Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 7)


DP meets Swara and she goes to attend the class.
Sanskar meets Swara in the class.
Sanskar: Swara! How are you?
Swara: I am fine. What about you?
Sanskar: I wanted to ask that when should we start our project.
Swara: if we get some spare time, I will tell you and then we will work on it. Is that fine?
Sanskar: yeah absolutely, when I have done friendship with you, I would have to obey you.
Swara: I want to make it clear that you are not my slave because we are friends. There is no master slave relationship between us. I and you are equal, so you can also suggest any thing and trust me I would not reject it.
Sanskar: wow! It looks nice when you talk sweetly although you not add sugar to your coffee.
Swara: shut up you idiot! You got bad sense of humour.
Sanskar: oh, I am really sorry. I would not do that again.
Swara: your upper story is empty. Really, just what I said that we are friends and friends talk like this. It seems that you never made any friends in your life.
Sanskar: yeah! You got it right. Because I was from the high class and there was no sense of equality in my school. It is for the first time that you told me that I and you are equal. And trust me! I really felt very good.
Swara: I never thought that you would be this much alone. I always considered you as a spoiled brat but you are really very nice. I have no regrets of friendship with you.
Sanskar: we can never judge a person from his outer looks. It is his heart that matters.
Swara: yeah! Oh sir is coming!
She runs from there and Sanskar smiles seeing her running. He thinks that for the first time, she recognized him and he will slowly make a special place in her heart. They attend the class and after the class, Swara comes to him and asks him to come to garden. They both are sitting in the garden and discussing about their project.
Swara: we both will make the model and who will write the report. Samiah and Ayesha are not interested in making model, they would collect the data and give you written analysis and you will have to compose the report.
Sanskar: but I have never done this work before.
Swara: same here but we have to do it. If you have any confusion, I will tell you.
Sanskar: ok fine, I will tell you.
Swara: so now, we have to wait for Samiah and Ayesha. But before all this, we can make our model.
Sanskar: yeah, we must start!
Swara: go and get all the things required for making the model.
Sanskar goes from there and Swara opens a book and starts looking into it. After sometime, Sanskar comes with all the accessories and they both start arranging it. By mistake, she dips both her hands in paint. Just then her dupatta falls down from one side. She tries putting it up but can’t because of paint applied to her hands. Sanskar is watching all this and smiling. He waits that Swara would ask him to place it on her shoulder. But to his amazement, she starts getting up.
Sanskar: hey Swara, your dupatta (points finger at her head).
Swara: I know but I am helpless. (shows hands to him on which paint is applied)
Sanskar: oh! Let me do it for you.
Swara: no, actually I….
Sanskar: come on, you always say that we are friends and we are equal. So I don’t need permission to help you. Just stand still and…(Puts dupatta on her shoulder and observes her face closely. To his shock, tears flow from her eyes and she starts crying slowly. Sanskar gets worried seeing her)
Sanskar: hey Swara! What happened?
Swara: no, actually I…
Sanskar: why are you crying so much Swara? Is that because of me? Ok, I am sorry for that. I am really very sorry. Now stop crying. I will never do anything without your permission.
Swara: no! You can’t understand!
Sanskar: I can understand if you make me understand. Please tell me who is the reason for your tears?
Swara: you can think of it as my old memories haunting me.
Sanskar: what? I mean all of the sudden? I can’t understand!
Swara: not all of the sudden! Actually this dupatta……
Sanskar: why did you stop? Tell me!
Swara: (wiping her tears) no, let it be.
She runs from there and he stands there helplessly. He thinks what memories haunt her and what happened that she remembered her past. I only put the dupatta on her shoulder, what does that mean. I need to find out. He collects the things and goes from there. He reaches home completely devastated. DP is busy in guest’s dining hall when he sees Sanskar in that condition and rushes to him.
DP: Sanskar!
Sanskar: yeah dad!
DP: what happened?
Sanskar: nothing special dad. I am very tired. Please don’t disturb me.
DP: if there was nothing special, then why are you in this condition? Tell me!
Sanskar: no dad! Actually I…
DP: ok fine, let’s cheer up. I have very good news for you. You will definitely forget all your sorrows. I went to your university and guess what?
Sanskar: what?
DP: stupid! I met your Swara. She was very nice to me. She respects me so much even she doesn’t knew my name. You have chosen a diamond. (observes Sanskar) Hey… what happened? I thought that you will forget your all sorrows hearing this but anyways I still advise you to go and tell her about your feelings.
Sanskar: my feelings… ha (holds his head and shouts) the hell with me and my feelings.
DP: what? You told her and she refused?
Sanskar: no dad! Not so earlier. I have just become her friend but today I unwillingly became the reason for her tears.
DP: but how?
Sanskar: I don’t know dad! Actually her dupatta got down from her shoulder and her hands were painted so I thought that I will do this for her but I gave her past bitter memories and remembering them, she was crying so bitterly that I could not bear. I hate myself for that.
DP: no my son! She is a very nice girl.
Sanskar: no dad! Sometimes I think that I don’t deserve her.
DP: no my son, I…
Sanskar: please dad! Serve your guests. Go!
Sanskar goes from there and DP watches him going. He is worried for Sanskar.
While walking through the corridor, Sanskar watches at the pictures of Swara and says that you don’t deserve pains. You deserve all the happiness of the world. He reaches his room and looks at the walls which are fully covered by the posters of Swara. He sits sadly on the floor and after some time, he lies down. His personal servant comes and wakes him up. He informs him that DP is calling him for dinner. He says that I will come after some time and goes to washroom. After having dinner, he thinks to call Swara. He rushes to his room and takes his mobile phone and calls Swara. She lifts the phone and by her voice, he understands that she has been crying for the whole day.
Sanskar: Swara, I am so sorry for that.
Swara: Sanskar! You don’t need to say sorry to me. You have not done anything. It was just a co-incidence that had to happen anyways.
Sanskar: no Swara! I really feel sorry for being the reason for your sadness.
Swara: no Sanskar, you are a very good person.
Sanskar: Swara! I wanted to ask you something.
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: what is that pain that you are hiding from everyone?
After a long gap of silence, he interrupts.
Sanskar: Swara! Are you listening?
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: I asked you something.
Swara: Sanskar, I don’t want to remember all those painful memories. My past is darkness in which I am lost forever.
Sanskar: no, you are not lost; you can come out of this darkness. I consider you as my friend and I as a true friend request you to share your pains with me because friends not only share happiness but they also share their sorrows. If you don’t want to talk about your past, it’s okay. I will never ask you about this and I will never force you. I just want to tell you that I will always be there for you. I will always remain with you every time and you will never be alone in all this. Whenever you feel that you can share your pains with me, you can talk to me. Don’t care about time. Care for your heart and feelings in it. Ok!
Swara: yeah sure! And thank you so much for supporting me. No one supported me like this before. I feel lucky to have a friend like you. Bye!
Sanskar: bye!
He cuts the phone and throws it on the bed. He feels relieved talking to Swara. He feels happy remembering her saying that she feels lucky to have a friend like him.

Precap: Swara’s surprise to Sanskar by coming to his house without informing him. Servants attend her like she is the owner of house.

So what do you guys think? Will she be able to know about Sanskar’s feelings and how will she react?

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