Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 9)


Days pass like that and SwaSan bonding gets stronger but for Swara, Sanskar was only her best friend and nothing more. Sanskar understood this and never told her about his feelings believing one day she will fall for him. One morning, Swara comes to his house. Sanskar’s personal servant gets stunned seeing her.
Servant: Swara mam!
Swara: yeah! (shocked)
Servant: please come! Where would you like to sit? I mean in guests drawing room or personal breakfast room because it is the time for breakfast.
Swara: how do you know my name?
Servant: the one who does not know you in this house will be a big fool.
Swara: really? But how?
Servant: because Sanskar sir worships you day and night.
Swara: (confused) what you said?
Servant: anyways tell me what you would like to have in breakfast.
Swara: black coffee without sugar.
Servant: your choice is exactly the same as our Sanskar sir. He got a perfect match.
Swara: actually, I came to meet Sanskar. I am a dear friend of him.
Servant: mam please! You sit here. If Sanskar Baba comes to know that I did not serve you anything, he would kill me right there.
Swara: (irked) Would you please tell me that where his room is. I will awake him up.
Servant: his room is on the second storey with his personal dining hall. You go there, I will bring your and Sanskar sir’s breakfast there.

Swara goes towards the stairs and she looks at the whole house. She thinks that I knew that Sanskar was a rich guy but I never thought that he will be this much rich. It is not normal. His behaviour is not like that. He is really a nice guy. When she reaches the second storey, she is stunned to see her own pictures. She understands that he has taken them secretly and she was never aware of this. Whole corridor is filled with her pictures. She is dumbstruck.
Swara: (to herself) now I understand what that servant meant. I was thinking that he must be misunderstanding me but he was right. (She then sees the dining hall. She thinks that servant told me that his room is next to his personal dining hall. That must be his room. She tries to open the door but it is locked. She knocks at the door.)
Sanskar: (in sleepy tone) what the hell Sharfu! Don’t you know that I told all the servants not to disturb me?
Swara keeps knocking at the door. After some time, Sanskar opens the door.
Sanskar: what the f…. (gets stunned seeing Swara)
Sanskar: Swara! Is it you?
Swara: yeah! It’s me. (tears flow from her eyes)
Sanskar: (rubs his eyes) why are you standing there? Come inside please!
Swara: I came here to share my pain with you but here are more stunning things for me. (comes inside and gets amazed seeing walls covered with her posters) and what is all this?
Sanskar: Swara! Please don’t misunderstand me. All this is just madness.
Swara: I never expected this from you.
Sanskar: look Swara! Please calm down. Think with a cool mind.
Swara: cool mind? How will I be cool minded?
Sanskar: I know that it is weird but what should I do?
Swara: (shouts)what do you mean? I mean after all this rubbish, you expect that I will think being cool mind? Wow, what a thought!
Sanskar: I wanted to tell you all this but I could not muster up courage for it. I always wanted to express my feelings in front of you but trust me never like this. please believe me!
Swara: as you know well that I have no such feelings for you and never will be. Your feelings are one sided. I only thought you as a good friend of mine. I trusted you but you broke that trust and now I will never be able to trust anyone.
Sanskar: please don’t cry Swara! I never broke your trust. I love you so much! I can do anything for my love and anything could mean anything.
Swara: (shouts) shut up Sanskar! Don’t you dare speak a word to me? I don’t love you and I will never love you, in fact I hate you for all this.
Sanskar: please listen to me Swara, please! I beg you, it’s the question of my life.
Swara: there is nothing left to tell or listen. You ended everything. It is all over.
Sanskar: (falls on her feet) no! I will die
Swara: (shouts) just shut your face. My heart was never yours and also will never be yours. Only one person has full right over me and my heart. I love him from the core of my heart. You had a place of friend in my heart but now you have lost your position. I don’t want to see your face again. So please kindly stay away from me. You broke my trust. I wish I was dead! I wish I was dead!

Swara runs from there and Sanskar falls on the floor. He yells loudly and throws vase on the mirror of dressing table and it breaks. He cries vigorously and continuously recalls words of Swara. Suddenly he recalls Swara saying I wish I was dead. He gets up and thinks that if Swara again tries to commit suicide, it would be all because of me. I could never match eyes with myself. He calls Swara’s name repeatedly.
Swara is running through the corridor and when she reaches stairs, she falls and rolls down the stairs and ends up bleeding. After sometime, she gets unconscious. Sanskar comes running when he sees Swara in the pool of blood. He is dumbstruck and rushes to her.
He madly calls for her but she does not respond. He lifts her up and runs. On his way, he meets DP.
DP: who is she?
Sanskar: Swara
DP: what? How did she come here and why is she bleeding?
Sanskar: I will tell you later. First come with me.
They both rush towards the hospital and she is admitted.
After her first aid, Sanskar comes out and falls on his knees. Sanskar: this all crap is because of me. I am responsible for her this condition. (Tears flow from his eyes. Suddenly, he remembers her words that only person has right over me and my heart. He thinks) who is that person? I need to find out but first of all, Swara needs to be cured.
He goes inside and looks at Swara. Her head is bandaged. He sits beside her bed and gets lost in her.
He holds her hands and says please Swara, wake up. I will never ask for your love, I will never talk to you in this respect but please come back. I need you and I cannot see you like this. Doctor comes and says don’t worry. Nothing will happen to her. I cannot say anything because much of her blood is lost and she needs blood to recover. I will tell you her blood group. Please arrange blood for her.
Sanskar: doctor, please do whatever you can do. In case, if you need anything, tell me but please save Swara.
Doctor: calm down Mr. Maheshwari! We will do all our efforts to bring her to consciousness.
Sanskar: thank you so much
Doctor: I wanted to ask you that what is your relation with her because we have to inject some chemicals into her body for her revival. So you must have to sign the affidavit papers.
Sanskar: she is my best friend. Her family is far away from here. So I will sign the papers.
Doctor: ok! Come with me.
Sanskar: yes, please!
Sanskar goes and signs the papers. He then goes to blood bank and arranges four bottles of blood. He again rushes to the room of Swara and informs nurse that he has arranged blood for her. She goes to inform the doctor.
They inject blood to her arms. They ask Sanskar to come out as she needs complete rest and she may gain consciousness any time. He comes outside and goes to mandir. He stands in front of idol and joins his hands.
Sanskar: I don’t know whether she will accept my love or not but I have to take care of her. I will not let her break friendship with me. Please make her accept me. Please bring her back. She should get well soon. I cannot see her like this. For the first time, I came in your mandir. I never pleaded to you but now… (falls on his knees) god! Please make her accept me. I cannot bear her ruthlessness. Please God.

Precap: Sanskar’s gift to Swara and she destroying it.

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