes. U meet her
Ow:(turns to swara and takes hand in her hand) ur mehndi is very beautiful,. U also looking like angel.
Then she hugs her. With that swara stiffens her body. Only one name is revolving around her mind that is sanskar. (who else) he moves his head on swara’s neck and give a wet kiss..
San:love u jaan(huskly)
Swara became shocked and surprised looks at him with wide eyes. He winks at her. He kissed her on forehead.
San:(In ladies voice) u r looking very gorgeous baby
Then she went from there. No one else understood him.. They get into the other works.. Swara smiles at her sanskar’s intelligence…
Evening malhotra mansion
Everyone came there for sangeet, Maan, Rithvik Shivay and Tanmay is angry with sanskar. At that time Uttara, Geet, Anika and Shivanya came there.
Geet: what happened?
Maan: he didn’t come to malhotra mansion na, eventhough he know swara wanted that.
Utt: I was also waited for u. But u didn’t come (pout)
At that time swara came there..
Sw: what happened to tgen
San: They are saying that I didn’t come to meet you in Ur mehndi ceremony. Tell them na jaan didn’t I come (raises his eyes)
Swara smiles in shy and noded positively .all others looks at them wide eyes
Girls: when?
Boys: how?
San: (holds uttara’s chin in his forefinger) doll did u forget AVVAISHANMUKHI..
Girls looks at him with open mouth ??? Boys looks at them confused .Then aman told them everything. They looks at him shocked and surprised.
After sometimes Maan, Rithvik Shivay and Tanmay is standing with Uttara, Geet, Anika and Shivanya in stage. Rithvik takes mike.
Rit: this for u and swara bhabhi..
They started dancing on Prem ratan than payo song

: so my bhai and bhabhi, I think u both like our performance. I know u will like it because we rocked it naa..
Shiv: of course Uttu we have rocked it. So here we r welcome our handsome friend and his gorgeous fiancee to the stage for their lovely dance…
Sanskar forward his hand to swara. She happily accepted it. They went to stage and dance on Abhi abhi to mile ho

At the end of song, all Youngsters came to the the stage. Even RajLaks, SujRam, dadi, dida and amanish came there and dances. Swara is not dancing heavily because of pregnancy. They are dancing on this song.
Pachakilikkoru koodu
Pacha karimbu azhi ulla koodu
[A cage for you, green bird
A cage with green bamboo bars]
Pachakilikkoru koodu
Pacha karikmbu azhi ulla koodu
[A cage for you, green bird
A cage with green bamboo bars]
Ooo…Kannalan kettunnundallo
Athu ninne koottan aanallo
[Ooo…Your beloved is building
To make a home with you]

Thudakkam maangalyam thanthunanena
Pinne jeevitham dhumthananena
[First comes the wedding
Then comes life…]
Thudakkam maangalyam thanthunanena
Pinne jeevitham dhumthananena
[First comes the wedding
Then comes life…]
Thudakkam maangalyam thanthunanena
Pinne jeevitham dhumthananena
[First comes the wedding
Then comes life…]

Kaniyalle kanmaniyalle…Aadhyam chollum nin kanavan
Kanna nee veyil kollalle neeyum chollum
[“How beautiful you are, how precious!” your husband will say in the beginning
“Darling don’t stand in the sun”, you will tell him]
O… kadhamaarum chekavan* aakum urumi** edukkum padaveeran
Hey hey pinnothirakadakam…Hey Hey eri podi angam
[O…Then story will turn and he will take a sword
Hey hey then othirakadakam***…Hey hey and a spicy fight]

Ketto, nee ketto ee koottil pettal pinne
Neelaakasham kandorillannaro chollunne
[Have you heard, if you are locked in this cage
You will never see the blue skies again]
Kannal en kannal njan kalla thakkol theerkkum
Velli pakshikkoppam mele vinnil paarum njaanum
[With my eyes, I’ll make a key and use it
to fly with silver bird in the sky above]
Midukkiye merukki, thali kurukkil akki, kurumbu othokki
Thadankalil thalachu kaanan… manassilum oru kothiyundallo
[The wilful girl being tamed, being tied with the sacred knot, her naughtiness being calmed
and her getting caged… I have a wish to see that]
Ha!… Kurumbu katturumbu koottam nuzhanju kerathe adachu ketti
Enikkavan orikki nalkum oru swargam
[Ha!…You naughty band of ants will be kept out
from the heaven he creates for me]

Thudakkam maangalyam thanthunanena
Pinne jeevitham dhumthananena
[First comes the wedding
Then comes life…]

Pachakilikkoru koodu
Pacha karimbu azi ulla koodu
[A cage for you… green bird
A cage with green bamboo bars]
Pachakilikkoru koodu
Pacha karimbu azi ulla koodu
[A cage for you… green bird
A cage with green bamboo bars]
Ooo..Kannalan kettunnundallo
Athu ninne koottanaanallo
[Ooo…Your beloved is building
To make a home with you]

Thudakkam maangalyam thanthunanena
Pinne jeevitham dhumthananena (3)
[First comes the wedding
Then comes life…]

Maangalyam thanthunanena
Pinne jeevitham dhumthananena (3)
[Wedding…Then comes life…]

*Chekavan – Chekavanmaar are warriors who lived in Kerala long back.
**Urumi – This is a special sword which has very flexible blade that can be rolled like a whip.
***Othrirakadakam – Kalarippayattu is a martial arts form practiced in Kerala by Chekavanmaar. From my understanding, othirakadakam is a martial arts move in kalarippayatttu
Then all went to their room. Swasan slept having dreams of each other with a smile…
Raj : I am sorry Ram. This marriage won’t happen now ..
Ram: I can understand Raj
Boy/girl: what…??? Papa/Dad..???
*** I don’t know anything about north Indian marriage ritual. I wrote this on basis of the knowledge I got from TV serials only. If did any mistake Plz Forgive Me ***

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