Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 35)


Swara remembers everything and hugs him. They both cry reminiscing their past moments together.

Sanskar: I knew you would remember one day. (Girls are looking at them in shock.)
Radhika: she belongs to Maheshwari family? I mean Swara Maheshwari. She never told anyone! Thank God she saved me otherwise he would have killed me!
Girl: mistake is yours. Now go and say sorry!
Radhika: yeah! (Goes towards them.) I am sorry Mr. Mahshwari. I misunderstood. Actually, she never told anyone about her identity.
Sanskar: (screams) this is because she is not showy like you people. She is very simple and innocent and I love her.

Swara: oh Sanskar! Shut up. She said she is sorry. Don’t you have some manners? You idiot! I am sorry on his behalf Radhika!
Radhika: you don’t need to be.
Sanskar: Swara! We have to go now, come. (holds her by waist and caresses her face)
Swara: bye!
Radhika: (smiles) bye Swara! (Sanskar comes to his car where Sameer and Ram singh are standing)
Sanskar: handover her phone to her. Come Swara!
Swara: yeah! (Takes phone from Sameer and sits beside Sanskar. Body guards stand on back.) Sanskar! Please learn to control yourself.
Sanskar: I don’t know what happens to me when I hear something bad about you. I lose my control….
Swara: (holds him and not allowing to talk further) Sanskar! I know you love me so much and I also love you very much but please leave all this madness. Don’t make your love as obsession. Ok?
Sanskar: I am sorry Swara!
Swara: hey! It’s okay but please have control over your feelings.
Sanskar: actually, I wanted to say that you are looking stunning in this dress. Thank you!
Swara: thank you? But for what?
Sanskar: for accepting my gift whole heartedly!
Swara: I am sorry Sanskar!

Sanskar: why?
Swara: for misbehaving with you, for not believing in you, for giving pain to you and for not fulfilling my promise.
Sanskar: ah Swara! You don’t need to say sorry to me. Ok, because I can understand your condition. In fact, if I was in your place, I would have done the same. But I am happy for you. Let’s celebrate this moment. You are looking gorgeous. (Both join their heads in elation. After some time, she buries her head in his chest and he kisses her hands. Tears of happiness flow from his eyes and fall on Swara. She touches his face and feels it wet. She looks at him)
Swara: Sanskar! You are crying?

Sanskar: silly girl! (Hits on her head gently) I can’t control my happiness. (Laughs) these are tears of happiness. You know what? There is no boundary of my happiness. (Intermingles his fingers with her) we will remain with each other like this forever. I wish time stops here and my whole life is spent here.
Swara: I love you so much Sanskar!
Sanskar: (kisses on her forehead) I love you very much.
Swara: (removes his glasses) never put them on, ok?
Sanskar: why?
Swara: you look like an old man while wearing them but I want my hubby to look young.
Sanskar: oh come on! Youth should be in our heart and behavior. Don’t care about looks. (goes closer to her face and shouts) am I right Sameer?
Sameer: yes sir!

Sanskar: look! (Swara blushes and he kisses her cheek. After sometime, he asks the driver to stop the car.) stop the car here. We will have lunch in this restaurant. (Body guards come and open the door for Sanskar and Swara. They both get off the car and go towards the reception holding hands. They sit in family section. Waiter comes and asks them to order. He orders her favorite things.)
Swara: (teary eyed) thanks for remembering it even after eight years passed.
Sanskar: how can anybody forget his life? Hm? (Cups her face)
Swara: yeah! (Waiter comes with their order and they start having it. After some time, they come out laughing and enjoying each other company without considering people. Sameer talks to Ram Singh.
Sameer: look how much mam is happy with sir! But in the morning, she was behaving like she will kill him.

Ram Singh: yeah! Now see both are behaving as if they are unaware of their surroundings.
Sameer: may God bless them both and they remain with each other like this forever.
Ram Singh: yeah!
Sameer: come, we have to open doors for them, (they open the door and Swara and Sanskar sit. After some time, they reach home. They enter the house. She gets off the car and holds Sanskar’s hand. They both go inside and greet DP. Sanskar hugs him.)
Swara: good after noon dad! (Hugs him)
DP: (confused) good after noon my daughter!

Sanskar: I am so happy dad! She got her memory back.
DP: what? Swara! you don’t know how much sorrow he suffered these eight years.
Swara: I am sorry dad! I did not believe you.
DP: your condition compelled you to do that, we are happy that you remembered everything.
Swara: yeah, I…. (holds her head) ah! (stumbles and Sanskar holds her)
Sanskar: Swara! What happened?
Swara: my head is bursting. It is paining so much …
Sanskar: (worried) think of something else Swara, I am with you.
Swara: I cannot handle…
Sanskar: (hugs her and rubs her back) shhhh, don’t panic! I am here with you. Just take a deep breath and think of something else.
Swara: (tightens her grip on him) hm.
Sanskar: come with me. (takes her to their room)

Swara: (crying) pain is increasing! I cannot bear it anymore.
Sanskar: (cups her face) do you trust me?
Swara: more than myself!
Sanskar: you will be fine! Come and lay down. (goes to bring water for her and mixes sleeping pills in it. He makes her drink it)
Swara: (tensed) Sanskar! What is happening with me? I… (Sanskar kisses her to make her quiet. She is shocked)
Sanskar: sh! Don’t panic, okay?

