Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 34)


Just as she enters university, her phone rings in the pocket of Sameer. She looks at him and he takes the phone and sees on screen and is shocked.)
Sameer: (in shock) Dracula? Whose number is this mam?
Swara: (smiles sarcastically) your only crazy boss! Now give it to me. (Snatches her phone and attends the call. She starts shouting) what do you think of yourself han? You… you Dracula! Are you imprisoning me?
Sanskar: listen Swara! I don’t want to hurt you but you need security. I don’t want that to happen again.
Swara: (sarcastic tone) so that is why you hired these two wrestlers. Right?
Sanskar: calm down Swara.
Swara: no, you listen to me Sanskar. I can take care of myself. Ok?
Sanskar: just as you took tomorrow?
Swara: whatever! And I feel scared seeing them. Whenever anybody tries to talk to me, they look at them like ready to pounce on them.
Sanskar: (laughing) what? What an analysis. You are brilliant!
Swara: why are you laughing like a maniac? Did I crack any joke?
Sanskar: no sweetheart, but it was also not less than that! (again laughs)
Swara: shut up you idiot! I will take my revenge later, bye!
Sanskar: Swara, listen to me Swara! (Swara gives phone to Sameer and starts walking.)
Sameer: hello sir!
Sanskar: tell me your position.
Sameer: sir! We have reached college.
Sanskar: good! Never leave her alone!
Sameer: yes sir! It is our duty.
Sanskar: bye! (Body guards come following her and she gets irked. They talk to each other)
Ram Singh: she is behaving as if boss is her servant.
Sameer: yeah, she is very angry. I must say he loves her very much that is why he bears this behavior of hers. Only he could handle her. thank god! She did not beat us.

Ram singh: come, let’s do our duty!
Sameer: yeah! (Keeps her phone in his pocket) come.
Swara is walking through corridor followed by her body guards. All students look at her in awe. After sometime, she reaches her class. All are stunned to see her body guards. She comes and sits on front desk and they both are standing beside her. She asks them to sit down and they sit on the desk behind her. Other girls come and ask them to get off their seats but they ask them to talk to their mam. Swara becomes angry on them and scolds them.
Swara: you two! This is not your home. Give girls their seats. Now get off their seats. (They stand up and girls sit. Teacher comes to their class. He greets every one and sits on the seat. So my new students, I hope you did assignment.
All students: yes sir! Suddenly Swara remembers something and she says.
Swara: sir! Actually I forgot my assignment in car.
Sameer: mam! I will bring it.
Swara: ok!
Sir: you can go! (Sameer goes)
Swara: thank you so much sir!
Sir: till he brings your assignment, can I check others’?
Swara: yeah sure! (After sometime, Sameer brings her assignment) thank you Sameer!
Sameer: it is my duty madam!
Swara: (raises her hand) sir! I got my assignment. (Teacher comes to him) here sir! (Teacher checks her assignment)
Teacher: Swara! Your work is the best of all. You deserve full marks.
Swara: thank you so very much sir! After the class is over, next class starts. There are three classes today. She gets tired and comes out of class room.
Swara: Sameer! Go and check if your boss came.
Sameer: yeah sure! (Goes and returns after sometime) no mam!
Swara: this Dracula! I will set him right. Give me the phone.
Sameer: yeah! (Gives him the phone)
Swara: (calls Sanskar and he picks up) hey you! Did you forget that you have to pick me up?
Sanskar: (smiles) no no, I am on the way. Just two minutes.
Swara: ok bye (cuts the call and gives phone to Sameer. She starts walking in corridor when her class mate approaches her.
Girl: you are looking very beautiful!
Swara: thank you!

Girl: hi! I am Radhika.
Swara: I am Swara. (Shakes hands with her). Nice to meet you! Thank God somebody came. I was feeling weird as nobody talked to me in class.
Radhika: to which family you belong? I mean you look like a very rich girl. And these!
Swara: these are my body guards.
Radhika: really! You are very lucky that your family cares for you this much.
Swara: no no, actually… (Sameer comes and hands over phone to her)
Sameer: mam! Boss
Swara: ok! (Takes phone from him and excuses herself) yeah Sanskar!
Sanskar: I have reached. Come!
Swara: (screams with joy) what? Wow! You are this much punctual Sanskar. Good, I am coming. (Cuts phone and hands over to Sameer. She comes to Radhika) I am sorry but I have to go. Bye!
Radhika: bye! (Smiles and Swara goes. She also comes out. Swara almost goes running to Sanskar. He hugs her.)
Sanskar: (in hugging position) ah Swara! So good to see you.
Swara: Sanskar, this is university!
Sanskar: (releases from hug and holds her waist) yeah, I know that but you are looking so pretty that I … (Brings his face near her and cups her face) thank you Swara (kisses on her forehead. Radhika sees all this and is shocked. She is followed by other class. They look towards Swara open mouthed.)
Radhika: this girl doesn’t have any shame! See how close she is to Sanskar Roy.
Girl: yeah! She is very clever as she trapped Sanskar Maheshwari.
Radhika: she is characterless. (Sanskar and Swara are listening to conversation. Swara feels hurt hearing girls calling her characterless. She gets teary eyed and Sanskar notices it. He gets angry and starts walking towards the girls and is followed by Swara.)

Girl: Radhika! I think they heard us. Now what would happen? Look he is very angry.
Radhika: oh shut up Sania! He can do nothing. I would expose this clever girl. You just wait and watch!
Sanskar: (comes and stands in front of her) what were you saying?
Radhika: (frightened) I … I actually …
Sanskar: if you have disease of forgetting things, I can remind you. You were saying that she is characterless. Let me tell about your character. You are a cunning girl who passes comments without knowing anything. If you don’t know about any one, then don’t talk about that. Only two days have passed since she joined the university. What do you know about her? Do you know her family?
Radhika: no, I …
Sanskar: (shouts) than how you could comment on her character. She is not characterless. You know what? (Screams) you are characterless. She is my life (holds hand of Swara and brings her to his side) she is the girl whom I love very much.
Radhika: she is trapping you!
Sanskar: (shouts) shut up or I will break your mouth. What do you know about me and her? She is my wife and I am her husband. Did you hear? We are husband wife you idiot! I will teach you a lesson for being the reason of her tears. How dare you induce her to crying? I will not leave you. (Holds her neck and she starts coughing. All girls look at her in shock. Swara comes and holds his arm.)
Swara: Sanskar! Sanskar! Leave her. I said leave her. (Shouts) control yourself Sanskar. She will die!
Sanskar: if someone badmouths about you, he or she has no right to live. (to Radhika) I will tell you what character is.
Swara: (shouts) Sanskar! (Slap him hard and Sanskar’s grip on the neck of Radhika losens. Girls hold her and Sanskar looks at Swara in shock. All are shocked) come with me (Sanskar does not move) I said come with me (he comes to senses and walks with her) you don’t know to control yourself (gets flashes when he became furious on nurse and threw vase on her. This time, she gets clear images and sees Sanskar. She falls on ground.) Ah!
Sanskar: (shouts) Swara! What happened Swara?
Swara: I remembered Sanskar. It was you. I remembered everything. (Hugs him and he hugs her back)

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