Always Swasan FF part 12

Part 12
[Sorry for the confusion.. Now Sanskrit will address as Sanky. Sanskar is addressed as sanskar only.. OK.] Sorry for short update
Sanskar’s car reached in front of a mansion.. no no its two mansions by connected by a bridge ( like in the movie poovelllam in vaasam).

Everyone get down the car and went inside the house. While getting inside swara asked Anshi. There are many people are chitchatting in the hall. (We know some of them). Urmila, sujatha, Ram,uttara, a man sitting beside her, a couple in the age of ram and sujatha is sitting beside him.

Anshi: oh everyone is here….
Sw: they r waiting for u only.
Anshi: they know it(she worried, swara nods positively.) And Toshi!!!???
Sw: u want to inform thushar right now.
Anshi: no ma.. I’ll tell him later personally when right time comes Else he will feel guilty.
Sw: OK.
Next min. Sujatha spots them she went to Anshi and caresses her face: are u ok
Anshi: of course dadi…
Another older lady also came to her: don’t lie to us, we r here for u..
Anshi: offo nani I’m OK. Leave it

Swasan and everyone smiles at her.
Anshi: waise where is he? Toshi??
Utt: he went to sleep
Anshi: WHAT!!!! (Everyone placed their hand on their ears. I think the the two mansions shaked)
Sw: anshi what’s this behaviour? is this the way to talk?
San: jaan Don’t scold my princess. She’ll behave like this only because she is ur daughter…
Anshi giggles..

Sw:sanskar!!! What are u trying to say? I’m always yells??
San: yes and everyone knew about it.
Then there nokjhok started. Everyone keeps hand on there head.
Anshi: stop!!! (Swasan startled and looks at her) maa,papa u r a middle aged couple abd ur son is going to marry? Why u behave like that newly married couple?
San: so what? we are always like this! u have to tolerate it.He na Jaan.?
Sw: yes. Baby..

Anshi: whatever but now the problem is not u two. That toshi!! How can he go to sleep without wishing me good night.
“So what? Where did u go from afternoon.” A voice can from behind.
Everyone looks there. Toshi is standing there crossing his hand on chest.
Toshi: tell me where did u go? I was searching u since afternoon..
Toshi: how dare u go alone?
Anshi: I wasn’t alone. Its a family outing (she said in a flow. Everyone looks at her shocked because they knew what is coming next.)
Sanky: now we are gone dad..

San: hmm?
Toshi: family!!! (Now reality hits her. She looks at him with puppy eyes) so these three r only ur family (she nods her head negatively) for ur kind information I am also ur family.( then he went to the man and uttara. Then holding the man and says) he is Tanmay Malhotra, my father, ur mamu come fufaji(I don’t know is it correct. Sorry) and this is uttara tanmay Malhotra my mother, ur Mami come bua.( then he go to the elderly couple ). He is Mr. Raj Malhotra my dafaji, ur naanaji and she is Mrs. Lakshmi Raj Malhotra my dadi, ur naani. ( then he went to urmila) last but not the least my didi ur bhabhi.. We r also ur family.
Anshi: I didn’t mean that toshi..
San: why r u lagging tushar?? She is teasing u. She went to beach there we coincidentally met.(her papa comes to help her)
Sanky: haa tushar dad is saying correct.
Toshi: I thought u came to me afternoon.
Anshi (suddenly): no.. No. I didn’t come..

Toshi: pakka?
Anshi: Jaan baba pakka.
To divert the topic swara said: did everyone eat dinner..
Utt: yes bhabhi. Didn’t u??
Sw: yes uttu… We also ate. Now go to sleep. Good night. Good night bhai..
TanUtt: good night shona/bhabhi…
Swara went to Raj and Lakshmi.: papa ma did u eat medicine?
Raj: haan my bahu gave us..( she then hug them and wish them good night)
Rajlak: good night shona..
She then went to sujatha and Ram.

Sw: mom dad did u both eat medicine…
Ram(teasingly): my bahu wasn’t here na..
Sw: Dad…
Sanskar shook his head seeing the nautanki family.
San: swara I will be in room..
Sw: OK!! Mom dad u also go to ur I am coming with medicine..
They went.
Anshar: good night Mami/maa..

SanUrmi: good night maa/Mami..
They also went.
Swara went SujRam room and gave them medicine.
Sw: good night mom dad..
SujRam: good night shona beti…
She went.
Suj: I pray for god my children will live like this always.. (Folds her hand)
Ram: God will bless u sujatha…
Screen freezes on their faces.

Precap:sanskar slaps swara…
Swara leaving sanskar…

New characters
Raj Malhotra and Mrs. Lakshmi Raj Malhotra => Ayub khan and Reena Kapoor

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