Always Swasan FF part 11

Part 11
‘how dare u to question her?’ A girl voice came from behind.. Everyone looks behind, there a girl standing with rage in her eyes
Anshi happily: urmi di…
Mana: then who are u to question me?

Urmi: we, we are students of this college and we have full right to question u.
Mana: u r only the student of this college. Are ur father the college chairman? No na??
Thu(held his collar and yelled):mind ur language Mr.
Manager smiles sarcasticallyand takes his hand from collar: take ur hand child, I didn’t complete my question(then looks at urmi top to bottom) so my question is Are ur father the college chairman or u sleep…

Next second someone punch him brutally. He fall towards backwards and hit with wall and fell down. The other perspn went towards him and beats him back and blue. The manager somehow hit him back and pushed him. The person move back and his hand hits on soothing and it bleeds
Anshi/urmi/thushar: bhai/sanky/jiju…
But that person ignored them and again hits the manager. At that time someone hold him: leave him sanky..
Sanky:Leave me Aman uncle. I will kill him.
But he hold him and ask the inspector who came with him to take the manager. The inspector takes the manager and go to outside. Aman also went with them.
Anshi: bhai…(went to sanky and hug him) ur hand is bleeding bhai..

Kritu: its not OK bha.. I mean sir. It will get infection.
Sanky: u can call me bhai…u r her friend na…
They went towards medical room. The nurse about to do wrong medicine kritu stopped her and did treatment. The nurse is also appointed by manager so sanky fired her.
Sanky looks at kritu and sweetu: so what are u names?
Kritu: sanskriti.
Sanky: seeing ur name, u can be my sister ( kritu and sweetu looks confused ly. Sanky and others smiles) my name is Sanskrit. (They smiles) and u?(looks sweetu)

Anshi: so u became my sissy.. Because I am Swaranshi..
Urmi: I am Urmila. Ur bhai’s Fiancée and he is my bro ..
Thu: she already introduced me..
Urmi: but they don’t know they are my bro na..
Thu: OK OK sorry sorry so sweetu and kritu… This is my sweet sister urmi di, this is my handsome jiju sanky jiju and this is my bestie Anshi..(said carelessly. But earn a smack from anshi)awww…
Sanurmi: u deserved it.
Thu: Okk sorry this my sweety cutie anshi(side hug her) haa and call her anshi OK…
Kritu: are u also studying here bhai..

Sanky: no no I’m working in SSM company..
They became close friends. After 3 months.. One day Anshi came to search for kritu. She sees her sitting under tree and studying. She is about to move towards her, she saw someone looking at kritu intensely. She thinks something the went towards him and stood behind him.
Anshi in changing tone: Mr. Sanjay what are u doing here?..
He startled and get up from his place: sorry ma’am.. (and turns, but frowns seeing her. She giggled).
Sanj: Anshi it is u. Oh I got scared that I thought it is that Hitler principal…
Anshi,: waise bhi, ur teaching period is over na what r u doing here?. sirrr..
Sanj,: I told u, call me sir only at class. I am ur bhai’s best buddy na..
Anshi: don’t change topic sanju bhai. If u didn’t tell me I will tell her(about to go. But sanjay holds her)
Sanj: OK I like her in fact I think I love her..

Anshi: yipee I knew it.when will u confess her?
Sanjay hits her on head lightly: oye budhu I am her professor and she is my student. I will confess after her graduation. Waise when will u confess?.
Anshi: vo vo.. Haan bhai.. Don’t be late. There are a lot of handsome boys are studying in this college.
Sanj: I will handle that. Now u can’t change the topic. U love thushar from last 2years. Why don’t u confess it ..
Anshi: I will do it on right time.
Sanj: I also have a warning…

Anshi: I know my toshi ohk..
At that time kritu came there.
Kritu: hey anshi . when did u come? (Then looks at Sanjay, nervously) good evening sir. Didn’t u go home sir?
Anshi: sir has an important work.. So he didn’t get time to go home.. (She sain in teasing way).
Kritu: anshi he is our professor.

Anshi: but he is my bhai. Sanky bhai’s best buddy.(he side hug her smilingly. ) u can also call him BHAI..(Sanjay takes his hand and glared him. Anshi suppressed his laugh)
But kritu said: but how can I do that? He is my professor.
Anshi looked at her keenly but she avoids eye contact.: ohk OK… Did u see Yoshi?.. Then sweetu?
Kritu: I didn’t see thushar, but sweetu will be in basketball court.
Anshi: OK come.
Kritu: I have to go to library to submit this book. U go. I will come after sometimes.
She went to library. Sanjshi went to basketball court.