Swara: hm… (Sanskar leans to her and kisses her passionately indicating how much he was longing for her. She also starts responding and moans making him crazy. He bends on her neck and again kisses her. He is sucking her wildly and she clutches his shirt tightly. After 5 minutes, her grip loosens and she sleeps in same position. Sanskar stops realizing that she is not responding and feels her weight on him.)
Sanskar: Swara! Swara! Did you sleep? (looks at her and finds her asleep. He rubs her lips gently and lays down along with her. He keeps her in his embrace and hugs her tightly. (holds her closer to his chest) please Swara! I got my happiness after so much hurdles and now again this. Why God always distance me from you? But now I will not let you go. I will fight for you and I will do everything to save you. I can cross all limits for this. (falls asleep)

In morning, Swara wakes up first and feels tight grip on her waist. She looks to find Sanskar so close to her and hugging her tight. She remembers last night and blushes.)
Swara: how can I sleep in between all this? What happened to me? I messed up whole thing. (pecks Sanskar’s lips and gets up to go when he again pulls her. She is misbalanced and falls on him. Her lips touch his cheek) you idiot! At least think before doing something! What if I fell down?
Sanskar: oh, you think before doing anything?

Swara: yeah, of course!
Sanskar: so tell me what do you thought before kissing me.
Swara: Sanskar!
Sanskar: I know my name is Sanskar and now tell me my answer (raises brows)
Swara: (blushing) leave me I have to freshen up!
Sanskar: first we should complete what we were doing last night! (winks at her) I was touching you like that after eight years.
Swara: (hits him on chest) shut up! (stands and reaches bathroom. She is about to close the door when Sanskar comes) now what?
Sanskar: I can help you in taking shower.
Swara: (blushing) you are such a shameless creature! (pushes him but he enters forcefully and locks the door) Sanskar please! What if dad comes? What will he think of us?
Sanskar: what will he think? You are not my neighbor’s wife that he will think wrong. You are my wife so…
Swara: go out na! please!
Sanskar: I will leave but after doing my work! (smirks and moves closer to her)
Swara: (steps back and reaches in the corner. Sanskar leans to her and she closes her eyes. He slowly turns the shower on and she jumps when water falls on her.) Ah Sanskar! Why did you turn the shower on? (tries to go but he holds her till both get drenched fully. Her body is almost exposed due to wet clothes. She blushes feeling his gaze on her)
Sanskar: (leans to her and whispers) I love you.

Swara: (holds him and smiles) I love you too.
Sanskar: (picks her up in bridal style and places her on bed and comes on the top of her. She looks down not being able to meet his heated gaze. He buries his head in the crook of her neck and she moans his name. He kisses all over her neck and leans towards his lips when intercom buzzes. He is irritated and cursing under his breath, he goes to attend) yeah! We will be there in ten minutes! (throws it on floor frustrated) perfect timing!
Swara: (laughing) yeah! Very good timing!
Sanskar: dad is calling for breakfast.
Swara: ok, go and change the dress as you are fully drenched. (goes towards the cupboard and gives him a dress.) Go and change in washroom. I will change here itself. (again peeps in cupboard to look for her dress. Sanskar goes in washroom and she changes dress. Both go downstairs and greet DP)
DP: good morning my children!
Sanskar: dad! I will not be able to come to office today.
DP: why?
Sanskar: I will have to go with Swara for her routine check-up.
DP: ok! I will handle.
Swara: but I can go myself…
Sanskar: (hyper) just shut up! I cannot take any risk on your health. And get one thing straight into your pretty little brains that you will not step out of this house alone. Got it?
Swara: why are you always over protective? I can take care of myself.
Sanskar: please Swara! Not this time!
Swara: (irritated) fine!
Sanskar: let’s do breakfast! (when breakfast is completed, they both go to hospital and Sanskar gets her checkup done with great care. He makes Swara sit outside and goes in cabin of doctor.)
Sanskar: yes, doctor! Is anything serious?

Doctor: look Mr. Maheshwari! She is not fine at all. She was having no problems in start but now her blood pressure had started deviating from normal and it is risky. We could not do operation with that blood pressure and if this goes on, then…. I hope you understand.
Sanskar: (gets up) then what?
Doctor: (hesitating) she may lose her life! (Sanskar looks on shocked)

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