Always be with me: Swasan (chapter 31)


When she enters college, she starts remembering her past but it is not clear. Sanskar takes her to the principal office.
Sanskar: hello sir!
Principal: oh, hello Mr. Maheshwari (looks towards Swara) and how are you mam?
Swara: fine! Actually, I came here for…
Principal: completing your studies!
Sanskar: (recalls his telephonic conversation with principal when he asked him not to call Swara as Mrs. Maheshwari. He feels relieved) yeah! Is our paper work done?
Principal: yeah! All work is done. Just signatures of yours and mam and please deposit five lacs for this semester.
Sanskar: (smiles) yeah sure! (signs on the papers)
Swara: (looks at him open mouthed and thinks) he would pay five lacs for each semester. Is he crazy? (Sanskar gives papers to her and asks her to sign.)

Principal: mam! You were a brilliant student. You won the scholarship and first prize for your and Mr. Maheshwari’s model.
Swara: (thinks) is he telling the truth. If so, then I could study here on scholarship) sir! I was thinking that if I was studying here on scholarship, then now also I can study on scholarship. (looks at Sanskar) I don’t want to rely on any one.
Principal: no no mam! He is your… (Sanskar signs him not to talk and he becomes quiet)
Sanskar: sir! Do what she says. She should not have any problems here.
Principal: yeah sure!
Sanskar: (looks at watch and stands up. Swara also stands up with him) actually, I have an important meeting to attend. I need to go. Bye! (comes out followed by Swara. Sanskar turns and looks at her) hey! Why are you coming with me? You have to attend your classes.

Swara: actually, I don’t know where to go.
Sanskar: (smiles) this is a small matter. Don’t worry, come with me. (He shows her the class and hands over a cell phone to her. She looks at him open mouthed. It is a very expensive cell phone.)
Swara: I cannot take it. It looks very expensive.
Sanskar: we are now friends and moreover, you are more than a friend to me. Go it?
Swara: (nods) but Mr. Maheshwari …
Sanskar: (smiles) no ifs and buts ok? And you will need it as I would have to pick you up after college. I will instruct peon and you will have to wait for me in waiting lounge of college. Sir would guide you. And if you face any problems here, call me straight way. Don’t care about time or my office work. Nothing is more important than you.
Swara: you are behaving as if you are my boss.
Sanskar: (laughs) ah Swara! I care for you a little more. But believe me this all is for you.
Swara: yeah I know it.
Sanskar: good! Then take it! (she takes it and he asks her to go. Both are standing outside the class when some girls come there and start talking to Sanskar.

1st girl: you are Sanskar Maheshwari! Right?
Sanskar: yeah (tries to go from there but is caught in crowd of girls.)
2nd girl: oh my God! Sanskar Maheshwari and our college. Am I dreaming?
3rd girl: sir! I have seen you in TV. We are big fans of yours. Could we take photos with you?
Sanskar: look! I am getting late. I have to go. (goes from there and girls are disappointed)
1st girl: he is arrogant business tycoon. I have not seen him looking at any girl. But I must say, he is very handsome even after passing 30s. he destroyed his life waiting for his wife to wake up from coma.
2nd girl: yeah! I need someone like him. But he is crazy for some other girl. I wonder who is that lucky girl for whom he is mad.
3rd girl: every girl wants her life partner like him.
4th girl: you forgot, we have to go in the class.
Swara was listening to their conversation and smiles. She recalls him telling her that he loves her, he sleeping in her feet and she scolding him.

Swara: (to herself) Swara! You are treating him as if he is your servant. He is Sanskar Maheshwari, he keeps everyone at the tip of his shoes and you are doing same behavior to him? If he loses control, where would you go? Why is he even tolerating my craziness? Well, I have to concentrate on my studies! (jerks her head) she goes and sits on her seat on the front. Teacher comes and greets all of them. He addresses her as mam and all are confused. They talk with each other and say who is she that teachers are giving special importance to her. After the class ends, teacher talks to her.
Teacher: how are you feeling mam?
Swara: (confused) I am fine sir!

Teacher: any problem here? I mean if you are not comfortable then….
Swara: no no sir! This university is very good and I have no problem at all.
Teacher: that’s good. But still if you face any problems regarding adjusting to this environment, you can consult university authorities and I would feel pleasure to help you.
Swara: thank you so very much for your kind considerations sir!
Teacher: you are embarrassing me mam! It’s my pleasure to guide you.
Swara: (smiles) sir! No assignments?
Teacher: yeah! (to all students) attention please! We studied less about introduction to kingdom Animalia today but you will have to give me detailed assignment and it must show your hard work and research. Got my point?
All: yes sir!

(Teacher goes and all look at her open mouthed. All girls surround her.
1st girl: are you daughter of some minister or business tycoon?
Swara:(smiles) hi, I am Swara. I am new in this university.
2nd girl: hey! Don’t you have any surname?
Swara: (remembers Sanskar telling her that she is his wife) yeah! I… (her phone rings and she sees number on screen and smiles. It is written as Dracula) excuse me girls! I have to attend call. It is urgent!
1st girl: yeah sure Swara.
Swara: (goes to a corner) hello Sanskar! (laughing)
Sanskar: thank God you know my name at least!
Swara: why?
Sanskar: because you call me Dracula!
Swara: you also consider yourself as Dracula. That is why you saved your number as Dracula!
Sanskar: I did this to make your mood jolly!
Swara: and you succeeded Mr. Maheshwari! Now tell me why you called me.
Sanskar: of course, I called you to talk to you. You dumb girl! Time of classes is over. I will come after 10 to 15 minutes. You can go to waiting lounge. Wait for me and if you find interesting, you can discuss things with your teachers. I told them to help you and take care of you.

Swara: (smiling) how caring!
Sanskar: what?
Swara: ok I am going to sir. Catch you later.
Sanskar: ok bye! (smiles) silly girl! (gets out of his cabin and comes back to take keys. He drives. On the other hand, Swara goes to teacher and starts talking. He suggests her to go to library. She asks him to tell her when Sanskar comes. He agrees and she goes. On the way, she meets her classmate. He tries to talk to her but she ignores him. He comes to her again.
Guy: hi miss! Actually, I wanted to befriend you. My name is Sahil.
Swara: I have no interest in friendship with you.
Sahil: but I am interested in you.
Swara: can’t you hear what I just said?
Sahil: oh, come on!
Swara: get lost!
Sahil: oh my girl! (holds her hand) you are beautiful. (Swara looks at him horrified and he smirks)

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  1. Nandhininandhu

    Di dis going into nerve super di. So good. Meri angry wala sankyji naa sab ko maardalungi phir dekhna kisa yeh shona paar nazzar tak kise milungi

    1. Nandhininandhu

      Di next request yeh daard jo sanky adjust karrehina uska ehaas jab swara ko hojayenga naa tabmake it emotional

  2. The episode was awesome di…….but please get the memory back of swara fast…

    1. Samehna

      I got another sister! yipeeee! no bounds to my happiness……..

  3. Dracula……he he he…..superb…..

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  5. Simin

    Ye sahil kaha se aa gaya

  6. Awsm…..and the best part is ur frequency of posting.

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    superb….haha sahil is gone

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    Loved it

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