Sanj: how can u ask her like. If she calls me BHAI…
Anshi: I knew she won’t.. She also has feeling for u.
Sanj: u really think like that??
Anshi: yes bhai. Else now u would have become her bro.
Sanj: noooo!!!
Anshi laughed seeing him. They reached basketball court. Sweetu is playing basket ball. Then they also spot thushar is sitting at gallery and watching game.

Anshi thinks when will he starts to watch girls game? Then they went to him. Anshi sat beside him and Sanjay sat behind him.
Anshi:what r u doing here Toshi.. What r u looking??
Thu: I love her swara..
Sanjshi looks at him shocked.
Anshi: what did u say?(tears formed in her eyes. She can’t brlieve what she heard from him now)
Thushar: I love sweetu. I don’t know, when how??? But I love her so much swara..
Sanjay looks at her painfully.

Anshi:( hide her tears and smiled): i liked her too. she is the best girl for u.
She went from their silently. But he didn’t know about it. Because he is in other world of love. Her toshi knew her more than anyone. Now he can’t able to know that his bestie is in pain…. Sanjay follows her and he takes his mobile and call someone.
Meanwhile in front of ssm company, sanskrit is coming towards his CSR. Suddenly his mobile rings.. He takes the call..
Sanky: hello Sanjay.. Where are man…(yes it is Sanjay calls him to tell everything. Sanky also know that)
Sanj tells him everything

Sanky: where is she now?
Sanj: she is going to beach side..
Sanky: now we will handle it. U can go home..
Sanj: I know. But my sister gave to be happy tomorrow.
Then he disconnected the call. Sanky sighs. Then he sits in the car and takes the mobile and and dialled a no: Dad…
After sometimes in beach.. Anshi is sitting looking at waves… Suddenly 2 cars arrived there. From one car Sanskrit gets down. From the other car 2persons in middle aged; a lady and a man; get down. Trio smiles at each other and looks at Anshi. The lady signalled the man to go to her. The man smilingly went towards her and sits beside her. Sensing the presence she looks toward the man and leaned towards him and hugged him sideways. He held her protectively and pats her with love. The lady and Sanskrit looks at them lovingly.

Man: what happened to my angel? Why are u sitting hear dear?. Haven’t I told u early if u have any problem then u can come and talk to us..
Anshi: I am OK. Paa…
The lady comes and sitting other side of her and pats her head. : then what are u doing here?. Sitting like a devadas…
Anshi: maa don’t tease me. I am not any devadas or paro.. I am getting angry because of him!! Huh…???

Lady: for what? Is this because he is in love with someone? Do want to force him?
Anshi: what?no maa how can I? He has full right to take decision in his life. How can I force him against it? And I won’t do it too.( looks at man) because I ur daughter paa..
Man hugs her: I know. U know na ur maa is buddhu??(she giggled,)
Lady glared him. Sanky: (warning tone) Dad?. (Looks at Anshi) then why r u angry with him?
Anshi: u know what bhai he calls me swara, that too 2-3 times.??. He know that no one calls me that name.

Lady: sanky..
Sanky: yes maa..
Lady: is my name that much bad???

Sanky: no maa ur name is the sweetest name in this world..
Anshi: I know and it will became more beautiful when it joined with my papa’s nam, Sanskar Maheshwari; Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. ( she smiles widely and hugs her ma tightly). And this name is most suitable only for u ma… So that I don’t want to called by this name.
[[Yes this is our cute heavenly couple and their children; Sanskar Maheshwari, Swara Sanskar Maheshwari, and their children Sanskrit Sanskar Maheshwari, Swaranshi Sanskar Maheshwari]]
Swara: but there are many other people having my name na.. Then why r u stubborn about this?
Anshi: I am not interested in others matter. But in our family u r only swara. He know that this also our family na. He is my Tanmay mamu and Uttara bua’s son na… Then how can he calls me like that?
Swara: r u better now?

Anshi: don’t know maa..(but looks other side.then seeing something her eyes widens.. She screams)bhaiyuuuu…
Sanky: ohh.. Anshi why r u yelling???
Anshi: bhai icecream…plz plz..(then she dragged him to otherside of the road.)
Swasan laughed at their children.
San: do u think she is hiding her something from us.

