Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 33)


Sanskar goes and Swara is looking in his direction.
Swara: I am falling for him but what if all this turns out to be a lie? No no, he loves me truly. He has done so much for me. How could all this be a lie? And today, he saved my respect. If he had not come by time, God forbid… (jerks her head) I should try to remember. Yeah! (closes her eyes and tries to remembers. She starts getting flashes but she can’t see anything clear. She remembers her marriage, engagement, birthday celebration.) I loved someone and married him. Was it Sanskar or somebody else? It might be Sanskar because he remembers my each and every moment.

But why I can’t see anything clearly? Oh, God! Please give my memory back. I don’t want to live a confused life. I have not lived a luxurious life like this but still I want my previous memories back. I can’t live like this. yeah (her eyes become teary. She then remembers Sanskar saying that you used to say that crying people are always weak.) no, I am not week. I am strong enough to face any challenge in my life. (takes book and starts revising lectures.) Today was my first day at college. It was good. Now, concentrating on my studies. (Starts studying. On the other hand, Sanskar comes to chef and orders soup and other things for Swara. He comes to DP.)
DP: how is Swara now?

Sanskar: (smiles) she is fine. I was thinking that she is very weak but she overcame her fear with great enthusiasm. She recovered dad!
DP: I am very happy for you. At first, I was very frightened but with your calm behavior, you managed to befriend her.
Sanskar: yeah dad! I am sure that my love would bring her memories back.
DP: but what happened to her today in university?
Sanskar: some random guy tried to misbehave with her. She was in deep shock and terrified. But now she is all fine!
DP: I know you will never let her break. You are the one who will keep her heart beating. I know how you struggled to keep her alive these eight years.
Sanskar: I love her to death and if any situation comes in which I have to choose between my life and Swara, I will prefer to die than to hurt Swara. She is my world. My world starts and ends on her. I can do anything for her.
DP: I know my son! I know. But …

Sanskar: ah dad! Swara would be bored. I need to go. (Swara was listening to their conversation secretly and thinks if this all is a truth. She is determined to get her memory back and runs back to her room. Sanskar comes and sees her absorbed in studies and decides to not disturb her. He sits on chair and keeps watching her. Although her eyes are on book but she is concentrating on Sanskar. She thinks why he is not talking to her. He always searches an opportunity to get close with me and now when I am expecting him to talk to me, he is sitting far away. Sanskar looks at her) Swara! Concentrate on your studies. Think about me later. I did not talk to you because I want you to be the best student of that university.
Swara: (looks at him open mouthed) what? But how did you know what am I thinking? Are you supernatural?
Sanskar: (laughs) no, I am not supernatural. (Gets up and comes to Swara and keeps his face near her face) you know one thing?
Swara: (looks at him without blinking her eyes) what?
Sanskar: when a person loves someone, he does not need his partner to speak what he thinks. When anybody loves you, he could understand what you are thinking.
Swara: wow! (Comes to senses and moves back) I was doing some research. Actually, sir said that he wants us to do a detailed study on introduction to kingdom Animalia. So I thought to study classification of kingdom Animalia.

Sanskar: so, (sits near her) I have also studied Zoology. Tell me, what the problem is?
Swara: but you run Business Company.
Sanskar: (smiles) my dear love! Eight years are passed and I studied business also!
Swara: oh! So now help me with this! (Tells him topic)
Sanskar: oh this? You know what, we both submitted our assignment on this and one thing was common!
Swara: what?

Sanskar: we both did presentation by adding detailed and labelled diagrams.
Swara: do you have your assignment?
Sanskar: actually, I gave my assignment to a brilliant student. He was in need of!
Swara: oh no!
Sanskar: but I still have your assignment. Let me show you! (Goes and takes out a box. He takes assignment and shows it to her. She keeps it on side table and goes towards the box. She is shocked to see inside. She sees a Barbie dress, a bridal dress, a net dupatta, some jewellery and a piece of tissue paper. She touches the bridal dress and closes her eyes. She recalls her marriage day. Sanskar recalls doctor saying that she should be kept away from all the stress. She continues recalling her past but not clearly. She feels pain in head and shouts. Sanskar comes to her and makes her sit on bed) hey! Are you ok?

