Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 5)


The next day, Sanskar wakes up at 5o’clock at morning. Servants look at him in awe.
Ghafoor: (open mouthed) He never woke up before 9o’clock. What is happening here?
Sanskar sees the picture of Swara and says look Swara! Look at my condition. That Sanskar Maheshwari is no more, he is totally changed into new Sanskar Maheshwari. This time is not passing. When will I go to college? He leans backward ad covers face with blanket.

At 8o’clock, Sanskar gets ready to go for university. Just when he steps out of their personal dining room, DP calls him.
DP: Sanskar! Where are you going this early?
Sanskar: college dad! But why are you asking this? I mean you never asked me before.
DP: you never behaved like this, that’s why. But if you have woke up this early, so at least have breakfast with me. You will not get late. And I don’t think that she will come to university this early.
Sanskar: (embarrassed) Dad! How do you understand all this?
DP: I am your father and I know you very well. After all, I have been with you for 18 years and this experience is not small. But still I advise you to control your feelings. Don’t desire her this much because I fear that you will shatter.
Sanskar: love is never under the control of anyone. But it has become my belief that I will never get pains in love. And if she will give me sorrow, I will happily accept it because I will be happy in her happiness and if she gives me something, how will I say no to her.

DP: you are gone, you are completely gone Sanskar. You have chosen this path and you will have to pass it all alone.
Sanskar: yeah dad! Alone. But I will never leave her alone. (Gets up and goes out)
Sanskar reaches college. He searches Swara but does not find her.
Sanskar: where are you Swara?

Suddenly she bumps into Sanskar.
Swara: (angry) what the hell? Is it a co-incidence or you are trying to follow me?
Sanskar: actually I select both options.
Swara: oh hello! I am not taking your interview that you are giving answers with a smile. Leave my way!
Sanskar: why? I mean smiling is a good habit. I think you should also smile when you meet someone at morning time because it leaves a good impression. You…
Swara: look mister! Don’t irritate me and I don’t want to leave a good impression on anyone. So please! (She jerks him away and rushes from there in anger.)
Sanskar: how rude! But never mind, I understand her condition. (He also goes from there. They reach the class. He sits on the chair opposite to hers. She gets irritated.)
Swara: you weak body! I told you not to show me your face and you are deliberately doing this. What do you want?
Sanskar: actually I…

Prof. Aarav comes to the class and addresses students. After his lecture, students go outside. Sanskar goes to staff room which is empty. Only prof. Aarav is sitting.
Sanskar: may I come in sir?
Aarav: yeah sure! Come and have a seat.
Sanskar: actually sir! I wanted to give you idea about grouping in the class.
Aarav: grouping? What?
Sanskar: yes sir! Actually I know that you will give us presentations which we will do in groups. So I was thinking that grouping should be combined. I mean equal number of girls and boys. But boys’ strength is less. So I was thinking…
Aarav: let me clear one thing! You can do what you want and I think that it is superb idea. Learning skills of the students will be enhanced by this.
Sanskar: thank you sir! Thank you very much sir.
Aarav: no, I am happy that you thought about the class. It’s good.
Sanskar: I will provide you with the list tomorrow.
Aarav: ok, now you can go.
Sanskar goes outside and feels happy that his plan got well.
sanskar: well done Sanskar! Very good. Now she will be near you Sanskar!

He goes in search of Swara. She is sitting in the garden. He goes and stealthily watches her sitting. He thinks to talk to her and makes a plan. He deliberately hits her with the books and her books fall down.
Sanskar: I am so sorry; actually I was going to cafeteria and just bumped into you.
Swara: it’s okay (She starts picking up papers)
Sanskar: let me help you. (He also starts picking up her things) I wonder that you did not scold me. That is what you do usually.
Swara: I know that I am arrogant but today I don’t want to spoil my mood.
Sanskar: so why don’t you come to cafeteria with me. You will feel better.
Swara: no thanks, I am fine.
Sanskar: but after yesterday incident, I think that you must take some bed rest.
Swara: what? How do you know?
Sanskar: because I brought you to the hostel.
Swara gets up and steps ahead to go when she feels dizzy and stumbles in way when Sanskar holds her but she stops him and says I am fine.
Sanskar: Swara! You should take rest. I will tell the teachers. Nothing is more important than your health.
Swara: my health does not matter to me or anyone. I don’t want to go anywhere. Please don’t force me.
Sanskar: ok! But think if you do work continuously, then you will faint again and warden will be worried for you.
Swara: ah! Ok I am going but don’t underestimate me. I am not that weak which you think of me.
Sanskar: you are again misunderstanding me. I am just trying to help you. And how will you go?
Swara: I will go myself and you cannot force me, got it?
Sanskar: ok fine!

She goes from there and he watches her going. He says why are you so reserved Swara, why? He sees a diary and thinks to return it but Swara is nowhere to be seen. He thinks to return it the next day. He keeps it in his bag and goes happily.
When he reaches home, his father is sitting in the TV lounge.
Sanskar: good afternoon dad!
DP: good afternoon my son!
Sanskar: oh so you are watching these boring news.
DP: no ways, don’t taunt me at these news
Sanskar: any ways, I have very interesting news for you.
DP: what type of news?
Sanskar: today, I advised prof. Aarav to make groups in the class and he accepted it without any difficulty.
DP: that’s really good but why are you so happy on this. It is normal thing.
sanskar: no dad! It is not normal.
DP: what? Are you out of your mind?
Sanskar: why are you talking like this? Anyways I was telling you that I will make the list of all groups.
DP: I think that is not the reason of your happiness.
Sanskar: (irritated) don’t cut me and just listen to what I say. Right?
DP: alright, now tell.
Sanskar: in our class, the strength of boys is very less so one boy will go to each group.
DP: Ah! Now I get it that why are you so much happy. You are going to place your name in the group of Swara. Right?
Sanskar: wow dad! What a brilliant mind you have. How do you know all this?
DP: experience my son! It’s experience.
Sanskar: ok! Anyways, I need to go because there is a lot of work to do. He goes from there.

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