Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 32)


Sahil is misbehaving with Swara and she is tensed. He holds her hand.
Swara: (jerks his hand) shut up and never talk to me again. (goes from there in anger and reaches library but it is closed. She gets tensed and turns. She is shocked to find Sahil.)
Sahil: No girl has refused me ever. now I will show you. (comes near her and she tries to run. He holds her dupatta. She tries to free herself but in vain. He holds her hands and comes near her.)
Swara: (tears rolling down her eyes and she shouts) help! Any one there. please save me. Anybody? Please come here. You leave me. (shouts)Sanskar! Sanskar! (cries) I said leave me you blo*dy …. (someone comes and holds his neck from back. He is Sanskar. He lifts him up from the ground and throws him to a corner.
Sanskar: (shouts) you blo*dy moron! How dare you touch her (beats him black and blue till teacher come and separate both. Sanskar is beyond any one’s control) sir! This bastard was trying to rape her. I will kill him. How dare he?
Sir: Mr. Maheshwari! Control yourself. We will expel him but please don’t do anything now. You are in anger.
Sanskar: I will not leave him. (goes towards him but is stopped by sir)
Sir: (to Sahil) you are expelled. Now leave. (They both leave. Swara is sitting in the corner frightened and is crying badly.)
Sanskar: (looks towards Swara and runs to her) Swara! Hey! Are you ok? (looks at her from different angles to observe if she got an injury. He sees her hands injured and holds them.) these marks are due to that bastard?
Swara: (cries bitterly and loudly)
Sanskar: please say something Swara! What happened?
Swara: (cries more loudly and hugs him tightly) he… he… he held my hands tightly. My bangles broke. It is paining.
Sanskar: (hugs her back) don’t worry! I will do your first aid. (he tries to go but she is still hugging him.)
Swara: Don’t leave me alone. please!
Sanskar: ok! I am not going anywhere. (wraps dupatta around her. He tries to release from hug but she keeps him in a tight hug. He caresses her hairs and forcefully separates her form hug. He cups her face) hey! No need to worry! Nothing bad can happen with you till I am with you. Ok?
Swara: (nods and cries loudly and hugs him) Sanskar! Be with me like this always.
Sanskar: (releases from hug and touches her face fondly) you silly girl! How could I leave you? Now stop crying.
Swara: yeah! (tears roll down her cheeks)
Sanskar: hey! You know that I can’t see you crying. Nothing bad is going to happen. I am with you. Now stop crying like kids. (wipes her tears) you know what? You always used to say that crying is the symbol of weakness. Ok! Come with me.

Sanskar: (makes her stand and cups her face) you are my life and I would always take care of you. I would take revenge for each and every tear of yours. It is my promise. (Swara is standing with him in hugging position. He takes her to the car. She is still sobbing and recalling her encounter with Sahil. Sanskar is worried seeing her condition. He takes first aid box and starts bandaging her hands. She looks at him blankly and recalls some of moments she spent with him. She recalls calling him a killer and scolding him several times. She again starts crying unknowingly. Sanskar sees her and she hugs him.)
Sanskar: Swara! I promise you I will not leave him. You don’t be afraid of anyone. Ok?
Swara: yeah!
Sanskar: one second (releases from hug) I have to call driver.
Swara nods and he calls driver. After sometime, driver comes and he takes Swara to back seat.
Sanskar: (to driver) actually Swara mam’s condition is not good so I called you. (makes Swara lay in his lap ad she starts shaking.)
Sanskar: what happened Swara? Why are you shaking? Are you feeling cold?
Swara: (nods) yeah!
Swara: ok! (removes his coat and cover her. He orders driver to drive slowly as she is not well. She suddenly holds his hand tightly. He looks at her worried. After sometime, her grip loosens and she becomes unconscious. Sanskar shouts) Swara! Speak something Swara! Swara! (touches her face and feels warmth. He touches her forehead and says) she has very high fever. Now what to do?
Driver: sir! I think we should take mam to home as early as possible. You please call the doctor!
Sanskar: yeah! Thanks. (he calls the doctor. After sometime, they reach Maheshwari mansion. He takes Swara in his arms and runs towards his room. DP sees him worried.)
DP: what happened Sanskar?
Sanskar: she has high fever dad! I have called doctor.
DP: but she was all fine in morning.
Sanskar: this all happened when all classes were finished. I will tell you everything later. (goes out and DP stands there confused. Sanskar comes to balcony and recalls the accident. He recalls Swara shouting for help and Sahil trying to rape her. He recalls her crying bitterly. A drop of tear escapes from his eyes. He vows to take revenge from Sahil for this condition of Swara. Doctor comes and informs him about condition of Swara.)
Doctor: this condition of Swara is due to taking stress. I already told you to keep her away from those things which cause stress.
Sanskar: I will take care of her. What about her reports?
Doctor: yeah! She has recently developed brain tumor. It has not developed fully and could be treated without any complications.
Sanskar: (gets happy) really doctor! Thank you so very much. Do all preparations for operation.
Doctor: ok, as you wish! But it would take about a month. You will have to take care of Swara every moment. She is already weak and due to this tumor; she will feel intense pain and may feel dizzy.
Sanskar: thank you once again. I would take all precautionary measures for her disease.
Doctor: but she needs a routine check-up every week.
Sanskar: yes doctor! I will come to you with her in next 3 to 4 days.
Doctor: I should leave!
Sanskar: I will see off you till gate.
Doctor: so nice of you! (doctor goes and Sanskar comes to his room. Swara is lying on the bed unconscious. He caresses her hairs and kisses on her forehead.)
Sanskar: no more pains Swara! You will have your final operation and everything will be alright. You will not face any problems till I am with you. (he checks Swara. She is still having fever. He decides to keep cold clothe on her head. He gets water and bandages and places them on her head after dipping into water. After some time, she does not have fever. She is murmuring)
Swara: leave me! I said leave me you bastard. You cannot force me Sahil.
Sanskar: (holds her) Swara! Don’t worry. You are safe!
Swara: (jerks his hands and sits up with a jerk) no, no (frightened and wraps dupatta around herself) go away Sahil! Don’t you dare touch me. (Sanskar tries to hold her but she shouts.) No, no… (Sanskar forcefully hugs her and then shakes her.)
Sanskar: come to your senses Swara!

