Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 37)


(Sanskar comes and stands behind her)
Cook: (terrified as he can see Sanskar but she is standing facing her back so she is not aware of his presence) if he comes to know that you call him by these names, he will kick you out of the house.
Swara: who is he to throw me out? I can also say this on his face and why are you whispering? Mein to kehti hun aap bhi do char worst abusing words use kar lo ta ke dil halka ho jaye (I advise you that you should also abuse him to lighten your heart). (takes glasses of cook and starts doing parody of Sanskar) hello Kavya! Tell Mr. Malhotra to reach on time. I will not tolerate any kind of delay and I hate careless people. (shouts) what? How could you do this? Are you senseless? I mean from where did you got your business degree. I am sure that will be a fake one like you. Shut up and don’t disturb me. (acts as cutting the call and throwing phone. Sanskar moves back and sits on the table and looks at her amused and starts making her video on phone. Cook tries to stop her.)
Cook: mam! What are you doing, he is on your…? (Sanskar signs him not to tell her about his presence and he stops talking)

Swara: ah! Eight years are passed but he acts childish. With the passage of time, people grow mature but his brain is worn out with time. When he acts over protective towards me, I feel like suffocating. (makes cook wear his glasses and again starts her acting) Swara! Never say like that ok? You are my life and I can’t imagine losing you. I was living like a lifeless body these eight years. Every moment was like a punishment. (normal tone) this all is okay but this! (again acting) just shut up! I cannot take any risk on your health. And get one thing straight into your pretty little brains that you will not step out of this house alone. Got it? (normal tone) oh my God! Like seriously sometimes, he becomes over possessive and that time I feel a strong urge to kick his back with full force so that he will never be able to get up. Hunh! That Dracula will get beatings from me one day for sure! (cook looks scared at Sanskar and then at Swara helplessly) And the great DurgaPrasad Maheshwari! He also does not stop that Hitler when he is shouting on me. That old man is of no use. He is such an oldie that he fears of his son. He should keep his son under his control but no! (sarcastically) his old bones could not hold on with pressure. Anyways did I talk too much?
Cook: no ways mam! You talk the least.

Swara: I don’t get one thing that why that old man still attends office I mean uska Saand jaisa beta hai jo business control kar sakta hai, then why the hell he is needed in office. Can’t he sit here quietly and enjoy all the services. He considers me like daughters and I also consider him like my father and I want him to take rest. (jerks her head) anyways, I have to prepare food for my hubby and that oldie. (thinks and gets idea) I will prepare something desi for oldie and (playing with tomatoes and onions and starts to turn around) some Italian dish for my… (bumps into Sanskar and her loud voice turns into whisper when she realizes that she bumped into Sanskar) Hitler? (rubs her eyes to confirm his presence and he looks on amused. All the tomatoes and onions fall in her feet and one falls on Sanskar’s pant. She murmurs to himself) what is he doing here and did he heard what I said a while ago? (To Sanskar) what are you doing here and that too this early. You should be in office na!
Sanskar: actually, I came here to take an important file which I forgot in hurry but here are more amusing things for me. (smirks)
Swara: (scared and thinks) did he listened my whole talk? (to Sanskar) what do you mean?
Sanskar: (fake anger) I forbade you to work, then what are you doing here?
Swara: (thinks)thank God! He not listened what I was talking a while ago. (to Sanskar) I was preparing something for you and dad.

Sanskar: but there is cook and other people to take care of cooking.
Swara: but I wanted to make something with my own hands! (pouts) please!
Sanskar: (to others) you all may leave now! (all leave and Sanskar comes closer to her) you were saying that you want to make something for me with your own hands. Hm?
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: (covers all the distance such that his body is touching Swara’s. He holds her and brings his face near her ear and talks in husky tone) you should take rest as you are still weak! But it is fine if you want. I would like to have a dish made by you. Don’t work too much and…. (leans to her and she closes her eyes. He smiles) I love you. (immediately leaves from there and she opens her eyes only to find him gone)
Swara: (smiles) I love you too. (takes all vegetables when she sees phone of Sanskar. She thinks to keep it on table in their room. He would take himself. She goes and when she places it on table, her hand accidently touches the screen and video starts playing which Sanskar recorded in Kitchen.) haw! (keeps hand on her mouth) this Hitler! (Sanskar comes out from dressing room and she shouts) hey you! Why the hell have you recorded this? (shows him the video and he laughs)
Sanskar: actually, you were looking very cute so I thought to capture those moments (takes his phone) now I have to go. Bye!

