Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 8)


Hey guys! I actually posted two parts but 8th part is posted as 7th. So I am posting 7th part again. Sorry once again!
He goes from there and reaches home. He sets the projector on which a very big picture of Swara is displayed.
Sanskar: Ah! Swara, see what is my condition. I only want to give you all the happiness of the world and it seems to be very much difficult because you will never share your pains or happiness with anyone. He then thinks about the project and decides to buy all the things needed for it because he wants to start the project as earlier as its possible.
The next day, he goes to Swara and brings her in the garden.
Swara: yes, you wanted to say something. If the project was not important, I would never have to listen to your rubbish talks.
Sanskar: no, no, no! You always misunderstand me. I wanted to tell you something about project.
Swara: yeah! I am listening.

Sanskar: actually I wanted to tell you that I have bought all the things that we need for project and I am ready to start the project. Are you ready?
Swara: wow! I mean it’s amazing. I never thought that you will show interest in this. I thought that I will be alone making the model but now I am relieved that you are with me in all this.
Sanskar: exactly! You will never be alone. We will start it after 10 minutes. So before getting extremely busy in work, I want to fully enjoy the situation. I want coffee.
Swara: you think that I will make it for you. Never!
Sanskar: oh come on Swara! You always think like this? No, I mean if this is so how can anyone bear you? I really wonder!
Swara: you blo*dy b….
Sanskar: before you start calling me with your most respectful names, come with me to cafeteria. We can discuss something about the model. Come with me!
Swara: ok fine!
They both are sitting in cafeteria where Sanskar have booked whole floor already but Swara don’t know about it.
Swara: why is there no one in cafeteria?

Sanskar: I don’t know! May be they are not hungry. Anyways, I am in the mood of coffee. What would you like to eat or drink? And please don’t be shy because we are class fellows and most important thing is we are group members and the only working duo so we would need a lot of energy for this and energy would come from the food and drinks that we eat or drink.
Swara: now stop your lecture. Give it to someone else. I will do what is in my heart.
Sanskar: at least one thing is common in both of us. Don’t you think that we should stop quarrelling? Just as we found one thing in common, I think that we could find more things in common because we are partners for at least four years.
Swara: ok fine! I would like to have black coffee.
Sanskar: wow! It’s amazing
Swara: now stop your childish behaviour.
Sanskar: no, I also love black coffee.
Swara: and without sugar?
Sanskar: yeah! But how do you know?
Swara: because I also like it without sugar.
Sanskar: really?
Swara: yeah!

Sanskar: so mam! I think we must do friendship because we found two things common and also we are going to construct model. So what do you say?
Swara: it’s too fast but I think that I must do it.
Sanskar: yeah! Come on
Sanskar forwards his hand to shake with that of Swara’s but she does not shake.
Sanskar: ok! Whatever
The waiter serves coffee and they start drinking it.
Sanskar: oh yeah! I forgot to take your phone number.
Swara: oh hello mister! What do you think of me?
Sanskar: whoa whoa! Hold on. Just hold on. What do you think of me? You always misunderstand me. I did friendship with you because we are partners of one group and I am taking your number to discuss about model.
Swara: I am sorry Sanskar! Ok
She dictates her number to him and he feeds it in his cell phone. They finish their drinks and she wants to pay the bill but he does not let her. He says we are partners and most important thing is that we are friends now and my condition is that I will pay all our bills.
Swara: you are embarrassing me Sanskar!
Sanskar: I don’t want to listen to your lectures anymore!
Swara: ok fine Mr.Maheshwari! Now I wanna take your leave. Excuse me!
Sanskar: excused not happily.

She goes and he watches her going. He has taken some secret pictures of her and smiles seeing them. He gets them printed and hangs on the walls. Second storey of his house is full of her pictures.
DP: what is all this? If someone comes and sees all this, what would happen?
Sanskar: oh please dad! This whole portion belongs to me and please! Keep all your guests away from me and my life.
DP: what are you saying?
Sanskar: yes dad! I am clear about it and you should have not any ambiguity regarding all this. Why would anyone come here?
DP: ok fine! No one will come here. But I am alarming you that don’t love her to that much craze.
Sanskar: don’t you dare utter any word from your mouth about my love.
DP: ok cool down man! Cool down.
DP thinks what is in that girl that he is crazy behind her. I must meet her but how?
DP is sitting in the principal office and talking about Swara.
DP: Swara is a straight A+ student and that’s why I want to give her a separate house and more facilities. Can you call her please because I have heard so much about her and I really want to meet her personally and congratulate her?
Principal: yeah sure sir! Why not?
DP: thank you very much!

After some time, Swara comes in the office and seeing her DP stands up.
Swara: no no sir! Please don’t stand up, it’s embarrassing for me. Elders should give only their good wishes to us and we are supposed to respect them from the core of our heart.
DP thinks that my son has got the right reason to go crazy about her. She is so pretty and kind at heart. I don’t expect my son to be disheartened by her.
DP: so you are Swara.
Swara: how do you know sir?
DP: because I had called for Swara. Any ways I have very much heard of you and that’s why I personally came to meet you and congratulate you. I want to give you some facilities like a separate house with servants and a scholarship.
Swara: thank you so much sir! But I prefer staying at hostel and I don’t need any money because the university is providing me all the facilities. If you want to help, then help those poor people who don’t even have something to eat. I am sorry if you fing me rude but I can’t accept this!
DP: ok! Congratulations once again and always hard work to maintain this position. And I am really very happy for you. (keeps hand on her head) I really respect your thoughts and I am very proud of you beta! (Swara gets teary eyed) I am in a hurry so I have to take your leave.
Swara: yeah sure!
DP: bye and take care!
Swara: bye!

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