Always Swasan FF PART 1

Part 1
After 5 months of swasan separation
Swaragini working as event organisers. Nikhil is also with them. He is staying with them in baadi. Swara is coming from room looking a file. Suddenly from nowhere Nikhil was coming opposite of her. She bumped with him and he held her safely by waist. She immediately stand and thanked him with a smile and went from there. This was seen by 3 persons ragini, shomi and Sanskar. Sanskar angrily went from there. Nikhil looking at swara with diffrent expression.(I will explain it later). Ragini noticed it.

Swara went to shomi. : ma I am going to malhotra mansion ( and turned to Nikhil ) u also come with me. Its urgent.
Ragini : I will also come
Sw: are no Ragini. There is no need of that. You are tired because of yesterday’s work. U be with ma.

Then she went with nikhil. But she is unaware that ragini is following them . Sanskar is also following them
she is riding her scooty and Nikhil sat behind her and staring at her. After sometimes she stopped scooty in front of an ice cream shop.

Nikhil: what happened shona. Why u stopped here.
Sw: come we will have ice cream.
Nik: but shona we have to go malhotra mansion, u said its urgent.
Sw: I just said it. But its not urgent. There is no work in malhotra mansion. U came here for me and I didn’t have even talked with u. U are my close friend na.
Nik: why didn’t u allow ragini to come along?

Sw (said in a flow): I want to talk to u priva…. She stopped
and said: I mean she is tired na. But sanskar, ragini and nikhil noticed that.
She place her hand on his hand. Ragini is shocked to seeing it and went from there. Sanskar also saw that angrily went from there. A pair of eyes saw him and smirks. Another pair of eyes saw ragini also and smirks.
Ragini came to baadi and told everything to shomi. After that ragini said : I think nikhil is correct. Screen freezed on shocked faces shomi and ragini.

Precap: Nikhil POV.

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