Swara: (stops him on the way) first delete that video!
Sanskar: no ways!
Swara: (angrily) I said delete that video!
Sanskar: (smirks) you know what? You look very cute when you are angry! (kisses on her cheek and runs from there. She comes to senses an also runs but he gets in the car)
Swara: you cheater! This was cheating!
Sanskar: everything is fair in love and war.
Swara: shut up you idiot! I will see to it when you will return.
Sanskar: keep food ready and I will also see to it. (laughs loudly and drives. She throws stone towards his car but in vain. She stamps her feet in anger and goes inside. She looks at the cook angrily.)
Swara: (points to cook) hey you! You knew that Sanskar has come. Then why the hell you did not informed me?
Cook: (scared) sorry madam! Actually, sir signed me not to….

Swara: (points at him) you and your sir! (bangs her fist on table and he jumps in fear) I will see you all! (storms out of kitchen. After sometime, she comes and prepares different dishes. When Sanskar arrives, she is giving final touches to last dish. He comes and back hugs her. she touches his face) my dear hubby! Food is almost ready!
Sanskar: (smiles and nuzzles his nose on her neck and she feels ticklish sensation) hmmm! Nice smell just like you.
Swara: (pushes him and turns) stop it. Let me finish! (starts garnishing but he does not move an inch from there. She is irritated and looks at him only to find him grinning. She looks at him and raises her eyebrows) what?
Sanskar: (still grinning) nothing.
Swara: then what are you doing here? Go and sit in dining hall. I will be there in sometime.
Sanskar: we both will go together and I will help you in carrying all this.
Swara: there are servants to help me.
Sanskar: if you are doing work, then I will also work with you. (Swara gives a “you are impossible” look to him and again gets absorbed in her task. They both come to dining table and greet DP)
DP: wow! What a smell.
Swara: thank you so much dad! Now taste and tell me how is it?

DP: ok! (starts eating and praises her)
Sanskar: dad? You know what? Some people think that you have grown old so you should take rest and not poke your nose into business. (Swara gives him an “I will kill you” look to Sanskar)
DP: really? I don’t think so. Anyways, I don’t care! (Swara sticks her tongue out to Sanskar his plan backfired)
Sanskar: no dad! I have proof with me. (starts taking his mobile and Swara is tensed)
Swara: dad! We should not discuss these things while lunch. First complete your lunch and you…. (gives a death glare to Sanskar and fakes smile and puts salad in his mouth) have this! It is really yummy. And you must also have this. (keeps two bowls of dishes in front of him and fills his plate) finish it! (glares at him angrily) my dear hubby! (turns and starts taking dish in her plate)
Sanskar: did you had your medicines or not?
Swara: (bites her tongue) sorry! But I will have it after our lunch.
Sanskar: (to DP) so what was I saying that I have a proof. (takes out his mobile and Swara screams at the top of her lungs)

Swara: no! (DP looks at her amazed and she starts thinking for an excuse)
DP: what happened Swara? We both are here, then why are you shouting?
Swara: vo, I…. Actually….(clears her throat) actually I….han… I forbade you not to talk while eating. It is bad for health. (goes towards him and pushes Sanskar’s hand in which he is holding his phone) keep it away. (again turns to DP) you should take care of your health dad! (whispering to Sanskar) don’t you dare show him the video. I am going to have medicine.
Sanskar: good! (she goes and DP smiles)
DP: how caring! I feel very blessed to have a daughter-in-law like her. (pats his shoulder) thank you my son! You chose perfect girl!

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