Swara: yeah! (Takes papers and pen) I am fine.
Sanskar: (takes all things from her) no, leave all this. You need to take rest. I will do your assignment. Got it? Now lay down. (Swara is looking at him open mouthed) lay down you stubborn girl! (She lies down and he covers her with blanket. He goes and prepares her assignment. After completing it, he comes to sleep in her feet but she holds his hands. He looks at him shocked) you are still awake? It is not good for your health.
Swara: are you superman? I mean will you never face any problems regarding your health? Now come here and sleep.
Sanskar: but you said that …

Swara: (cuts him) this bed is very big. You can sleep on another corner. I don’t like my friend sleeping like slaves. Now come! (He comes and sleeps on the corner facing her. She smiles and closes her eyes)
In the morning, Swara wakes up and sees other corner empty. She thinks where did he go and why did he not wake her up. She gets off the bed and comes to dressing table. She sees a note lying. She reads it. It is written by Sanskar. She smiles and reads. He asks her to open the cupboard and receive her gift. She goes and opens the cupboard and sees a big box covered by sheet. A note is lying. She reads it. It states that I am sorry Swara but what to do? I had an important meeting so I cannot drop you to university. But don’t worry! I have ordered driver to drop you safely and yeah, two body guards would be with you always.

I will pick you up after your classes. Now have a look at my gift! She opens and finds a beautiful dress, sandals, jewelry in jewelry box and a make-up kit. When she picks up kit, she finds a note. It states that I know that you don’t need it but it is your gift. Please accept it and honor me. I don’t have enough time. Sorry and bye! And yeah! You look cute while smiling. She is shocked and thinks how he can predict my reaction. Seriously, I mean is this guy supernatural. She hits on her head and keeps all things on bed.
Swara: (to herself) how this guy knows each and everything about me and what a nice taste. How can I reject it? But it looks very costly. I will wear this while going to college. (Smiles) I am going to fall for him. Really! (ghafoor comes)
Ghafoor: mam! Your breakfast is ready. Actually, sir instructed chef to make something lighter for you. Come and have your breakfast.

Swara: yeah! You go!
Ghafoor: and mam! Get ready fast as time is less
Swara: (smiles) your sir told this to tell me?
Ghafoor: (hesitating) yes!
Swara: (smiles) I knew it. Now go. I will come earlier.
Ghafoor: yes madam! (He goes and Swara goes to dressing room. She wears the dress and jewelry given by Sanskar. She comes out and sits on bed and wears the sandals. She looks at make-up kit and goes to dressing table. She looks herself in the mirror and thinks! Wow! I am looking like a rich girl. She applies some make up and goes down stairs. She sits on table and butler server her breakfast. She does her breakfast and runs outside when DP calls her.
DP: Swara!
Swara: yes uncle!
DP: Sanskar told me that you need security. So, he called security agency and hired two body guards. They will be with you. (Body guards come)
1st man: John on duty madam!

2nd man: Ram Singh reporting madam!
Swara: but uncle! I can take care of myself.
DP: it is the order of Sanskar and as you know nobody dares to challenge his decision. You know how much over protective he is in your case. And your cell phone? (Extends his hand and she gives her phone in his hand) this will remain with your body guards. Sameer!
Sameer: yes, sir!
DP: take it and if any wrong number calls on it, you have to report Sanskar.
Sameer: as you say sir!
DP: now take her to college. You will have to remain with her each moment even in classes.
Both: yes sir!
Swara: (shocked) what but uncle, I will feel embarrassed.
DP: no Swara! You can’t resist Sanskar’s order.
Swara: why is he behaving like Dracula?
DP: come on boys, take her.

Swara: (disappointed) oh yeah! Bye!
DP: (smiles) bye! (Goes inside. Body guards come and open car’s door for her. She gets inside and they go to back and stand there. Soon, they reach university.

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