Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 36)


Doctor tell Sanskar that if this condition of Swara persists, she may die.
Sanskar: (bangs his fist on table and the decoration piece breaks) what? How could this happen? (grabs the collar of doctor) you are a doctor! How could you say like that? She is not going to die. You must find a way else (strangulates his neck) you can’t imagine what can I do! (doctor is scared)

Doctor: yes yes, there is a way.
Sanskar: (leaves him immediately and he falls on chair) speak up damn it! (bangs his hand on the table again and Doctor jumps in fear)
Doctor: we can prescribe some medicines to control blood pressure.
Sanskar: (smiles) good! That’s like a doctor. (doctor writes medicines and he comes out but does not find Swara. He gets tensed and searches her everywhere. He shouts) Swara! You cannot leave me like this! (suddenly gets an idea and calls her and she tells him that she is outside. He goes and finds her standing leaning to the car. He goes to her almost running and forces her into bone crushing hug. She is shocked and tries to free herself but in vain. Sameer and Ram Singh turn to other side smiling. He hugs her for more than five minutes and she is irritated.)

Swara: sanskar leave me! We are on public place.
Sanskar: (tightens his grip on her) so what?
Swara: (wiggles to free herself) it’s suffocating. Please leave me. (sanskar leaves her and she pants heavily and coughs) you scared me to hell man, what happened?
Sanskar: sorry! Actually, I was scared when I could not find you.
Swara: come, we should go!
Sanskar: yeah! (opens door for her and she sits. He sits on driving seat) never ever leave me like this. Ok?
Swara: ok baba!
Sanskar: and please take care of yourself.
Swara: is there any need of taking care of myself when you are with me?
Sanskar: (shouts) never say like that!
Swara: chill yaar! Sometimes I think why I met you? I mean restrictions on everything. (mimics) never say like that, never do like that, don’t eat this, I can’t take risk on your health. You are being over protective all the time. What is this man? I am not a kid. Why did I wake up from coma? My life would have been better if I never woke up from coma for stupid overprotective behavior of you. You….
Sanskar: (kisses on her lips passionately. Soon, it becomes a hungry kiss and he gets wild and kisses her wildly. He breaks the kiss when he feels she is running out of breath. She looks at him in shock and is panting heavily)

Swara: you…(again kisses her. He bites her lower lip and she gasps in pain. He enters her mouth and sucks hard. She moans and he goes more wild. He sucks more and more until she pushes him with all the strength she has.) you wild creature! Don’t you have humanity left in you. This is public place and you….(rubs her lips and looks outside) thank god nobody saw us. Have some manners you idiot else I….
Sanskar: (again kisses her and presses his body against her. She struggles to stop him but ends up getting tired and gives in. He again sucks her giving her immense pain and her lips start bleeding but he does not stop. 15 minutes’ pass and he is still not ready to leave her. Her eyes get teary and drops of tears fall on Sanskar’s shirt. He realizes it and breaks the kiss. He sees her crying) sorry! (Swara does not responds and he gets irritated) Swara I am sorry! (touches her face and she jerks his hands away)
Swara: you idiot! What was that? What happened to you suddenly?

Sanskar: this was your punishment for saying that you must not have woke up from coma. Never say like this again. You can’t imagine how I lived those eight years. I was living like a lifeless body. My soul was not with me. I can’t bear this separation again so please! (starts the car and is driving)
Swara: I am sorry Sanskar! (he increases the speed of car and drives rashly) I am sorry Sanskar, please!
Sanskar: never ever talk to me like that ok! You are my life and I will never tolerate any kind of rubbish talks from you.
Swara: (crying) I am sorry sanskar! Please drive carefully.
Sanskar: (starts driving smoothly and his tensed muscles come in relaxing mode) I am sorry Swara! Please don’t cry.
Swara: (wipes her tears and smiles) mistake was mine. Sorry once again.
Sanskar: I always try my best to control but don’t know what happens to me suddenly. When I imagine you going far away from me or when anyone talks about you leaving me, I can’t control. Sorry! Is it paining?
Swara: no.
Sanskar: sorry for being harsh!
Swara: how many times you would say sorry han? (smiles) I am yours and you are mine. Nothing can separate us. I am not angry with you.
Sanskar: thanks!
Swara: how many times I have told you that don’t make your love an obsession for me. It will only hurt you. Loving someone is good but not beyond limits. There is a limit to everything.
Sanskar: by listening to your lectures, see we reached home and didn’t realized the time.

Swara: (laughs) I am a student; how could I give lecture? (both get inside the house and go towards their room. Swara lays down on bed and Sanskar comes and lays beside her. she goes to his side and embraces him and sleeps on his chest. He is in deep thoughts and thinking about doctor’s words and makes Swara have her medicines and she sleeps. He looks at her and rubs her swollen lips which have some blood marks. He cleans her lips and applies ointment and mutters sorry. He gives a gentle peck on her lips and comes to balcony. He is on leave from office so decides to do work on his laptops. After an hour, Swara wakes up and finds him working so decides not to disturb him. Although his eyes are on laptop but he is full aware of Swara’s whereabouts. At night, she enters their room and sees him still working and gets irritated.)
Swara: (hugs him from back) don’t you have some time for me?

Sanskar: (smiles and closes his laptop. He makes her sit on his lap) my all time is for you my love. (kisses on her forehead, then eyes, then cheeks and leans on her lips when he remembers the recent incident and moves back.)
Swara: what happened?
Sanskar: you must take rest. Go and sleep.
Swara: Sanskar! You are hurting me with your behavior. Please!

Sanskar: I can’t even imagine losing you. I love you so much that I fear my dreams would shatter. I was waiting for you since past eight years but still I fear.
Swara: now no more fears. (smiles) I am all yours and you are mine. We will never part! (he kisses her gently and she responds. Soon the kiss turns hungry one and he sucks her wildly. The remain like this for some time and then he picks her up and places her on bed and comes on top of her. he slowly unzips her dress and kisses all over her body. At last, he enters into her and she moans in pleasure. She hugs him tightly and sleeps on his chest while he keeps looking at her angelic face. At morning, both have their breakfast with DP and after that DP and Sanskar leave for office. She gets an idea and goes to kitchen where cook and his assistants are preparing for lunch. When she enters, all get attentive and assemble in a line. Main cook comes and asks.

Cook: yes mam! May I help you? Do you need something, tell us!
Swara: no no, thank you so much. I was planning to cook something for Sanskar and dad.
Cook: (strictly) no mam! We are really sorry but we can’t allow you to do any work.
Swara: (keeps hand on her back angrily) and may I know the reason?
Cook: (pleading tone) look, we all respect you and sir very much but I don’t want to die so soon. Have some mercy, I have small children and I am the only supporting person in my family.
Swara: (irked) what do you mean?

Cook: sir strictly told us to not allow you to do any sort of work here. You please sit and order us. We can make anything you want.
Swara: and he would also have told you about who will be the boss here when he and dad go outside. Who is your boss right now?
Cook: of course, you mam!
Swara: yes, so you will have to obey my every order. Now get aside and let me do work.
Cook: but mam!…
Swara: (cuts him) it’s an order.

Cook: sir would….
Swara: (again cuts him) I will handle him, don’t worry and get aside please. (starts cutting things)
Assistant 1: mam! Let us help you.
Swara: ok fine! Come on! We will make different dishes and surprise that workaholic creature.
Assistant 2: (confused) workaholic creature?
Swara: your so called irritating boss, I mean Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari and my husband!

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