Swara: (in shock) Sanskar, you? (looks here and there as if she is trying to identify her location) our room…. But how come we are here. I was in university waiting for you and then… (recalls Sahil and starts crying) Sahil… his name was Sahil (hugs him and cries bitterly. Sanskar tries to pacify her but she keeps hugging him.) Sanskar! Sanskar! He was forcing me. He held my hands tightly. He was so scary Sanskar that I lost all my senses. I did not know what to do? Sanskar I was feeling like I will die Sanskar! Sanskar he was so…
Sanskar: (keeps hand on her mouth) shhhh! Just keep quiet! See, you are here in my house and with me. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.
Swara: yeah! (releases from hug) Sanskar, you know what? I always feel safe with you. Why?
Sanskar: you need rest so lay down. I will order something good for you. We will have supper together.
Swara: (smiles) yeah! And fast because I am feeling very hungry.
Sanskar: oh hello madam! I am not going to cook. It is the duty of chef and he would take time. Just kidding (both laugh. Suddenly Swara starts crying.) hey Swara! What happened?
Swara: (hugs him) Sanskar! Thank you so much for saving me. I don’t know if you would not have come, what would have happened with me.
Sanskar: hey Swara! (cups her face) nothing could happen with you till I am here.
Swara: I am sorry Sanskar! I am really very sorry!
Sanskar: for what?
Swara: for misunderstanding you and misbehaving with you. In spite of being innocent, you had to bear this much pain. I am sorry.
Sanskar: (smiles) I always knew Swara that one day you would understand my feelings.
Swara: but I can’t remember anything Sanskar.
Sanskar: don’t worry, you will remember soon. I have full faith on you.
Swara: can you wait for me till I get my memory back?
Sanskar: how can you ask such a question. I mean I have waited for you for more than eight years and can wait till my whole life. Do you trust me?
Swara: (smiles) yeah!
Sanskar: thank you! Now I will go and order.
Swara: ok, you can go now!
Sanskar: I will be right back!
Swara: (smiles and sees going Sanskar)

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    Haww,sammuu,have a break dear..Itne sare parts, vo bhi 2 din main.. Great job dear… Sorry I can’t comment in all parts bcz I am not well..About chappy, it’s mind blowing.. Loved it.. Swasan moments are so cute.. Hope swara will not misunderstand sanky now.. Keep going.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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    Aaawwww finally swara started to trust him, feeling secure or protective in his arms..
    Finally sanskar is free from her rude bhvr…
    Now w8ng for lots n lots of sweet lovely moments btwn swasan n some intense romance…
    Loved it

  6. Vyshu10

    awesome…loved d ep

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    Amazing amazing and just amazing Samehna! No words you know what I like about you is that you post as quickly as possible. Thank you ?

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  12. hi. samenha im silent reader but now i m posting a comment bcz i cann’t resist my self for saying that ki u r soo awesome. i love????????. hey don’t panic its sisy love. yaar

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