Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 4)

DP pulls legs of Aliyan and then wishes best of luck to him.
Sanskar: thanks dad!
DP: so what should I expect from you? I mean when I will meet my daughter-in-law?
Sanskar: no chance dad! Because I will need some time for all this and conquering her is more difficult than climbing K2.
DP: thank God that finally my son accepted that something is very difficult for him.
Sanskar: you will never understand!
Sanskar goes in anger and bolts the door with great force. DP is happy that his wish has now fulfilled. He feels amused pulling legs of Sanskar.
Sanskar is in his room and thinking about Swara.
Sanskar: why Swara why? I never thought that I would fall in love on the first day of university. Now what should I do? He checks his pockets and finds a picture of Swara that he had picked up from her drawer. He says I will print it big so that I can see you every time when I come to my room. He calls someone on phone and asks him to come home. After sometime, he is sitting in the drawing room and is discussing with John about picture.
Sanskar: take the size of front wall from my room accurately.
John: but I can’t understand why you decided this picture to be a part of your room. I mean there are so many beautiful actresses, should I print a picture of one among those? I mean what…..
Sanskar: just shut your blo*dy face and do what I say? Get that?
John: sorry sir, I will do as you say.

Sanskar: now what are you waiting for? My dinner?
John: no sir
Sanskar: what the…
John: ok sir! Bye and have a nice day
Sanskar: the hell with your nice day. It is 8 o’clock of night and you are wishing me nice day? (John runs from there scared and DP comes)
DP: oh oh Sanskar! Cool down my son cool down and tell me what happened.
Sanskar: nothing dad! just forget it.
Sanskar goes in anger and DP chuckles.
DP: (flying his hands in air) you are just like your mom in anger. ah purna! Wish you were alive to see this shade of our son. But don’t worry, I am here to guide him.
Swara is in her room and still in unconscious state. Warden is standing near the window when she notices hands of Swara moving slowly.

She goes near her and holds her tightly and calls her name repeatedly. Swara murmurs something and then suddenly wakes up. Warden tries to pacify her.
Warden: Swara, Swara, my child!
Swara: where am I?
Warden: you are in your hostel.
Swara: but I was in college building.
Warden: yes, you were in the college but I met a nice boy who helped me and brought you here.
Swara: what? I mean who was he?
Warden: don’t worry, he was very nice. In fact, he was here till I was with the doctor.
Swara: ok, now I have to prepare for college. It’s very important lecture tomorrow.
Warden: but your health is not so good. I mean you have to take bed rest of at least one day.
Swara: no ways! I don’t want to miss the class.
Warden goes outside.
Sanskar is in his room when John comes with the picture.
John: have a look sir! This is my full display of talent. (Hands over poster to Sanskar)

Sanskar becomes happy seeing her poster and praises him.
Sanskar: John! You are fabulous seriously man. I mean you are genius. I am happy. I am really very happy. You will get what you want.
John: thank you sir. But now I have to go.
Sanskar: ok!
John goes and Sanskar calls a servant and fixes the poster to wall in front of his bed.
Sanskar: I always want to see your smiling face when I sleep and when I wake up. And see, my first step to success. With each passing day, your new posters will cover my entire house. (He thinks to inform his dad)Dad! Dad! Where are you dad?
DP: why are you shouting my son? Calm down and tell me what you want to say?
Sanskar: dad! you wanted to meet your daughter-in-law?
DP: yes but what happened?
Sanskar: alright, come yourself and have a look.

DP comes inside and is shocked to see the picture.
DP: Sanskar! Are you mad?
Sanskar: I don’t know, may be! I wanted to see her face when I enter my room, when I come tired and sleepy and when I wake up in the morning. (Laughs loudly)
DP: no my son. Never love anyone to this extent! You will never get anything but only pains and wounds. Wounds of heart never heal. This madness will destroy you. And I cannot see you like this.
Sanskar: she is my life dad. She is my everything, my happiness, my sadness, my prayers, my god and my madness. All this is for her. And I will never get any pain because I will never allow her to go away from me.
DP: have patience my son! Love is a feeling. Don’t make it your madness.
Sanskar: oh dad! You are getting worried for no reason. Nothing bad is going to happen with me.
DP: I hope so! I hope so my son.
Sanskar: yeah!
DP: by the way, nice choice. She is very pretty just like your mom.
Sanskar: awww my dear dad! I know you miss her badly.
DP: (sadly) yeah!
Sanskar: ok tell me it was love marriage or arranged marriage?
DP: can’t you see? It was a love marriage. I eloped with purna on the day of her marriage.
Sanskar: (shocked) what? But why?
DP: because her cruel father was forcing her to marry that taklu and in the nick of time I saved her.
Sanskar: (laughing) taklu?
DP: (angrily) yeah! That muchad looked like the king of dons and (squeezing his hands) I understood that my innocent Purna does not deserve him and then we both eloped.
Sanskar: (amused) wow dad! Your love story is very interesting. You are great! (They crack jokes for some time and then sleep)

Precap: SwaSan cute nokjhok and Sanskar’s plan to get closer to Swara.

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