Sw: yes sanskar. She is in guilt that she thought her bestie as her lover. She don’t love him jaan. She imagines like that only. She will overcome it. She is our daughter..
Sanskar smiles and hugs sideways. Then looks at their children.
Sanshi went to ice cream vendor. She orders two butterscotches and 2 chocolate ice creams.. Next seconds anshi yelled: bhaiyuuuu….
Sanskrit looked at her in horror:. Now why are u screaming like that?(she is looking at something. He follows her gaze.. He sighed it is pani puri .. He again looks at her she is making puppy face..) Now don’t make that face..(and he went towards pani puri stall).
Then she turns towards ice cream stall. Now her eyes widens that a boy taking her order. She went towards him and taps his back. He turns and looks like what?
Anshi: how can u take my order?

Boy: ur order? No its my order… It may be coincidence. Go and ask him.
Anshi,: no need to ask any one? I know ur type of boys, u want flirt with beautiful like me..
Boy: beautiful… And u, Ha ha ha.. What a big joke.
At that time sanky came there: what’s happening here?
Anshi: look bhai he is flirting with me
Boy: no sir, she is unnecessarily fighting with me. Is she mad?
Anshi: what??? If I am mad then u r monkey..
Boy: then u r devil

Anshi: then u.. u… are an Alavalathi..
Boy: alavalathi.. What language.. Is that…
Anshi: u r an Indian u don’t know this language..
Boy: what… I’m North Indian I don’t know these type of language.
Anshi: which book said North Indian don’t learn South Indian language. And it’s Malayalam word and it suits only for u.
Like this they continued their argument. Sanky is trying to interrupt but no one listening to him.

In swasan side, both are also seeing this in wide eyes.

Sw: sanskar…
San: hm..
Sw: I don’t know why? But I am seeing u in him..
Sanskar jerks, swara looks at him like what???
San:Jaan I know I am getting old..but u are also getting old.. Then how can u do that?
Swara didn’t understand first. Then she smacked sanskar’s shoulder.: I said its for her..
San: ohh OK sorry sorry just kidding.. Now come its the time for bomb blast..
Then he drags her towards their children. They went to them. Anshi and the boy still arguing. Sanky and seller trying to interrupt..

San: ahmm ahmm what’s happening here?.
Anshi, the boy,sanky and seller looks at swasan.. The boy is shock seeing him.
Boy: Bo.. Bo.. BOSS…
hearing this all looks at him. Suddenly Anshi started to laugh… All looks at her that what happened to her.
Anshi: what?? Ha ha ha… My… My Papa is ur boss.( the boy is double shocked. He looks at anshi and sanskar one another.)
Sw: is he working with u?
San: yes, he is Aditya Bhatnagar… Asst manager of our company… He is really talented.
Aditya then looks at sanskar: I am sorry sir I didn’t know she is ur daughter.

Sw: u don’t need to say sorry beta. Because here she is at fault..
Anshi: what me?( but gets silent because swara glared her).
Swara asks seller,: was that order giving by aditya?
Seller: yes ma’am..
Anshi frowned: u could have told me??.

Sw: now say sorry to him…
Anshi: what no…
Aditya tried to interrupt, but swara stops him: Anshi say sorry to him.
Anshi looks at her bhai.. But sanky said: u are at fault anshu…
Then she looks at sanskar…
San: u know na Angel.. Sanskar maheshwari and his family never support..
Anshi: wrong!! (Then looks at aditya) I am sorry..
Adi: its OK, I am also sorry..

Sanskar tells to seller: give him his order I will pay..
Adi: no… Need … Sir..
San: its OK because of my daughter, ur ice cream spoiled. If u again want to oppose, then u take it as my order.
Everyone smiles… Aditya takes his order and went from there. Swasan and family also went from there.

Precap: sanskar slaps swara…
Swara leaving sanskar…

Note: I am unaware of my English grammar.. So kindly forgive me for my mistakes.
SRM college is very famous. Many students are studying in this college. Sanskriti, sanswara, Swaranshi, and thushar are studying business management course first year. This class is divided by two sections. So Swaranshi and thushar studying in one class and sanswara and sanskriti are studying in other class. Urmila is their senior. Sanky is elder than urmila so he is working. I will update their photos tomorrow.

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