Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 6)


Sanskar tell his plan to DP and goes to his room. He reaches the room and brings something from his pocket. It is a picture of Swara. He again calls John and asks him to come and make a poster for him.
John: may I come in sir?
Sanskar: yeah!
John: Actually sir! I was wond…
Sanskar: before you start all your crap, take this and do your work fast. I need it before 8 of the night. Got it?
John: yes sir! I hope you will not complain.
Sanskar: good
John looks at the picture and jumps with amazement.
Sanskar: now what happened?
John: sir! If you like this face, I can do editing and fit this face in some model’s face. she will look very pretty.
Sanskar: no John, do this for the next picture but just make a poster of this picture.
Imran: ok sir!
Sanskar: now you can go!

He goes and Sanskar gets busy making the list. After he makes the list, he becomes happy and checks mini fridge and does not find anything. He leans to get rest. At night, John gives him the poster of Swara and he fixes it on the wall. He watches it for sometime and then goes into his study room. He thinks about Swara and says that now my room is full of you. Next is the turn of my house. After some time, he gets bored and decides to go to DP’s study room.
DP: come in!
Sanskar: dad! what are you doing?
DP: nothing special. Actually, I was thinking that my crazy son forgot me.
Sanskar: no dad! how could I forget you. You are my inspiration.
DP: I hope that’s true!
Sanskar: yeah! Actually, I came to call you for dinner. He turns to go.
DP: Sanskar!
Sanskar: yes dad!
DP: I think you should tell her.
Sanskar: no ways dad! first I want to improve my image in her eyes and then I would tell her.
DP: be careful my son! Don’t be late.
Sanskar: ah dad! as you know, I am always on time.
He goes from there. In his room, he looks at the diary and thinks.
Sanskar: (in mind) it is her diary. I should read this to know more about her. (takes the diary in his hand) no, this is not good. She will hate me for this. I must be sincere. (smiles and keeps it in bag. The next day, Sanskar comes to university and sees Swara sitting alone on the bench. He stealthily goes behind her and places her diary near her bag. She notices him and turns suddenly. She is so much near to him that her face is near his cheeks. She stands up.

Swara: what were you doing?
Sanskar: nothing special
Swara: look Mr. Weirdo! You only can do weird things and I have no interest in weird things.
Sanskar: oh, same here
Swara: shut up and get lost.
Sanskar: no one accepts any deed! I came to return your diary and you are getting angry on me. That is a good thing.
Swara: what? You read my diary?
Sanskar: just because I came to return your diary doesn’t mean that I read your diary. I understand that all people write some personal things in their diary and they don’t want anyone to read it.
Swara: I was not expecting these manners from you.
Sanskar: why?
Swara: because I thought you are so weird.
Sanskar: you haven’t recognized me. When you don’t know someone well, then you should not judge him.
Swara: yeah! You are right and I am getting late. She goes from there and Sanskar watches her going.
Sanskar: don’t worry mam! You will have ample time for me because we both are in same group. He goes from there smiling.
He reaches the class and after sometime prof. Aarav comes.
Aarav: hello students! What were you doing?
All students: nothing important sir!
Aarav: oh really! Sanskar, I gave you an important work. Have you done it?
Sanskar: yes sir! I have completed the list. Here (gives list to Aarav)
Aarav: ok class listen! I am going to announce the grouping in the class. You will have to prepare a model and give a ten minutes presentation on it. Announces grouping and Swara becomes angry hearing her name with Sanskar. She stops him after the class.

Swara: hey you! The great Mr. Weirdo! Once again you showed your skills to irritate me?
Sanskar: you are again misunderstanding me. I did what sir told me.
Swara: oh really!
Sanskar: really
Swara: whatever, ok fine! But keep in mind that you are a part of our group and you will have to do the work and no arguments. Never think that we will do all the work and you will just sit and see our faces. Ok!
Sanskar: how can I disobey your orders?
Swara: no need to act smart and say bye to laziness because I will not tolerate lazy hunks in my group! Bye
Sanskar: bye!
He takes out his phone in which he had captured secret pics of Swara. He orders John to make posters of all these pictures. At night, he receives the posters and fixes them on the walls of corridor which leads towards his room. Now the second floor of his house is full of Swara pictures. The next day, their group is assigned the project of Phylum Arthropoda. The other two girls are not interested in making the model. They say that they will only do written work. Sanskar and Swara are left to make the model.
Sanskar: Swara! Stop, I wanna ask you that how we will select animal for model.
Swara: look, I am in a hurry, I will tell you tomorrow.
Sanskar: ok thanks
Swara: bye!
Sanskar: see what I have become. I was never like this. This girl has changed Sanskar Maheshwari!

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